I am definitely having a moment with colorful monochrome looks. I am actually definitely having a moment with color?! I decided a few months ago that what was somewhat lacking in my wardrobe – and on my Instagram – was color. Los Angeles is made up of such a vibrant and happy culture and I felt like perhaps I needed to represent that a bit more accurately through my style and thus through my social media and blog. It’s actually been so incredibly fun and challenging to pick clothes out and style pieces in a whole new way, I’ve genuinely come to have a appreciation for my newfound take on LA style. I’ve always played it relatively safe through the grey scale, but little by little, bright sweater by bright sweater, I feel like my style is finally evolving. I am having fun with it, I am taking more risks, and receiving more reward for it – even if it’s just simply me feeling like “fuck yes” in the outfit, it feels like it’s paying off inside and out.



I have and will always love menswear and a matching suit set. But this season I have been seeing TONS of colorful matching sets and I cant seem to stay away from any of them! I have an all yellow suit, an all red suit, and now an all pink suit. And don’t think for a second it didn’t take everything in me not to buy the pastel blue or the pastel green suit Zara currently has in store too. TORTURE! I feel incredible in colorful suits. I feel put together, styled to the 9’s, fun, quirky, and so accurately “LA” – in the best way imaginable.



The best suits I’ve found have been at Zara, which is where I got this set, but I’ve also seen great sets at Topshop and River Island – and all seem to be available at reasonable prices. This pink number comes just in time for Spring in Los Angles, and they can be just as great together as they could be separately! (I love wearing the pink pants with sneakers and a vintage band shirt too.)

What risks have you been taking with your style lately? What is the craziest thing you pulled off? Tell me everything in the comments!




Elaine Torres Photography



BLAZER: Zara – Blazer Without Lapel – $69.90

PANTS: Zara – Trousers With Belt – $49.90

TOP: Zara (old)

SANDALSSimilar Pair

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