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LA Street Style

  My main fashion squeeze friend wore this out last night to a party we went to and come on, it’s f*cking on POINT. If you too feel inspired to recreate: Sweater: Stylestalker (an awesome LA brand mind you!), available online at Skirt and Shoes: Zara Love. Can’t say no to a floral pencil...


Hello Gorgeous. : Cleo, Hollywood

  I’ve always been a little bitter towards the “Hollywood proper” area, after working 2 years on Hollywood Blvd in the thick of that hot mess I have to admit I found myself despising Hollywood as a whole at quite an alarming pace. But between tourists with no common sense, terrible excuses for character impersonators,...


Concert Perfect Pieces

It’s mid October and we’re in the midst of busiest season of the year for musicians on the road, also known as “Fall Touring”. There are countless numbers of shows going on every night around town, and for those of us living around the Los angeles area we are fortunate to have plenty of opportunities...