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Los Angeles is the land of the fabulous, and with that honorary title comes more salons, vegan restaurants, and gyms than you can even imagine. As promised, we’re exploring all that is healthy in LA this month to ensure you and I are on top of our pledges to ourselves to get (and stay) healthy! They say 80% of being in shape/feeling good is what you eat. Eating in LA can be our worst best friend, but what we offer in droves of ice cream shops and other indulgences we seem to double in droves of juice shops and farmers markets. But lets be honest, that other 20% is JUST as important, and it can be the way more fun part of living a healthy life and doing some beneficial werk on your physique. Well, speaking of fun and physique this little diddy here is all about one of the best workouts Los Angeles has to offer… Pop Physique. Or as I fondly enjoy referring to it as, “Pop Physical Pain”. (You know, the kinda pain that hurts so good.)

Subdivisions. Palm Trees. Superblocks. Fashion. Traffic jams. Strip malls. Urban blight. Isolation. Raw Emotion. Dreams. Talent. Plastic Facades. Los Angeles was the only city that Pop Physique could be born in. As much as the world hates LA, the world wants to be LA. In the post modern, post capitalist American era Pop Physique began as more of an art project than business endeavor.

I’ve been a fan of bar/barre classes for years now, and Pop Physique is my most recent barre obsession. Between a statement like the above and ads featuring some seriously perfect female behinds peppered about Los Angeles, what already doesn’t sound positively amazing about this little company? About a year ago I decided to hold off on attending my go-to toning classes at Bar Method (a studio I’d been going to since I was 16) and try Pop Physique’s similar workout – I was mostly curious to see if there would be any difference, and well, whatever Pop Physique had going on seemed to stick with me. These days you can find me at the Westside location attempting to appear graceful and trying not to collapse during the leg portion of the workout (IT’S A KILLER.) There are many similarities between all the Bar/Barre classes out there, but let me share with you a few reasons why Pop Physique is unique:

1. Price. You won’t find another bar/barre studio in this town that offer these prices. Bar classes are expensive and finally we’re not breakin the bank for the upkeep on our booties! And right now they’ve got an amazing New Year (New Butt) special

Picture 21


2. They have the best marketing, and supply us with ads like this.

sculpting LA pop physique billboard


3. They don’t play boring sissy la-la music on low volume. THEY PLAY THEIR SH*T LOUD AND PROUD.


4. There are tweets/comments from the opposite sex that pronounce accolades along the lines of  “the most beautiful/fit women are always walking out of @popphysique …. thank you.” Talk about inspiration!



5. They have studios ALL OVER LOS ANGELES. I’m talkin’ Silverlake, Studio City, Hollywood, 3rd and Fairfax, Westside, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Long Beach (and more are coming!)



If you’re not already sold on trying Pop Physique based on all of the reasons above let me also remind you, you will benefit from being sore on a regular basis, you will burn calories, and best of all you will build long lean muscles and develop a nice little booty. Don’t be shy if you haven’t tried a barre class before, you’ll catch on quicker than you think and the fantastic, yes FANTASTIC, instructors are there to help! Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce so do work ladies, Pop Physique is good for you.

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