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If you follow me along on Instagram you’ve noticed that for the past week I’ve been having a blast running around the streets of New York City! New York is one of my favorite places on earth, and the weather has been nothing short of perfection during my stay. Only making it even more difficult to leave, of course. I didn’t get as many posts up on the blog as I’d hoped (and planned), but sometimes you just need to step away from the computer, put the camera and phone away, and truly enjoy life. (And more obviously the vacation you paid for.) I am all about living authentically; yes I take a lot of photos, yes I fuss with table settings, yes I pose for pictures, but the reason I do what I do and write what I write is because the goal is to actually enjoy that meal, that place, and that moment captured. It’s certainly not to fake enjoy it and give completely false perception of my reality. It’s fun to dress things up, but life is not perfect, I am not perfect, and while this blog is a good chunk of my happiness and identity, it’s not all of it. Despite dressing up and eating a lot of burgers, I also really like drinking vegan protein smoothies, binge watching TV, and playing with my dog – aka a bunch of really boring normal-person activities that are totally not blog-worthy. So on the note of vacationing, happiness, and my personal authenticity, I had a WONDERFUL time in New York and a great weekend getaway to the Jersey Shore in-between my city time. Nonetheless, for the sake of Love & Loathing LA and my love for fashion, if there’s one thing that I made sure to capture it was a bit of my East Coast fall fashion adventures along the way.

It has been in the 70’s – 80’s in New York and the current street-style fashion has been borderline drool worthy. Between suede miniskirts, skinny scarfs, and fringe this-and-that fall trends are starting to set in heavily, but trends like tall boots, big jackets, and even denim wear are still on hold as we wait for clouds and a cool breeze. Miniskirts however, are taking the fashion scene by storm and are a great transitional piece to rock right now as we enter cooler weather and warmer clothes. Mod mini skirts in particular are my personal current obsession and I wore the heck out both of these skirts featured above as I ran from meetings around the city, to lunch, to shopping, to dinner, to drinks – you get the point. You can dress them up with heels, you can dress them down with boots or sandals and for packing purposes especially, these skirts were life savers. Fashionable, functional, and fun – done and done.

Love & Loathing LA will resume it’s regular(ish) schedule next week with all that is good around Los Angeles, I hope you had a great week and I hope you remember when you need some time to yourself, take it and be present. Life is not always what you see in photos so be sure to step back (put the phone down in my case) and ENJOY life!


Photos | Tommy Garcia Photographer – who, as you may have guessed, is my incredibly talented and wonderful boyfriend. I mean since we’re speaking “truth” and all today apparently, seemed timely to share that bit of information.


Details on Outfit #1 (black shirt + cream skirt)

Shirt: Calvin Rucker “Oooh Child” black crinkle shirt (n/a) | Skirt: Chelsea28 “A-Line Pocket Skirt” (ON SALE at Nordstrom!) | Shoes: Sam Edelman  “Roselyn” | Clutch: Clare V. “Oui” Flat Clutch (not available anymore but she’s got plenty more new ones to choose from)


Details on Outfit #2 (white shirt + black skirt)

Shirt: Zara “The Blouse” | Skirt: Zara “Top Stitched Miniskirt with Pockets” | Sandals: Splendid “Crete” | Sunglasses: DITTO + Retro Super Future “Lucia” in Francis Puma/Gold Metal (If you’re interested in DITTO’s “Endless Eyewear” for just $24 a month, your first month is FREE with the code ‘LOVEANDLOATHING’!)



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