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The Lady In Grey at The Georgian Hotel











I’ve been relaxing beachside the past two days and doing a little end of summer “hurrah” staycation at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica. This seaside gem has been here since the 1930’s, and being surrounded by the art deco inspired interior/exterior, the cool beachy vibe, and what feels like an essential piece of history, I decided it was all worth throwing a nice dress on for as I walked around town and through the hotel. Not to mention it’s been about 90 degrees here lately which is hot for a usually cool climate area like Santa Monica. A dress with light fabric, flow and ventilation is always a plus when times get hot.

5 times a year I decide I want to dabble in the more bo-ho areas of the style spectrum, and any excuse I can get to wear something Gypsy05 with their fun patterns, bright colors, and casual chic spirit I will take. The beach brings it out in me I guess and I’ve been walking around wearing a few of my favorite pieces of theirs including one of their bright jumpsuits and of course their light weight comfortable maxi dresses like the one I’m wearing here. The thing about dresses that hit your ankle I love is the fact that you’re forced to bring your A-shoegame because they’ll be completely on display and likely the first thing that will catch peoples eye. I chose to pair it with the ever-popular lace up style heel, but you could get aways with a platform sandal or a bright colored heel just the same. This has been one of my go-to “LA lady” dresses as we near the “end” of summer and trends start literally falling back towards boots, pants, and jackets. It’s been perfect for a beach staycation at the gorgeous Georgian Hotel.


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Photos | Tommy Garcia

Details | Dress: Gypsy05 “Bastet Silk Laced Racer Back Maxi Dress” | Shoes: Zara (not available but I love these too and these flat laced ones) | Sunglasses: Retro Super Future “Lucia” in Francis Puma/Gold Metal (from DITTO!) | Lipstick: MAC “Fleshpot”

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