Goodbye Winter Skin Care Worries.

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Goodbye Winter Skin Care Worries.

No matter who you are or where you come from, dry, itchy, sad ‘winter skin’ blows. It ain’t fun, it ain’t pretty, but fortunately this is one dilemma that can be easily remedied. I too suffer from irritated ‘winter skin’, – tmi? – so trust me when I say I am well versed in most moisturizing skin-care products. I’m actually a professional. These here are 6 of my favorite products I’m (legitimately) using right now to keep my skin fresh, moisturized, soft, and irritant-free. HURRAY!

Love and Loathing LA Winter Skin


1. Fresh | Sugar Lip Polish ($24)

Chapstick is cool n’ all… but this stuff is better. I am a lipstick junkie and would not survive any season without this moisturizing lip scrub/polish. Dry flaky lips just aren’t a good look for any of us.


2. First Aid Beauty | Ultra Repair Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer ($30)

This is my all time favorite 3-in-1 skin-care product. Not only does it protect your face from the sun, it moisturizes, and is a great product to put on before your foundation to help it “stick”.

Side note: First Aid Beauty’s “Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask” is another great ‘winter skin’ product worth considering!


3. Kiehl’s | Ultra Facial Cleanser ($19.50)

This is one cleanser that simply can’t fail anyone – no matter your skin type. It’s a gentle cleanser that easily foams and leaves you feeling fresh. It’s a classic product and one of their best selling products for a reason! Tip: use this with a Clarasonic and trust me, your skin will never look better.


4. Youth To The People | Kale + Spinach Green Tea Face Moisturizer ($48)

Talk about THE perfect face cream. This little pot of green goodness is made of 100% natural organic ingredients and is not only good for your skin but it’s good for the environment. All that hippy talk aside, this really is the perfect lightweight (yummy smelling) face moisturizer. Obsessed would be an understatement.


5. Diptyque | Velvet Hand Lotion ($42)

“Velvet” is very accurate advertising because that is exactly what your hands feel like after using this hand lotion. Every time I use it I’m shocked how long I can go without my hands feeling dry again. Love love LOVE this stuff.


6. Josie Maran | 100% Pure Argan Oil ($48)

Need a little moisture for your face? Perhaps your legs? Cuticles? Hair? Good news – this stuff can do it all. I also love Josie Maran’s argan oil (caramel apple) body butter, so in times of dry cold weather I like to add a little extra oil to my butter and smooth it on right after a shower. (Dry itchy legs – I think not!) Josie’s argan oil is one of the greatest ‘winter skin’ cure-all’s I have in my arsenal.

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