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There cannot be any discussion about “getting healthy” or “cleansing your system” in LA without speak of juicing, juice cleanses, or any of our favorite local Juice Bars. Los Angeles and Juice Bars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or like me and wine. In other words, the two are just better when combined. Admittedly, I have not been trying as many Juiceries in Los Angeles as I really should be. My only fairly excusable reason I haven’t visited many other Juice Bars is, to put it frankly, I’ve had a pretty steady love affair with Kreation Juice for the past two years and I just can’t seem to quit her.

I visited Kreation in Venice the other day to stock up on a few of my favorites in preparation for a much-needed end of the month cleanse. I thought my cleansing days were over but that was of course before Christmas, working out less and eating cookies more ensued. Juice from Kreation has suddenly in a matter of weeks turned from novelty to necessity.

I love having an excuse to make a trip to any given Kreation, and I have to say, no matter which Kreation I visit I’m always so impressed with their choice in design aspects; whether it be the exterior or interior, each space is unique with a hand crafted feel . Between the smell of freshly cut wood (that make their walls), freshly squeezed fruits and veggies, or the intoxicating smell of nuts, oats, or one of their delicious hot meals, you just feel healthier being in a Kreation establishment. On my recent venture to the Abbot Kinney Kreation I discovered they’d come out with a whole new (at least new to me) line of “Premium Detox” juices, so naturally I bought just about every single one of them to try (and of course my ol’ faithfuls, Green Juice #2, and Protein Power). The “Premium” juices are exactly what they sound like, they’re made with just a little bit extra “TLC” and a touch higher quality ingredients – AND they come in glass jars which you can either keep for fun or bring back for $1 off your next purchase. Turns out I also developed an obsession for their new Premium “performance” bottled smoothies, namely their green “Endurance” smoothie; they’ve been great meal replacements and/or added bonuses for pre or post workout, and they taste incredible. 

Taste is where Kreation impresses me the most, I have tried nearly every juice/smoothie Kreation have to offer and out of their selections there’s honestly only two I can’t seem to get partial with. Those are pretty damn good odds. It’s impressive to like ANY juice with vegetables like kale and celery (I’m not celery or kale’s biggest fan, it’s personal) clouding up your beverage but alas, Kreation has figured it out, perfected their recipes, and created high quality juices with beneficial and healthful ingredients. Fun fact, each bottle of their juice comes with four to FIVE POUNDS of produce! Which makes each juice rich in flavor and viscosity; a few Yelp reviewers mistook this unique richness for added syrup or sugar in their juice… welp they’re wrong. Kreation is extremely sensitive to making sure the quality of their ingredients are 100% up to par with the highest of standards. They also hold a lot of pride in being one of LA’s small business focused on aiding in benefiting the lives of our city’s people; as said in their words,

“We LOVE the Los Angeles community and work tirelessly to serve it to the best of our ability.”

This is exactly what I think of when I think of Kreation. They’re in the business of growing, evolving, inventing, healing, and educating; the business for the benefit and betterment of our community. With a new location opening all the time (or so it feels) clearly the community supports their endeavor and approves of their plan to bring us health-conscious products. Whether you visit Kreation for their organic breakfasts, Mediterranean lunches, thick tasty smoothies, refreshing and nourishing juices, or just to sit outside and enjoy one of their relaxed and cozy patios, there’s something you will find that always brings you back.

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