In honor of World Happiness Day – which seriously puts a smile on my face for no other reason than the fact it’s a day dedicated to smiling, basically – I’m putting together a list of 10 things that I love about living in Los Angeles!



1. The fact that it’s sunny (mostly) year round.

One of the things make me happy in la LA is we are so damn spoiled with this weather.


2. That it’s a cultivator of small and local businesses.

Like my own! We are a community of makers, creators, and innovators and we love supporting them.


3. How different little pockets of the city can feel unique yet connected.

Every neighborhood sings a slightly different tune, and there’s something different to appreciate about every single one. 


4. The fact that you can drive through the streets and not one house is the same as the other. It’s so fun simply imagining what each looks like. 

It’s one seriously eclectic and colorful town. And the plethora of palm trees doesn’t hurt.


5. LA is on the map as one of the worlds greatest foodie/culinary destinations.

And new *and incredible* restaurants and bars are opening up all the time!


6. Most places are doggo friendly! 

We love puppies. And animal friends in general. Now if we can officially make LA a no-kill city (don’t worry, we’re close)… even more of a reason to love it.


7. We’re located next to some of the best flea markets in the state .- i.e. Rose Bowl Flea Market and Long Beach Antique Market. 

We love our vintage don’t we.


8. The LA location and landscape is pretty unbeatable.

You can get to the beach, the mountains, the city, and the desert in less than an hour. Give or take. Who can say that?!


9. Believe it or not… Angelenos are friendly. 

With the sun constantly shining, plenty of activities to partake in, and living in a town that constantly feels like you could be on vacation… what’s there to be mad or grumpy about?


10. Fun comes first.

There is an activity, event, meet up, club, for every single type of person every single day. Angelenos love to have fun, and we are constantly creating ways to make that happen for everyone!


11. Lastly, home is where the heart is.

I know home means a lot of different things to different people, but home is what you make of it, and happiness is a choice! So let’s work on appreciating the small things and re-discovering what we love about the places we live.


What do YOU love most about life in Los Angeles?! Let me know if the comments or share your thoughts on Instagram!

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