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If you didn’t know we love brunch here in Los Angeles. That goes for day drinking too so put them together and thats what we call a successful start to Saturday and/or Sunday. Most of our jobs lead us to bars when our day/weeks are over, we hardly need excuses to (day) drink as its just become a widely accepted activity. But, I feel I’ve genuinely been duped living in LA; this whole time I thought everyone everywhere thought as highly of brunch as we did, and a recent trip to San Francisco revealed to me that I’ve been a little misguided. Ain’t nobody loves brunch like we do. Most major cities are trying to catch up, and they’re getting warmer, but they haven’t quite caught on to the $$ maker that is “brunch” and not to mention its evil twin, the “bottomless mimosa brunch”. Funny but I might actually be ruined now; its gotten to the point that I’ve started to find myself saying things like, “do they have a bottomless mimosa option?”, “how much is it for bottomless mimosas?”, and “…they don’t have bottomless mimosas…? I think we should go somewhere else.” Its a thing here now, so if you’re not into yet it you will be.

But besides going out to brunch, hosting a brunch is a fun way to throw a party while the weather is warm, the champagne is cold, and somewhere a table is covered with syrup, sweets, and salts. We all go nuts over the idea of someone having a brunch party. Well maybe “we” as in girls, or just me, but come on I don’t know a single person who would turn down copious amounts of food and drinks. What other kind of meal do you get to put bacon and donuts on the same plate without appearing as though you’re high out of your mind? At brunch that is totally acceptable and I am totally happy with that.

Yesterday a friend invited me to what would be the last day of summer party; the idea was to come nicely dressed and bring at least a bottle of champagne in exchange for freshly baked goods and homemade breakfast items. My nice bottle of Veuve rose was gone before I could even blink as I set it down to chill between bottles of Andre, but after meeting new people and overindulging in adult beverages and sweet sprinkle covered treats I’d managed to get over it. We ate, we drank, we danced all day in the warm sun as we said goodbye to summer; despite knowing damn well it’d probably be even hotter and sunnier the following weekend but its fun to imagine we can see/feel Fall in Los Angeles.


Whether you’ll wait for summer or not, here are 6 Key Notes to Throwing/Attending a Brunch:

1. Do not bring/supply Andre or Cooks.

Come on now. If you’re older than 16 you know better, you learned your lesson the hard way a long time ago.

2. Costco.

Cheap, delicious, bulk. Boom.

3. Pot luck – DIY

You like brunch, you like cooking, you probably like Pinterest. So have everyone make/bring something- this option also helps save $ if you are hosting.

4. Request “Sunday best” attire

People love having an excuse to look nice. By people again I mean girls. I was thrilled to be able to pull out my bright blue Giuseppe Zanotti’s and wear them to a day party. How fun to be a lady who brunches.

5. Make sure every person brings at least a bottle of Champagne each.

You’d be surprised how quickly 15-20 people can go through 25 bottles of champagne. I saw first hand.

6. Strawberries and raspberries.

Just add fruit to your champagne glass and you’re instantly fancy. And who doesn’t want to feel fancy?


Of course if you don’t have the wherewithal and space to have a brunch party, you have plenty of other places and options to choose from should you crave a delicious meal and a mimosa. And even though the seasons are “changing” and outdoor day-drinking is coming to a slow, LA will still keep up with the needs of its people who on weekend afternoons like to eat like their high and drink like it’s Friday night.

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