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I’ve always known LA people were creative, crafty, and artsy if you will… but it wasn’t really until I went to Unique LA a few weeks ago that I uncovered the magnitude and number of such talented individuals. Since my discoveries of several illustrious makers that weekend, I’ve made it a point to become a supporter and seeker for our LA local designers. Even outside of all the creators at Unique LA I am so impressed that I continually keep happening upon other new and fabulous jewelry designers from my town. I like my fashion, so I like my accessories, and these designers know a thing or two about what all the chic ladies want to be adorning themselves with these days. Whether it be practically wearable works of art statement necklaces, dainty feminine rings, to die for gems, or metal pieces of perfection, these designers have something for everyone and frankly WE WANT IT ALL.

We’ve been so mindful and focused on our health and wellness this past week it’s time for a treat, and let’s be honest, there’s no better therapy than retail therapy. Ladies of Los Angeles, treat yo self!


Nikki Montoya – “Metalsmith and Craftsperson” who makes some of the most fabulous (and affordable!) girly, fine  jewelry. All of her creations are hand-made and created at her Silverlake studio. Ugh, I love this story and I love her work! // nikkimontoya.com


Amarilo Jewelry – Discovered at Unique LA, this designer made my absolute favorite hand crafted gold rings, hands down. They make a ring that spells “fuck”! A RING THAT SPELLS “FUCK”. My kindred jewelry and sass spirit right here. Besides the “fuck” ring they also make top-notch quality rings/knuckle rings (made of 14k gold, or Argentinian silver of course), and plenty of other delicate/feminine items to drool over. // amarilojewelry.com


Bones and Feathers Collective – I already want to buy anything a company named “Bones and Feathers Collective” has to sell, but fortunately girl power jewelry designers Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall do not disappoint in the slightest. Au contraire as a matter a fact, these two have collaboratively designed a hot and highly sought after “accessories collection that infuses an indigenous styles with a modern-day luxury”. The Bones and Feathers Collective ladies originally started out in NYC and later down the road both decided LA might be a better fit; all I have to say to that is wise choice ladies. Welcome home, LA LOVES YOU! // bonesandfeatherscollective.com


Ax+Apple (I’m not doing their amazing logo designs any justice) – Also discovered at Unique LA, designer Jamie Lyn created a most interesting and alluring shop stall with distressed wood displays that were adorned with her badass one-of-a-kind necklaces. Ax+Apple’s pieces have real vintage components and/or chic vintage inspiration such as heavy silver and turquoise rings, vintage coins strung on necklaces, old small finds refurbished to create pendants. These accessories are affordable and wearable works of art, and the brilliant underlying concept to tie in that classic vintage nostalgia is one that will never go out of style. Ask Nasty Gal, they’re big fans too!  // axandapple.com


Alana Douvros – Paradoxically classy meets edgy inspired jewelry created by designer Alana Douvros who loves her tiny python bones, gorgeous dainty metals, unique beach finds, and raw shaped stones. I discovered Alana at Unique LA and since then have seriously regretted not purchasing those bone hoop earrings! But those earrings and much much more are available on her site, all fairly priced and worth the $$$! Get this designer on your radar, she’s brilliant.  // alanadouvros.com



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