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Pretty In Printed Trousers

  I’m a recent subscriber to the trouser trend, yes, it took me a few years to catch on but finally I’m embracing these new pants as part of my closet. A few yeas ago I went to Europe for a month with a friend, and I found that one of the biggest culture shocks...


Somethin’ About Brandon Boyd and Incubus: Adam’s Tale From the LA Underground

  Name: Adam Newmark Occupation: Music Industry Professional/ Musician Location: Brentwood Favorite Neighborhood Spot: Mom’s Bar Favorite or most memorable moment/event/happenstance in LA: “I can’t decide. It’s a tie breaker between meeting/getting a one-on-one moment with Brandon Boyd [lead singer of the band Incubus] on the beach in Malibu on the 4th of July, and...


Orange Lips

  My favorite accessory for many years now has been lipstick; mostly any and all shades of red to be exact. I have an entire drawer in my bathroom that is dedicated to my lipstick/lipgloss collection… It’s kind of disgusting I know, but every time I open that drawer and see all those tubes I...


Guest Post: WWMD (What Would Michelle Do)

Dating in LA, dating in general for that matter, ain’t easy and can be down right depressing. “Guys never approach me… I had another bad Ok Cupid date… he doesn’t want to commit… everyone is dating someone but me…” I get it, I’ve been known to say such things, but I’ve always felt slightly more...


Andiamo : Hostaria Del Piccolo, Santa Monica

  I love Italians, I love Italy, and dammit I love their food. Have you actually ever met anyone that’s said “eh, I just don’t like Italian food?” … no because it’s obviously impossible. Carbs, sauces, more carbs, and wine? It’d be a terrible thing depriving your taste buds of these things. I’ve actually had...