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Scarpetta | The Proof Is In the Pasta.



Every so often (and yet not often enough) we come across one of those meals that makes us question whether or not another meal will ever live up to the standards that one unintentionally set. It was that meal when you ate more than you thought was humanly possible, you practically licked the dessert plate, an overwhelming urge to kiss your waitress and the entire kitchen staff came over you, and despite the fact that you’re wallet and pants were tight you were happy. Like running through an open field, “Sound of Music”, not a care in the world happy, and as it so happens Scarpetta is one of those meals for me. Even though I may not exactly want to admit it, I’m a bit of a bougie girl at heart so it’s almost like how could I not love Scarpetta, right, but there’s always certain hesitations and questions put in place when you hope for and expect a flawless experience. I’ve had plenty of wonderful meals at higher end locations, some worth it some not so much, but Scarpetta in particular I have to say has found the trifecta of perfection between effortlessly balancing ideal ambiance, a picturesque location, and downright life changing Italian food. A meal at Scarpetta doesn’t exactly come cheap, but in terms of special occasion, or even just you’re average YOLO (you only live once) night for that matter, Scarpetta is just kinda fail proof?






If there’s one aspect to Scarpetta that’d be difficult to debate it’d be that what they serve is undeniably refreshing, approachable, high quality food without the fuss – no big words or strange ingredients to stress over on this menu. Chef Scott Conant and Executive Chef Freddy Vargas know modern Italian cuisine and their passion for achieving plated perfection is evident in everything they make from a simple crudo dish, classic paste, to inventive desserts. When you come to their house, expect to be fed and to be fed well. There’s not one dish that was set on my table that I didn’t look at my boyfriend wide eyed and say “oh my god…” and sadly that’s no exaggeration – it’s probably a good thing they sat us solo at the chefs counter so I could let my fan-girl flag fly. (now say that 5 times fast.) And speaking of the chefs counter if it’s ever made an option for you and you’re curious about what’d it’d be like to get out of the usual candle lit norm, do it. You’re basically dining in the kitchen and as weird as that may sound to some, it’s the most wonderfully mesmerizing experience. But, regardless of where you may choose to sit whether it be in their grand main dining room, outside along the gorgeous courtyard, or even at the cozy dim lit bar, I assure you you can’t go wrong – that Scarpetta is a show stopper, what can she say.




Favorite Drink | Any great Italian meal deserves to be paired with a glass (or a bottle) of great Italian red wine. Start with the Pinot Nero (light) and/or finish with the Barolo.

Must Order | The spaghetti is a MUST. I didn’t know simple spaghetti could taste so good, and after hangin’ with the chefs for a few hours it appears to be a very popular dish. What ever you do though, no matter how full you are, don’t forget dessert. That Vanilla Caramel Budino will change your life.

Perfect Spot For | A special occasion, date night, parents, cocktails and dessert, a carb craving.

Pro Tip | As previously mentioned, if you’re feeling curious and adventurous, see if you can sit at the chefs counter!

Fun Fact | Not in Los Angeles but still want Scarpetta? Visit the other Scarpetta locations in Las Vegas (inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel), Miami, and in NYC! PLUS, during the day Scarpetta’s kitchen turns into famed gourmet sandwich spot, Paninoteca.





Scarpetta |  225 North Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | (888) 860-0788 | Hours: Monday – Thursday 6:00 pm – 10:00 + Friday – Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm (closed Sunday)

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