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Beware the Release Form. Part Deux : Heidi’s Tale From the LA Underground

Beware the Release Form Part Deux Name: Heidi Occupation: administrative associate Location/Neighborhood: Santa Monica Favorite Spot in LA: Hinano Most Memorable Moment/Experience in LA:  As someone who is far from being in the “LA Scene” I sure have gotten myself caught in a few situations that make me look like I am trying to be the next Paris Hilton....


La Piu Bella : Aventine, Hollywood

    For those of you familiar with the Italian language you can probably see where I was going with “La Piu Bella” but incase you were perhaps more of a French or Spanish “speaker”, “La Piu Bella” translates to “the most beautiful”. And well, to be honest I’m not kidding about Aventine in Hollywood...


Only In LA.

Photo Cred: Tim Carr (@TimCarrLA) Quote from Poster: “Proof you can find leaves changing for fall in LA… although a bit different than New England fall I grew up with (i.e. palm tree in back)… Unless these are fake trees for a movie set. #onlyinLA .” HA couldn’ta said it any better myself.


5 Boots That Will Make You Say, WTF?

There’s a lot of questionable fashion out there in the world, we’re all pretty well aware. Recently, while perusing my fav shopping sites I came to the conclusion that there’s in inordinate and unnecessary amount of God awful boots out this season. Bad shoes and bad boots happen, but they’re usually found heavily discounted for...


LA Street Style

  My main fashion squeeze friend wore this out last night to a party we went to and come on, it’s f*cking on POINT. If you too feel inspired to recreate: Sweater: Stylestalker (an awesome LA brand mind you!), available online at Skirt and Shoes: Zara Love. Can’t say no to a floral pencil...