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ICDC | Dreams Do Come True.

ICDC Beverly: Love & Loathing LA


ICDC: Ice cream. Doughnuts (not donuts). Coffee. Get it? Did you ever think all the most wonderful things in life would ever come together like that in one magical place? DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE and ICDC is officially a gift from the Gods – all those times I didn’t kill a spider and held open a door for strangers are finally being cashed in for good karma and I now have ICDC to show for myself. (You’re welcome…?) Anyways, as I was saying, ICDC is the long-awaited highly anticipated ice cream, doughnuts, and coffee concept developed by owner Amy Knoll Frasier and Pastry Chef Mariah Swan of next door neighbor and beloved Beverly restaurant BLD. ICDC officially opened their doors exactly one week ago and to say it’s been well received would be an understatement – I’d probably take it personally if the case were otherwise.


ICDC Salt + Pepper Caramel Doughnut

ICDC grapefruit Campari filled Doughnut

ICDC Cinnamon + Sugar Doughnut Holes

ICDC Vittoria Coffee


Mariah has been in the business of crafting some of the most incredible sweets LA has had the pleasure of tasting for years now, and if you’ve been to BLD you know her doughnut + ice cream skills are undeniably unparalleled. ICDC offers a few staple doughnuts like cinnamon and sugar doughnut holes, but Mariah has truly outdone herself with a few of her own handmade creations such as a grapefruit Campari filled doughnut, a salt + pepper caramel coated option, and even a decadent and insanely delicious “rocky road” number. The craftsmanship, creativity, and quality does not end there though, ICDC’s ice creams and handmade cones are equally as impressive and imperative. Classics like vanilla bean and a chocolate variation are always made available, but new ice cream and sorbet flavors are on rotation regularly depending on what Mariah’s got cookin’. And because coffee is always a good idea, ICDC exclusively offers Vittoria coffee + espresso which can be made hot, cold, as a latte, a cappuccino – how ever you like it. The world is your oyster at ICDC and only bliss, stories you’ll tell your grandkids, and the true meaning of happiness can come out of you paying them a visit.


ICDC Beverly Ice Cream


Favorite Item | The ICDC: a salt + pepper caramel doughnut topped with insanely creamy and delicious vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso. –  h o l y  s h h h h h.

Must Order | The grapefruit Campari filled doughnut and any scoop of ice cream so you can put it in one of their handmade cones!

Perfect Spot For | Facilitating ice cream, coffee, and/or doughnut cravings. A post-workout treat. Marriage proposals. (no? just me?)

Pro Tip | Gluten-free folk need not feel left out – they’ve got gluten-free donuts!

Fun Fact | The ice cream is pasteurized in house. True story I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I know it’s serious business – the process is much more difficult but the reward is far greater!


ICDC | 7450 1/2 Beverly Blvd.| 323-930-9744 | noon (soon to be 8am) – 10 pm daily


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