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Tales From the LA Underground | Dominique’s Story

1. Name: Dominique Joelle 2. Occupation: Freelance writer/Grad Student 3. Location/Neighborhood: Recently relocated from Minneapolis, MN to Hollywood, CA. And yes, I am aware moving to Hollywood was so transplant of me. I’m finding that out on my own each day. 4. Favorite LA Neighborhood Spot: Any available free parking space. Should I have said...


Beware the Release Form. Part Deux : Heidi’s Tale From the LA Underground

Beware the Release Form Part Deux Name: Heidi Occupation: administrative associate Location/Neighborhood: Santa Monica Favorite Spot in LA: Hinano Most Memorable Moment/Experience in LA:  As someone who is far from being in the “LA Scene” I sure have gotten myself caught in a few situations that make me look like I am trying to be the next Paris Hilton....