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5 Must Have Skirts From Topshop

Photos By Tommy Garcia Photography Topshop is my one stop skirt shop… try and say that 5 times fast. And, ok. So I stop for a lot of things at Topshop… but truthfully, they’re always on the front end of trends and they turn out pieces with some of the best (affordable) textures, patterns, and...


Black Friday Best Deals Round Up

Pardon my delay on getting the good news out! I’ve spent the morning retracing my footsteps, wondering just how many glasses of wine I was thankful for last night… still not sure. But anyway HELLO! It’s black Friiiidaaaaayyy!!! DEAL SEEKERS AND SHOPPING ADDICTS REJOICE! Just about every online retailer is offering some kind of Black...


10 Must Have Blazers Under $100

Every girl needs at least one blazer in her closet. Am I right or am I right. Blazers are perfect for going from ‘put together work wear’ to ‘trendy night on the town’ wear, without even having to change. They’re timeless, they’re chic, they’re classy, and they look good on every kinda woman! Dress em...


DSW & The Little Black Boot On A Budget

Now I’m the type of gal who whole heartedly believes that I need at least one new pair of boots every year, as far as I’m concerned you can never have too many. And ya gotta have variety ya know?? What about, “I need a tall pair, an over the knee pair, a mid calf pair,...


Fuzzy. Sweaters.

Well I’ll tell you what, nothing says “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” quite like a good ol’ fashioned fuzzy or fluffy sweater. They are EVERYWHERE this season, and I ain’t mad about it. “So… you’re telling me… comfy, soft, oversized and fuzzy… is now, chic?” Well I’ll be damned, sign. me....


5 Boots That Will Make You Say, WTF?

There’s a lot of questionable fashion out there in the world, we’re all pretty well aware. Recently, while perusing my fav shopping sites I came to the conclusion that there’s in inordinate and unnecessary amount of God awful boots out this season. Bad shoes and bad boots happen, but they’re usually found heavily discounted for...