Gimme Plaid. Gimme ALL OF IT.

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Gimme Plaid. Gimme ALL OF IT.
Plaid Crinkle Trouser -
Plaid Crinkle Trouser –
Recognition Maxi Coat -
Recognition Maxi Coat –
Tartan Track Pant -
Tartan Track Pant –


I’ve always been a big fan of plaid, I’ve been buying mens plaid shirts at Urban Outfitters, among other places, for as long as I can remember. Sadly plaid hasn’t always been synonymous with fashion forward. Even I have to admit I’ve mostly been finding plaid items where I think, “why couldn’t this just be…cuter?” It’s either too punk, too girly, or too lumberjack right? BUT NOT THIS SEASON. – is exhibit A and my OCD “must buy all plaid” mentality is kicking in. Not only do they have a whole trend section for plaid, but almost every piece in it is insanely stylish. There’s a few pieces where I thought, “no. I can’t go that plaid.” but for the most part they’re all home runs. I identify with the edgy, mostly all black, girly chic with a touch of butch look, and I’m likin’ what I’m seein’ right now. Plaid, especially on girls, isn’t something I see enough of in LA; I feel like Gwen (Stefani, yes I call her just Gwen as if we’re pals) and I are holding down the plaid fort over here, so someone out there needs to buy those wideleg pants. For the good of our community. Happy Fashion Friday!!!

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