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Silver Sneakers + A D*Face Mural












The Outfit

I have never hunted for a fashion find harder in my life than I did to find these damn sneakers. Long story short, I saw a similar pair on Instagram, didn’t know who made them or where I could get ’em so I rolled up my sleeves, put my serious face on, and took to the internet – as you do when you’re in need of immediate answers. I took some wild guesses as to who would even sell such a shoe statement and of course, OF COURSE, Zara ended up being the final answer. Come to find out though after this purchase that the ones I really wanted were Prada, but I think I much prefer Zara prices… over Prada’s…. but needless to say I am all about metallics and platform sneakers right now. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this is one of those trends I’ll look back on in 5 years and wonder wtf I was thinking, but for the meantime, obsessed is an understement. The joy these shoes bring me are similar to the joy those “Dorthy’s red slippers” knock-offs gave me as a kid, I want to wear these shoes everywhere! And so I will! I wear them most with a pair of distressed skinny jeans and a simple tank or tee – these shoes make a pretty big statement alone, it’s wise to (literally) let them shine and keep it simple up top.


The Mural

The mural featured today was done by hands down my favorite street artist, D*Face. I’m a Culver City native and I’ll take the long way home down Washington Blvd to catch a glimpse of his “Going Everywhere Fast” mural where I’ve done many-a photoshoots and projects in the past (the beginning of my anniversary video was shot here!). D*Face is an English multimedia artist with murals in cities all over the world, LA being one of those lucky metropolitan areas to see a few. This particular mural, located at Pico and Federal Ave in West LA, is called Rear View and features a view of a landscape at sunset from behind the windshield of a car. D*Face is known for his stylized, pop-art-esque images that frequently feature blondes, skeletons/dead celebrities, and pop culture references so this is the more unusual mural out of the few we have here in Los Angeles.


Photos | Tommy Garcia Photographer

Details | Jacket: Zara Overcoat with Faux Leather Sleeves | Top: Topshop (similar, with pocket) | Pants: Free People (old, and I distressed them myself) | Shoes: Zara Metallic Platform Bluchers | Sunglasses: Quay Kitty | Lipstick: Bite “Pomegranate”

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