Nothing “sparks joy” in my life quite like dining at a – really f*cking awesome and downright delicious – *new* restaurant in LA. And then sharing the bounties of my discoveries with my best friends of course! It’s a full-time job trying to keep up with the dining scene in LA. But know that anything that makes it on this list hits most if not all of my pre-requisites. Some of which include: A+ ambiance, quality service, an interesting menu, or a worthwhile splurge. Others also live up to the hype, or simply offers damn good food. I am not over here trying to compete with the likes of Eater or the Infatuation. However, I am an honest “LA foodie.” I have a genuine desire to stay on the pulse and highlight what’s actually worth your time.


This post will be ongoing and continuously updated so you always have something new to refer to. Now, let’s eat, shall we?


If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to check out my TOP 100 RESTAURANTS IN LA list!



It should come as no surprise to learn that I’m much more of a summer gal than a winter gal. However, this past season was full of amazing meals, several of which led to me having some new favorite restaurants in LA! The city’s food scene is literally blowing up right now, and there are so many exciting, innovative, and just downright delicious concepts popping up everywhere. From short rib smashburgers to the reopening of Angler in the Beverly Center, here are some of the best new restaurants that I tried in winter!





Angler is back and better than ever! Seriously, the new menu is way more approachable and affordable, but the quality of the seafood remains high. The hot fried fish collar is out of this world, and the sea snails are cooked in a decadent vermouth sauce that I could literally drink. Pretty much everything I had here was top-notch and would order again. That said, do NOT miss out on the cheesy bread.



Tinned fish is definitely having its moment, and Saltie Girl on Sunset Boulevard is the ultimate place to elevate your palette! Even if you’re unsure about tinned fish, I highly recommend giving it a go. Plus, Saltie Girl has way more than just your standard anchovies and tuna. Branch out with something more unique like the scallops or octopus. Also, the lobster frites are a  MUST-ORDER! Saltie Girl impressed me so much the first time I went and I definitely plan on making it a regular spot for drinks and bites. 



Ready for your new favorite burger in LA? The short rib smashburgers from Heavy Handed are literally out of this world. The casual burger stand in Santa Monica is ideal for a laidback lunch on the westside. Between the crispy french fries, creamy heavy handed sauce, and perfect pickle to meat ratio, these burgers are without a doubt some of the best in the city. The soft serve ice cream is also no joke, and I highly recommend going for the butterscotch-dipped cone for dessert.



Say hello to the newest dining concept at the Ritz-Carlton in DTLA! Enjoy epic views, elevated cuisine, and top notch service. This is definitely the place for a “treat yourself” day. The thing that’s so cool about Sendero is the fact that it’s actually four independent dining concepts. During my visit, we dined at Corteza and some of the highlights were the arepas and the empanadas. Let’s just say, I will definitely be back!



Flor y Solera is the latest and greatest place for tapas and other Spanish cuisine in DTLA. The cocktails list was solid but I personally loved their wine list. Spanish wines are some of my favorites (ahem, Best Coast Beverages fizzy white is an albariño afterall) and I loved sipping on some tempranillo while nibbling on the authentic tapas. The tapas menu is separate and I loved everything we tried, especially the croquettes. However, the regular dinner menu has some big hits like the various rice dishes (which take a while to make) and the pork meatballs. 



I think I’ve officially found my new favorite wine bar in LA! Sur le Vert is beyond stunning, and I could literally sit at the beautiful bar top for hours. It’s located in Beverly Hills and the wine list is literally incredible. When it comes to the food, the grilled cheese is top-notch. However, if you happen to dine when they have the burger available (it’s a special) definitely order it! You could easily have a full meal here, but I personally love Sur le Vert for wine and snacks at the bar before dinner or a night out on the town. 



The French food scene in LA is literally skyrocketing, and Juliet has officially won my heart. Located in Culver City, Juliet specializes in a more modern take on French fare. The whipped cod dip and gnocchi were some of my favorite dishes. I’m not going to lie, Juliet is pretty expensive. However, if you’re looking to celebrate something special over some innovative bites, great wine, and a stunning atmosphere, Juliet is the place to be. Do yourself a favor and get transported straight to France when you order the fluffy Madeleines for dessert.





Caroline at Vamos Vamos

Well folks…we’ve reached the end of another year. After two years of pandemic chaos, I can’t even begin to express how nice it was to dine out at some of the best restaurants of all time. No joke, I seriously had some of the best meals of my life this past year. Each season brought something new, and as we welcome winter, I can’t wait to share some of the best meals that I had this fall. 2023 has some very big foodie shoes to fill, but I have a feeling that we’ve got some great dinners, happy hours, and rooftop drinks in store!




Chain was without a doubt the coolest restaurant that I ate at this fall. This chef-driven take on classic chain restaurant favorites literally blew me away. It’s super fun and immersive. Plus, it’s ever-changing! Last time I was there it was Chili’s Southwestern egg roll, but the Crunchwrap Supreme was also amazing. P.S. It is invite-only but all you have to do is text to reserve your spot.



Welp…I officially have a new favorite sushi spot! fiish specializes in dry-aged fish right in the heart of Culver City at The Platform. All of the fish is sustainably and ethically sourced, and the space is stunning. The miso soup is an amazing starter to the omakase menu. However, do not come here without getting tuna crispy rice!!!



Per L’Ora is Hotel Perla’s newest restaurant, and lemme just say, it is gorgeous! The rooftop at Hotel Perla is awesome, but if you’re looking for a more formal and elegant setting, Per L’Ora on the ground floor is the way to go. I would be more than happy to just come back for the cocktails, but the food was really great as well. Some of our favorites were the crab cake, steak tartare and the sweet corn agnolotti. For dessert, the honey tarte is a must-order.



If you’re looking for a cute and casual taco Mexican spot on the Westside, Vamos. Vamos. is a great go-to. They specialize in the ultimate pairing of margs and nachos and it’s great for everything from lunch to after work drinks. The chile verde nachos were supreme but we also really loved the fish tacos. That said, they have an entire pizza menu as well that I’m very interested in checking out!



KINN is Koreatowns latest and greatest fine dining destination. The six-course tasting menu changes regularly and is available for only $72! That price is pretty much unheard of in LA, especially for such a high-quality tasting menu. You can also supplement a couple of courses like the octopus (definitely do it, it is 100% worth the extra $22). The wine and sake list is also top-notch, and there is a vegetarian menu available upon request.



Under the same ownership as Fia and Fia Steak, Dono is a cozy and sleek Spanish restaurant that serves up amazing tapas and cocktails. The menu is divided by little tapas, garden tapas, land and sea tapas, and of course, paella. They also have a solid selection of entrees like the whole grilled sea bass. That said, if you’re a fan of paella, it’s a must-order here. When it comes to cocktails, the Dirty Laundry is the ultimate dirty martini, and the Mezcal Mist is a super unique concoction made with chocolate! Dono also has an awesome happy hour that takes place from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday.



Make room for the newest hotspot in Beverly Hills…I am actually obsessed with The Hideaway. The food is elevated and modern Mexican, and the cocktails are incredible. This might be surprising, but the branzino is actually some of the best I’ve ever had. One of my favorite things about The Hideaway is that it is just as great at lunch as it is at dinner, and the 1970’s Baja California atmosphere is beyond breathtaking. Fun fact: Some of the booths even have tequila buttons…meaning you can literally press a button and be brought tequila. 



Mes Amis was 100% one of my most anticipated openings of 2022…and it did not let me down! Everything from the vibe to the decor is straight out of a classic French Brasserie (love). It’s located inside the Thompson Hotel, and everything in this space works together to create a transportive and stunning setting. When it comes to food, I didn’t have a single dish I didn’t love. That said, my absolute favorites were the steak tartare and duck breast (literally chefs kiss). 



Dunsmoor is for sure my new favorite spot on Eagle Rock Boulevard. Between the wood-fired oven and the cozy, dim-lit dining room, this is the ultimate place to grab dinner and drinks when hanging in East LA. The menu is small but mighty, with incredible bites like baby albacore and lamb tartare. The dishes here are far from ordinary, making Dunsmoor the perfect place to get out of your comfort zone and try some new fare. Though they don’t serve liquor, the wine list is awesome!



LouLou is a new spot in Santa Monica that replaced Sonoma Wine Gardens. Honestly, malls in restaurants get a bad rep, but LouLou’s really surprised me. This French/Mediterranean-inspired spot boasts a stunning atmosphere that really transports you out of Santa Monica and somewhere along the coast of France. The wine list is awesome but if you’re in the mood for a sweeter libation, the signature LouLou cocktail is delicious. When it comes to food, there are awesome appetizers like escargot and oysters on the half-shell, but for the main course, I recommend the duck confit or the lobster linguini. 



I’m not gonna lie…Mother Tongue might actually be my favorite opening of the year. This restaurant is a concept by Chef Michael Mina and it is located in the beautiful (and boujee) HEIMAT Social Club off Sunset. The food manages to remain pretty light and healthy despite tasting utterly indulgent. The restaurant is gorgeous (I was obsessed with the pink tones and velvet booths). That said, my favorite thing about eating at Mother Tongue is the fact that you can enjoy pasta and dessert that feel lighter without skimping on taste. 


Mr. T

French cuisine is definitely having its moment in LA! Mr. T offers up a contemporary twist of French food in a very classy and sleek setting. The plating here is BEAUTIFUL…everything truly looks like a work of art. The cocktails are delicate and innovative, but the wine list is totally out of this world. The big eye tuna crudo was a major hit, and the deconstructed sushi with sea urchin is a must for uni lovers! Also, the interior is beautiful, but if you can snag a spot on the patio, I highly recommend it! 



Savida is a super unique and charming seafood spot in Santa Monica. This Montana Avenue gem blends Israelie flavors and ingredients with fresh seafood, resulting in innovative crudos. The menu changes pretty frequently, but the salmon and hamachi are both regulars that are well-worth ordering. The lobster slider is also so refreshing and vibrant thanks to the use of lemongrass and coconut milk! Best of all, they just started serving beer and wine, making this a great option for happy hour on the west side. 



Encanto in Los Feliz has a sleek and modern vibe that is met with innovative cocktails and a simple yet delicious dinner menu. The build-your-own tacos are a must here, as is the skirt steak. At first glance, the cocktail list might be a bit overwhelming, but if you’re in the mood for rum, go for the Topo Cana! This refreshing cocktail is reminiscent of a mojito without the annoying mint leaves clogging up your straw. That said, fellow mezcal lovers will appreciate the bold flavors in the El Tomi. 








Let me start by saying…this summer was a CRAZY one for me. Between Best Coast Beverages and an intense travel schedule, it truly flew by. However, this summer was also filled with some incredible eats at some of my new favorite spots in town! It’s always exciting to find a new restaurant that you know is going to become a second home, and I’m pleased to say that this list includes at least a few of those for me.







Under the same ownership as Fia and Fia Steak, Dono is a cozy and sleek Spanish restaurant that serves up amazing tapas and cocktails. The menu is divided by little tapas, garden tapas, land and sea tapas, and of course, paella. They also have a solid selection of entrees like the whole grilled sea bass. That said, if you’re a fan of paella, it’s a must-order here. When it comes to cocktails, the Dirty Laundry is the ultimate dirty martini, and the Mezcal Mist is a super unique concoction made with chocolate! Dono also has an awesome happy hour that takes place from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday.



Make room for the newest hotspot in Beverly Hills…I am actually obsessed with The Hideaway. The food is elevated and modern Mexican, and the cocktails are incredible. This might be surprising, but the branzino is actually some of the best I’ve ever had. One of my favorite things about The Hideaway is that it is just as great at lunch as it is at dinner, and the 1970’s Baja California atmosphere is beyond breathtaking. Fun fact: Some of the booths even have tequila buttons…meaning you can literally press a button and be brought tequila. 



Mes Amis was 100% one of my most anticipated openings of 2022…and it did not let me down! Everything from the vibe to the decor is straight out of a classic French Brasserie (love). It’s located inside the Thompson Hotel, and everything in this space works together to create a transportive and stunning setting. When it comes to food, I didn’t have a single dish I didn’t love. That said, my absolute favorites were the steak tartare and duck breast (literally chefs kiss). 



Dunsmoor is for sure my new favorite spot on Eagle Rock Boulevard. Between the wood-fired oven and the cozy, dim-lit dining room, this is the ultimate place to grab dinner and drinks when hanging in East LA. The menu is small but mighty, with incredible bites like baby albacore and lamb tartare. The dishes here are far from ordinary, making Dunsmoor the perfect place to get out of your comfort zone and try some new fare. Though they don’t serve liquor, the wine list is awesome!



LouLou is a new spot in Santa Monica that replaced Sonoma Wine Gardens. Honestly, malls in restaurants get a bad rep, but LouLou’s really surprised me. This French/Mediterranean-inspired spot boasts a stunning atmosphere that really transports you out of Santa Monica and somewhere along the coast of France. The wine list is awesome but if you’re in the mood for a sweeter libation, the signature LouLou cocktail is delicious. When it comes to food, there are awesome appetizers like escargot and oysters on the half-shell, but for the main course, I recommend the duck confit or the lobster linguini. 



I’m not gonna lie…Mother Tongue might actually be my favorite opening of the year. This restaurant is a concept by Chef Michael Mina and it is located in the beautiful (and boujee) HEIMAT Social Club off Sunset. The food manages to remain pretty light and healthy despite tasting utterly indulgent. The restaurant is gorgeous (I was obsessed with the pink tones and velvet booths). That said, my favorite thing about eating at Mother Tongue is the fact that you can enjoy pasta and dessert that feel lighter without skimping on taste. 



French cuisine is definitely having its moment in LA! Mr. T offers up a contemporary twist of French food in a very classy and sleek setting. The plating here is BEAUTIFUL…everything truly looks like a work of art. The cocktails are delicate and innovative, but the wine list is totally out of this world. The big eye tuna crudo was a major hit, and the deconstructed sushi with sea urchin is a must for uni lovers! Also, the interior is beautiful, but if you can snag a spot on the patio, I highly recommend it! 



Savida is a super unique and charming seafood spot in Santa Monica. This Montana Avenue gem blends Israelie flavors and ingredients with fresh seafood, resulting in innovative crudos. The menu changes pretty frequently, but the salmon and hamachi are both regulars that are well-worth ordering. The lobster slider is also so refreshing and vibrant thanks to the use of lemongrass and coconut milk! Best of all, they just started serving beer and wine, making this a great option for happy hour on the west side. 



Encanto in Los Feliz has a sleek and modern vibe that is met with innovative cocktails and a simple yet delicious dinner menu. The build-your-own tacos are a must here, as is the skirt steak. At first glance, the cocktail list might be a bit overwhelming, but if you’re in the mood for rum, go for the Topo Cana! This refreshing cocktail is reminiscent of a mojito without the annoying mint leaves clogging up your straw. That said, fellow mezcal lovers will appreciate the bold flavors in the El Tomi. 






WOW…let’s just say that I ate exceptionally well this spring! From fancy French bistros to homegrown Italian cuisine, my taste buds have been introduced to so many amazing new spots over the last couple of months. With Covid seemingly (and hopefully) being mostly behind us, it has been so amazing to watch so many innovative and talented chefs and restaurant owners come back in full force with these delicious concepts. That being said, get ready to make some reservations and check out my latest list of the best new restaurants in LA!








Camphor is a fancy and modern French bistro located in the Arts District, and let me tell you, it’s pretty incredible. It is on the pricier side, but the drinks, food, and ambiance are well worth it. The baby shrimp gunpowder provided the perfect start following our amuse bouche, but the french fries with the dipping sauces were without a doubt my favorite (I don’t know what they’re putting in those sauces but they are UNREAL). The lobster is a must-order (it’s just as stunning as it is delicious), but my favorite dish of the night was the scallops. Also, get extra rolls so that you can dip them in all of the leftover sauces! 



If you love fresh seafood but also care about the environment, Crudo e Nudo definitely needs to be on your radar! This Santa Monica staple is located right off of Main Street and focuses on sustainable seafood and low-intervention wines. It’s definitely a little pricey, but literally, everything is AMAZING. The menu changes daily, but some standard items that are usually on the menu include the tuna toast, prawns, and vegan caesar salad. That being said, if the halibut is on the menu when you arrive, order two!



Who knew that Japanese and Italian cuisine could pair so wonderfully? Magari recently opened next to NeueHouse, and it really is in a great part of Hollywood. I had never really encountered “Tokyo-Italian cuisine” before, but it was pretty awesome! There are three different sections on the menu that include crudos, pastas, and wood-fired grill items. I actually loved everything and would probably order all of it again, but some favorites included the yellowtail crudo, yuzu tagliatelle pasta, and the grilled ribeye cap. 



Between the ceiling that is covered in hanging flowers and the glamorous, vintage furniture, Kobi’s in Santa Monica is truly one of the most stunning restaurants in Los Angeles. It is on the smaller side, but there is a real charm and sense of intimacy that you get to experience when eating here. Plus, the food is so freaking delicious. Seriously, everything from the Kanpachi appetizer to the pork dumplings to the butter chicken is ridiculously good. Also, the beef short rib is an amazing entree. In addition to a wide array of sustainable and organic wines, the soju-based cocktail is super refreshing and tasty.



Whether you want to come for brunch or dinner, Caboco in the Arts District is here to cure your craving for South American cuisine. The caipirinhas are all refreshing and light, all featuring authentic cachaça, resulting in a cocktail that literally transports you to Brazil. The AYCE Feijoada Sundays is actually a one-of-a-kind experience, and I’ve never seen anything else like it in Los Angeles. That being said, Caboco is also a fun dinner spot and the patio is super cozy and charming.



Pizzeria Sei is seriously one of my new favorite pizza spots in Los Angeles. Though they appear to be Neapolitan-style, the pizzas actually have a Japanese twist, and the result is completely mouthwatering. I recommend ordering at least one pizza with red sauce and one bianca pizza so that you can experience the different flavors and combos. Also, the caesar salad is incredible (actually one of the best caesars I’ve ever had). Though you can’t go wrong with the classic Margherita, the Bismarck with egg and prosciutto was *chef’s kiss* 



Yangban Society is definitely one of the coolest and most innovative restaurant concepts in LA! This Korean American deli and super is very casual and allows you to explore and taste at your pace. Whether you want to get snacks from the super or sit down for a full spread, they have everything. The Yangban-style family feast was my favorite, and there are so many amazing dishes that get featured! Keep in mind that the menu changes frequently, so you’ll get to experience new things each time you visit. Also, their house-made cocktails and soft-serve ice cream were both awesome. 



Coming at you from the Tao Group, Lavo Ristorante in WeHo is an absolute show stopper! Between the checkered floors and the sleek bar, it really is stunning. Also, I literally stayed for four hours, so you know both the cocktails and the food were on point. From the refreshing cocktails that are made tableside to the retractable roof, Lavo creates a serene atmosphere that is perfect for warmer weather and longer days. My must-order item is the tagliatelle al limone! It’s fresh, lemony, and zesty. Also loved the cacio e pepe and tiramisu for dessert. 



Transport yourself to Italy at De La Nonna! This bright and airy restaurant has taken social media by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Since pizza is without a doubt my favorite food, to say that I was 100% impressed with pies at De La Nonna says a lot. It’s located in the Arts District, and the spacious and colorful patio is beyond adorable. All of the wines are organic and natural (which is always a plus), and even the salads blew me away! If you want something besides pizza, I highly recommend the eggplant caponata. That being said, the white pizza is to die for, and I love that they come in small, “personal pizza” sizes! If you have room for dessert, definitely order the zeppole.







It feels like LA is EXPLODING right now with new restaurants, and the overall energy I’m sensing is “big” – big chefs, big patios, big spaces, big ideas, big everything. What a time to dine in LA, and good news bad news but I feel like I can barely keep up! But onwards we march, fork and knife at the ready. Here’s been my favorite spots I’ve visited over the past few months!








Chef Evan Funk has outdone himself once again. Mother Wolf is without a doubt the hottest new restaurant in Los Angeles. Getting a reservation is not for the faint of heart, but I can promise it’s well worth it. The red booths and stunning bar catch your eye as soon as you walk in, and the atmosphere is bold and grandiose. The entire restaurant is considered to be a tribute to the city of Rome, and that can be seen in everything from the ambiance to cuisine. The wine is out of this world (and served in a cool carafe) and the pizzas are delicious. That being said, the pasta is definitely what steals the show. Do yourself a favor and order the cacio e pepe – it’s seriously the best that I’ve ever had. Also, the Amaro cart is a fun and luxurious addition to the end of your meal. 

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Sparrow is the newest restaurant in the historic and stunning Hotel Figueroa. Hotel Fig is one of my absolute favorite places in DTLA, and Sparrow is the perfect addition to the classic and swanky spot. The atmosphere at Sparrow is modern, sleek, and stylish. Though I definitely suggest sitting down for a full dinner, even just having a drink at the bar is a fun and immersive experience. When it comes to food, definitely order the tuna tartar and Tartufo pizza for your appetizers. For your entree, you can’t go wrong with the bone marrow agnolotti (trust me, you won’t want to share that). In addition to an impressive wine list, their innovative cocktails are a must-try. For a refreshing taste and an Instagram-worthy display, go for the Calabria cocktail. 

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Soko Sushi is without a doubt my new favorite sushi spot on the westside. This hidden gem is located inside the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, and it offers an authentic experience in a traditional setting. Since the name “Soko” translates to “storeroom,” it makes sense that this sushi pop-up is set inside a literal storeroom near the lobby. No, seriously…this unique restaurant can only fit up to eight guests at a time, giving you an intimate dining experience with the amazing Chef Masa. That being said, you’ll definitely want to make a reservation in advance. All of their fish is incredibly fresh, but the bluefin tuna platter was definitely the highlight of my meal!

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Previously home to the Pikey, Horses opened up in 2021 with some pretty big shoes to fill. Well, let me tell you…they succeeded! This was definitely one of the best meals that I had in 2021. The design and decor of the space is super similar to what it always has been – cozy and quaint with a European appeal. They serve California cuisine with a French twist, and honestly, everything I tasted was beyond impressive. However, you cannot come to horses without ordering the caesar, the cornish game hen, the cheeseburger, and the sobrassado panino. I know that some of those sound super simple and basic, but I’m telling you, they’re out of this world. Also, the sheep’s milk cheesecake comes with a roasted pear, and to sum it up, this dessert is life-changing.  

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Cento Pasta Bar went from being a beloved pop-up to having its own romantic restaurant in West Adams. Though they have a magical patio complete with cute bistro tables and twinkling string lights, I recommend snagging a spot inside. The bar-style seating surrounds an open kitchen, letting you get up close and personal with Chef Avner Lavi. There is just something so cool about getting to watch your food being made. From the delicate plating process to the smoky aromas that come from the wood-burning stove, Cento allows you to enjoy dinner and a show. Start your meal off with their decadent hamachi appetizer before moving on to the main event…pasta! Their squid ink mafaldine boasts bold flavor, but their spicy Pomodoro is non-negotiable – you NEED to order this! Though it packs a slight punch, the creamy ricotta, and truffle oil balance the dish perfectly. Their grilled Orata fish is flaky and delicate, making it another great option for your entree.  




LOAM in DTLA is a cool and hip new spot in The Ace Hotel. The plant-forward menu features a wide variety of seasonal dishes that all boast bold flavors and innovative combos. The checkered floors and industrial mirrors are very transportive and make you feel like you’re eating in a chic cafe in Europe. Some of my favorite dishes were the hamachi crudo, crispy brussels, and kohlrabi. Also, the bread and cultured butter is so simple but seriously out of the world and definitely worth ordering! Be sure to scan the walls for hand-drawn portraits of some of Hollywood’s most legendary icons.

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The rooftop in Hoxton is probably my favorite rooftop in the city, and it has just been made even better by the opening of Chef Stephanie Izard’s newest hotspot, Cabra. Being that I’m totally obsessed with Girl and the Goat, I could not wait to see what she had in store at this Purvian-inspired restaurant…and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The rooftop is definitely more casual and chill which I love. Kick back on a cushioned couch and order the Tropical Fizz cocktail which features refreshing flavors of coconut and banana. If you’re anything like me, you might also wind up getting THREE orders of their papas huancaina (AKA ridiculously delicious, crispy potatoes). Some other menu highlights include the avocado dip, salmon skewers, and goat empanadas. 

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From the cool rooftop that offers prime viewing of the Hollywood sign to the vibrant history of the building, it is no wonder why Grandmaster Recorders has become one of the coolest spots to dine in LA. In addition to the rooftop and main dining room, they also have the 71 Studio Bar which features a private lounge that sits under one of the massive disco ball that was previously used on Dancing With the Stars. I recommend heading over around 6:00 PM for sunset and rooftop drinks before heading downstairs for your main meal. If you’re craving a cocktail, you can’t go wrong with the Midnight Vulture which blends prickly pear and Mezcal to create a cocktail that is neither too smokey nor sweet. Since the restaurant focuses on Italian cuisine (with an Aussie twist), I recommend asking for wine pairings with each course so that you can experience these innovative dishes at their fullest. If you’re looking to branch out and try new things, this is the place to do it. The mortadella and cacio e pepe churros were totally unexpected, but they were amazing. Also, I could have eaten about 10 of their caviar cannolis. For your main entrees, I suggest the spaghetti with decadent dashi butter and the Barolo glazed wagyu beef cheek. 

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Belle’s Beach House is a new Venice hotspot that has everything from Hawaiin fries to fruit cocktails in tiki mugs. Since it is under the same ownership as Elephante (which is a Santa Monica staple), guests of Belle’s can expect quality food and a transportive atmosphere. Even the bathroom is decked out in vintage Hawaiian magazine covers and brochures, proving that Belle’s goes above and beyond to set the scene for your beach-side meal. Their Heat Stroke cocktail is incredibly refreshing and flavorful, though their Maui Waui Slushie makes you feel like you are sitting on the sand in Hawaii, watching the sunset over the horizon. If you’re in the mood for sushi, I recommend ordering the platter so that you can get a little taste of everything. Also, save room for dessert because their manofee tart is one of the most unique yet amazing desserts on the westside!

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I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Ka’teen might be LA’s most stunning new restaurant. The tropical-inspired spot is located within the new Tommie Hotel in Hollywood, and it is a plant-filled oasis that seriously transports you to the tropics. To enter the restaurant, you walk through this wicker tunnel that is lined with candles, setting the scene for the rest of your dinner. It’s led by Chef Wes Avila, and everything from the cocktails to the food was completely on point. Since my favorite spirit is Mezcal, I was stoked to see that many of their cocktails are tequila or Mezcal-based. The food is inspired by the cuisine of Yucatan, and some of my favorite dishes were the potato taquitos and the cochinita pibil. 

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Cara Cara is hands down one of my favorite new rooftop spots. Situated on top of The Proper, this chic rooftop blends modern design with bohemian decor in the heart of DTLA. The epic, panoramic views are breathtaking, and Chef Suzanne Goin is seriously a genius. Their seasonal menu features vibrant flavors and local ingredients that are complemented by innovative cocktails. The mezcal-forward passion fruit caipirinha is perfect for sipping under the sun, and it pairs perfectly with the halibut crudo and shrimp tacos. Some other menu highlights include the Piri Piri fried chicken and the white trumpet mushroom focaccia. If you can, try to come for sunset so that you can watch the sky dance as the sun sinks behind the skyscrapers of downtown. 

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Expressing my sincerest apologies for how long this update has taken me to share. However, to be honest I’ve been too busy eating!!! If you haven’t noticed, the LA food scene is making up for quite a bit of lost time. So, things are booming. I have always tried to get to a new restaurant a week but folks, I’m trying to get to even 2-3 a week – and even that ain’t enough. But that does not take away from the fact that I have dined at several new hot spots. And, loved a number of them! Here are the places you need to put on your radar for dining out this summer:







I have to say… I think Bicyclette is my favorite restaurant opening (so far) of 2021, and it was also my most anticipated. Also, I waited quite literally a few years to see what would take over the old Sotto space. It’s one of my all-time favorites – you can now visit the team at Rossoblu in DTLA. And yes, who better to take it on than the incredible team behind beloved LA classic: Republique. Chefs Walter and Margarita Manzke have completely hit another home run with their Parisian-inspired menu and simply stunning space. Which, are actually two dining spaces: Bicyclette Bistro (open now, very cute and cozy) and Bicyclette Restaurant (opening in a few weeks).

There was not one single dish that didn’t deserve a slow clap, but if I had to pick absolute favorites it would be the carmelized onion tarte tartin, the baguette with normandy butter (butter I literally dream about), and the tuna “steak” tartare. And just WAIT till you see this cocktail menu and take a sip!!!

Can you tell how excited I am to go back?




If you’re a foodie and you’ve been to Chicago, chances are you’ve dined at or at least heard of Girl & the Goatit’s one of my absolute favorites. And fortunately for us Angelenos, Top Chef Stephanie Izard has taken her show west and planted new roots in the Arts District in DTLA! I had the pleasure of getting an *EPIC* sneak peek before the restaurant opened, I tried nearly the entire menu and was floored by the creativity, colors, and pairing of textures chef Steph has crafted within her dishes.

All I can say is that it’s just fun, so fun in fact that I’ve already been back again within a few weeks time of my previous visit, and cannot wait to try their brunch menu next. Bring a few people, order the whole menu (kind of not kidding), but don’t miss the salads. Something I don’t often recommend but trust me on this one, the produce they procure is unreal.

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I hate to admit that I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to uber-trendy new restaurants (the execution of the food doesn’t always match the execution of the space) but Soulmate took me by total surprise. The space a bit of a jaw-dropper with its sheer size and open-air patio seating. The cocktail program and the Spanish/Mediterranean menu were both absolute fire. I find that once I’ve done one meal at a new “hot spot” that I rarely feel the need to return, this is not the case with Soulmate.

I can’t wait to come back. I’ll probably find myself at the bar this time vs sitting down for dinner but I can’t stress enough how impressed I was with the entire evening. For all my fellow Schitt’s Creek fans, my favorite drink of the night was called “A Little Bit Alexis” (which is their spin on sangria), and of course, it totally slapped. (Did I just use “fire” and “slapped” in the same description?)

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If there’s a place on this list I’ve frequented the most… it’s Citizen Public Market in Culver City. Guys, this place is the shit. It’s basically a collective of small *but mighty* food stalls, all offering different cuisines and dishes under one roof. Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, oysters, tacos, pizza, burgers, beer, wine, cocktails, ice cream, cookies – literally whatever you want – you can find it at Citizen Public Market. One of the best almond milk lattes I’ve ever had can be found at Good Boy Bobs, one of the best burgers in LA can be found at Weho Sausage Co, Nancy Silverton has her incredible “Pizette” spot with amazing little pizzas (and more), and upstairs you’ll find a fantastic cocktail bar called Bar Bohemien. You can literally spend an entire day here, and so I did!!! Be sure to check it out below!

WATCH my IGTV Video of my personal food crawl through “Citizen Public Market” 




One of my personal favorite and globally renowned chefs is Chef Enrique Olvera and fortunately for us (mostly me), he has opened up a modern Mexican restaurant in DTLA – which was… everything I hoped it would be. My first experience with Chef Olvera’s cooking was back in Mexico City at his famed and Michelin starred restaurant Pujol. So when I caught word that he was opening up a new concept in LA I – like many others – was over the moon.

Damian has been open for a few months now, and I have to say that it was one of my favorite more fine dining experiences I’ve had all year. Would they consider themselves “fine dining”… I’m not sure, it’s a very “cool” and “casual-adjacent” space, but it’s definitely pricey (as I expected.) If you’re feelin’ yourself, order that muy expensive quesadilla and never look back – and don’t skip dessert.

Psst… don’t forget to check out their more casual taco spot in the back, Ditroit.

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I don’t know that I would typically put “Westwood” and ‘fine dining” in the same sentence but here we are and turns out it works! Fellow is a “modern American culinary experience” that is upscale, fun, and yet totally unpretentious. The menu, styling, plating (WOW), and quality of the dishes (even the cocktails and wine) are on par with white table cloth and tuxedo service. But the airy, playful, and relaxed atmosphere is that familiar laid-back California vibe we know and love. This is the one place on this list I would love to take my parents to or have a celebratory date night at. It has a particularly “special” vibe if you catch my drift.




Saucy Chick might not have a brick and mortar *yet* but I am hereby aiding in manifesting it into existence. If I have one singular absolute FAVORITE delivery option, it’s Saucey Chick. Founded by a husband and wife duo, these two have combined the flavors and cuisines from their respective cultures (Mexican and Indian) through rotisserie chicken and some fun paired side dishes. The chickens are Mary’s free-range, you can choose from Pibil (my personal favorite), Jeera, or classic rotisserie chicken – I highly recommend going with the “meal” that comes with two sides, house-pickled onions, and tortillas. Order every single sauce (trust me), and add on the nacho kit for leftovers. Right now you can order online for pickup or delivery, or you can visit them on Sundays at Smorgasburg. (Be sure to double-check on their Instagram page though where they’ll be delivering and popping up!)









The single hottest of the hottest rooftops in LA right now is by far and away Cha Cha Cha located DTLA in the Arts District. It’s a relatively “low” and unassuming rooftop from the street level, but it’s a much bigger patio than it leads on – which is good news because this is one of the hardest places to get into in LA right now. STILL! Friend to friend, Cha Cha Cha (which, began in Mexico City btw) is great, but I haven’t quite figured out what the craze is about… maybe it fills a void for a more “casual” rooftop vibe which DTLA is somewhat lacking, who knows, but people are absolutely obsessed! Cocktails are fire, and the tostada is whats up. That’s all I have.

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I hate to pick favorites of favorites but… The Roof at the new West Hollywood Edition hotel is my favorite hotel rooftop bar/restaurant in LA right now. It checks all of the boxes: easy to get a reservation (granted, remember I mostly drink and dine at off hours), plentiful seating (and GOOD seating), sweeping views, partially poolside, great cocktails, and bless – good food too! Get the crab nachos, you’re welcome. Hot tip: have drinks here before you have dinner downstairs at Ardor.

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HOLY GORGEOUS and hello to a new Wolfgang Puck signature restaurant in LA! Merois sits pretty atop of the new Pendry Hotel in West Hollywood and has got to be the single most stunning restaurant on this update. The entire hotel is eye candy but Merois is certainly the place to be with its stunning views, classic Asian/French WP menu, and ultra-chic Weho vibe. If you can’t make it into Merois, the Wolfgang Puck and Pendry team have a more casual restaurant downstairs called Ospero that is another great option if you’re more in the mood for pizza/pasta and a more relaxed setting. I find that both have their own great qualities but Merois is without a doubt the show stopper.

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I’ve said this many times on my Instagram lately but, I believe I may have discovered the gem of all hidden gems in LA with Tree of Wishes. Tree of Wishes is actually hidden in plain sight being that they’re located in the heart of the Melrose Ave district. But once you see the sidewalk sign and turn down the instructed walkway, you enter to find a whole courtyard patio with plentiful seating, string lights, and a whole warm cozy vibe. My eyes completely lit up. The menu focuses on Mediterranean staples (mezze, grilled dishes, etc) the wines are simple and cost no more than $11 a glass (I know, and $6 at happy hour), the happy hour is outstanding (it’s likely what I’ll come back for), and there is 100% an actual tree to hang a wish on. Of all the restaurants I’ve covered lately, this one feels the most “neighborhood” like, the most down-to-earth and friendly. Therefore, it’ll be the one I’ll probably be back to first!

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The Bacari team is back with their latest opening, this time in Silverlake and they’ve *THANKFULLY* taken over the stunning old Cliffs Edge space. I’ve been waiting so patiently to see what would develop there and so far, Bacari was the right choice for the location. If you’ve been in LA long enough there’s a chance you’ve already dined or at least drank at a Bacari, but this has to be their most special location with its terraced “treehouse-like” setup, young and fun vibe, and expansive space. The menu is HUGE, it’s fun, I’ve never ordered a bad dish but if I had suggestions it would be the fried chicken sliders, the chicken shwarma tacos, the “best cake you’ve ever had”, and the La Brea Rose to drink.

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Hailing from NYC, Stone Street Coffee has officially opened up their LA outpost on Melrose Ave that features an all-day menu, expansive indoor and outdoor seating, an unbelievable cocktail program, weekly entertainment programming, and oh of course – coffee. I went on a Sunday for brunch so I could *with zero regrets* try it all (including the cocktails) and was so impressed with every single aspect. Seating was casual and easy to come by, the food was fantastic (the overnight oats and the mushroom toast were A+), and the Espresso Martini… perfection. I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the upstairs speakeasy “Bathtub Gin” (another NY favorite), stay tuned for that!
















It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update you on what’s new and good around town. But have faith that despite that 2-month lockdown  I have still been doing my best to sample my way through town! There are a NUMBER of new spots that I am thrilled to share, some I’m even excited to revisit as a matter a fact so grab your forks and knives and let’s dive in:


pizza at BROOKLYN AVE PIZZA CO one of the best new restaurants in LA




My absolute favorite burger I’ve had to date was the infamous “Comme Ça” burger, which was created by beloved Michelin chef David Meyers at his then restaurant here in LA, Comme Ça. It was big, it was juicy, relatively simple and straightforward but just so well done. I was devastated when Comme Ça closed. But to my delight, as of 2020 David Meyers is BACK in LA with a new more casual burger concept called Adrift Burger Bar. And yes, that means Comme Ça burger is back as well. It has a new name (DM Burger, get 2 patties) but the same nostalgic deliciousness. You can pick up burgers to go at their storefront located right on Abbot Kinney. And make sure not to sleep on those fried mushrooms!




You know when you dine at a restaurant and just think, “my god, they are having some good old-fashioned fun.”? Take a look at Brooklyn Ave‘s menu and you’ll see what I mean. They’ve got Hot Cheeto wings, mole pizza, loaded fries, inventive cocktails, the works! It’s fun without sacrificing quality, I can testify. Head to their restaurant in Boyle Heights to pick up a fun weekend dinner (delivery also available). And be sure to get those hot Cheeto wings!




Mirame is a swanky new Mexican restaurant that opened in Beverly Hills in late 2020. And while I have yet to actually dine at their absolutely stunning establishment, I have had the honor of sampling items from their more casual concept called Mirameltaco which is available for pickup and delivery. I’m an appreciator of traditional Mexican cuisine. But there’s always a time and place for a more jazzed-up contemporary concept, and Mirame is definitely more of that. Of course, jazzy doesn’t always mean tasty. But in Mirame’s case, they’ve truly perfected their menu. Even the way in which items came delivered blew my mind (order the tostada, you’ll see). This is certainly going to be a bit more of a spendy option but worth it if that’s what you’re looking for.




LA loves their Konbini sandwiches and my girl Sydney (fellow LA foodie, great follow on IG @whatcouldbebutter) started her very own Konbini-inspired egg salad sandwich operation which has completely taken off in the past few months. These babies are tough to come by, but when they’re available – JUMP ON IT. They do deliveries in certain parts of town, they’ve done a few low-key partnerships (I was able to grab mine while grabbing cocktails from Genever) so make sure you follow them along on Instagram @egg.salad.sando for updates on how/when you can place an order! And to also drool over these delicious-looking sandos, of course.




Anyone else suddenly seeking out square pizza pies? It’s become a full-blown obsession to find the best in LA and looks like we mighta found it folks, Bootleg Pizza in Mid-City off of Pico is cranking out some EPIC “naturally leavened pan pizza”. Ok so Bootleg isn’t technically “new”, but we’re counting them in because the brick and mortar is new and they’re new to me, so there we have it. Follow them on Instagram at your own risk, this is the type of pizza you’ll want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Order online for pick up, they’re open from noon – 9 pm every day. (hot tip: they also sell by the slice at the shop!)







She chic, she trendy, she French – someone I want to be friends with. Gigi’s is a new “neighborhood bistro” serving Californian interpretation of French fare in the heart of Hollywood’s new and very cool Sycamore District.



Patiently waiting to actually be able to drink and dine at the stunning new natural wine bar in Weho, but in the meantime word has it they’ve got an epic burger, great wine, and a number of other delicious things that are great for take-out.



One of Mexico City’s most beloved spots is opening up shop atop a gorgeous rooftop in DTLA. Made my reservations for a few weeks out, if you’re curious to check it out get on it quick!



Anything with the word “dinette” I want a part of. Angry Egret is a “brand new concept serving genre-bending LA street food with selected local ingredients, prepared with love by Chef Wes Avila”. Do me a favor, just go stalk their sandwiches on social. You’ll see.



Beloved and world-renowned Chef Enrique Olvera (Pujol in CDMX most notably) opened up a new higher end modern Mexican cuisine concept in the Arts District. It’s tough to get reservations but I am going next week (week of March 15th) and cant wait to report back!



Detroit is Damian’s hidden backdoor taqueria that serves variations on Mexican street food while celebrating California produce. Love that they have this casual concept too!



Yes it’s a nod to Tommy Lasorda and yes I need to have it. There’s been quite a buzz about this pizza pop up and you can find them firing up pies every Friday night at Summer Social Club!


woman holding a drink and resting her elbows in a table with food in one of the best new restaurants in LA





I’m a bit late to updating the guide this time around, but as it turns out there’s not a ton of new restaurants are opening these days! Go figure. I say that and actually realize how truly impressed and inspired I am by the fact that there are restaurants still pushing through and starting anew. Maybe not close to the numbers we were seeing last year, but maybe that’s ok. Maybe it’s ok to appreciate the gems we’ve already got, and have the capacity to genuinely welcome the newcomers as they defy odds.


Over these past few months I have developed a whole new level of appreciation, love, and respect for our dining institutions and the folks who bust their asses to keep them (and thus us) going. I have grown accustomed and “comfortable” in a way going out for meals and drinks in LA. I’ve found myself falling into a “groove” of sorts, and noticing that pretty much everywhere you go have the same types of safety protocols. There’s comfort in knowing what to expect these days, and for the most part LA deserves a pat on the back for doing their part and taking this seriously.


I completely understand if dining out is still not within your comfort zone, but as always it is my mission to inspire you to try new things, order from local restaurants, and most importantly encourage you to treat yo self every now and then! You can order in from just about any restaurant in town, but either route you choose – Enjoy! Live! EAT!








The legendary Evan Funke does it again! Fingers Crossed is located in Hollywood off of the “Cahuenga Crawl” and boasts an absolutely stunning and spacious open-air dining room and patio that provides the ideal setting for an evening out in Tinsel Town. Fingers Crossed is Evan Funke’s “love letter to the Roman pizzeria”, and thus everything about the joint is simply “straight-up Roman.” From the romantic Roman-meets-Hollywood design and esthetic (that is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s) to the whole menu, you are guaranteed to feel transported. I love that they have a whole section of the cocktail menu dedicated to Negronis (my kinda people), and while the pizzas are no doubt the main attraction, if you’re in Evan Funke’s house you best have some pasta too.








Hello new favorite place to get pasta among other delicious things! Ospi is the sophomore restaurant of the team behind beloved Jame Enoteca and focuses on Southern Italian cooking. They managed to swoop up one of the most coveted corners in Venice Beach located just steps from the beach and boardwalk. The inside of the restaurant is beautifully light and airy, but for the time being all dining is done outside along the sidewalk (which has foot traffic from the beach, just a heads up!).


Opsi offers one of those menus that’s almost overwhelming because everything sounds and looks so good – and that is not an understatement. I had to refrain from ordering nearly the entire menu, but the standout dishes we had were definitely the crispy provolone, the fett’unta with chilled lobster (and stracciatella, calabrian chili, lemon zest, radish), the Raschiatelli pasta (spicy pork sparerib ragu, pecorino fonduta, breadcrumbs), the Nudja pizza, and the butter chicken. That pasta was one of the best I’ve had in my life, but the meal as a whole was A++++. Ospi is now offering lunch options as well via their “Alimentari” where you can get sandwiches and pasta to go; can’t wait to check that out soon too!








This is seriously long overdue as Caravan Swim Club opened a few months back, but hey – it’s still in my top 3 favorite openings of 2020! Caravan Swim Club is located within the basically brand new Hotel June located on the Westside near LAX. And just to reiterate my enthusiasm from my evening spent there back in July, “From the INSANE poolside Tulum inspired decor, the coastal CA/LA inspired menu (they source so much locally it’s the freakin coolest thing), the actual food itself (absolutely ridiculous), the mezcal cocktails and natural wines, to the very special and very safe experience… 10 outta 10 night in my book.”

Caravan Swim Club is a great place to go to feel like your on vacation for a minute; to just sit back, enjoy a cocktail, and stick around for an amazing meal – breakfast, lunch, happy hour, weekend brunch, or of course dinner! The ‘Club is your oyster!






Of all of the new restaurants I’ve been to lately, Nueva takes the cake in terms of “best dining patios”. Fortunately, the food and cocktails are equally up to snuff, but if you’re really just wanting a pretty backdrop (in Venice no less), an open air patio with plenty of spaced out seating, and a beautiful colorful vibe, definitely put Nueva at the top of the list. As you may have guessed by the name, Nueva is a “fun and relaxed Cantina” with a modern approach to classic dishes from Mexico, from Chefs Vartan Abgaryan (previously Yours Truly Venice, also currently Post Script) and Mesraim Llanez. I have now come back for brunch here 3 times.

I absolutely love the carne asada quesadilla, the chopped salad, and the ceviche – not to mention the subtle Middle Eastern flavors woven into every dish. But what really keeps me coming back are the Frozen Margaritas – they are SO good, but trust me when I say don’t have more than two (god bless they’re actually boozy).








Located in the heart of the W. 3rd Street district, Theía is an upbeat, lounge-y, and Contemporary Greek inspired restaurant that is proving to liven the block up a little one nightly “party” at a time. They focus on dinner and weekend brunch, but what you really come here for, besides the truly wonderful cocktails and chef driven menu, is the atmosphere. Theía is here to get you to “party in your seat” if you will, with live DJs, sparklers, “bottle service”, and the closest thing you can get to a night out on the town these days. Since you do have to eat and drink and all, the stand out dishes we had were the Theía (lamb) burger, the Greek Salad, truffle potato croquette, and pretty much all the Greek classics. Worth mentioning that their Happy Hour (M-F 5-7) looks pretty damn epic, might need to revisit soon myself!






Looking Forward To Trying Next:


Gigi’s Hollywood (BRAND new, looks gorgeous, wish i could dine in at this one)

The Barish (Nancy Silverton’s new spot at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel)

Mora (PASTA! Rooftop! And BYOB)

Mirame (fancy Mexican spot in Beverly Hills, my inner bougie B just wants to see)

Johnny’s West Adams (pastrami sandwiches with looks that kill)




Old Faithfuls I’ve Recently Revisited and LOVED:


Manuela (they’ve recently expanded their already beautiful patio)

Le Jardin at The Culver Hotel (Jazz brunch yes please)

Coin & Candor (Four Seasons Westlake, housemade bread, and arguably the “safest” restaurant I’ve been to)

Pilot DTLA (rooftop, seafood, all day happiness)

The Win~Dow by American Beauty (new Venice Beach Boardwalk location!!!)

Pizzeria Da Michele (still one of my all time favorites, period.)

Elephante (they do brunch 7 days a week now! and it’s epic!)

Gladstone’s (a classic! for when you need a “beach day” not at the beach)

The Spare Room (ok so it’s mostly for cocktails, but the point is THEY’RE BACK! And poolside!)

SWINGERS DINER! (she’s back in business baby!! Gave us a proper scare there, but they’re back, and I couldn’t be happier)








I’d hoped by now my update would be something along the lines of “we’re free! We can go out like we used to!” But of course, the reality is we are still in the middle of some very strange times. The option to dine-in has become more available to us in recent weeks (with restrictions of course, which you are aware of). And it never ceases to impress me how the restaurant community of LA is constantly working on ways to evolve, flowing with the day to day changes. And taking on the challenges thrown their way (to the best of their abilities).


As you can probably imagine, being in the restaurant business right now is tough.

Being open, almost forcibly, during such high stress and worrisome times cannot be easy. I have an immense amount of empathy and respect for these people and these businesses. And while it’s great that we now have the privilege to dine-in at most of these places, may I caution you on one thing. If you do decide to venture out and visit these places IRL, show some extra everything: extra love, extra care, extra support, extra courteousness, extra respect, extra tip, etc. (And please, wear your mask and respect their rules.) Now, since you’re a good friend of mine I know I don’t need to tell YOU. But hey, it’s always worth a friendly reminder.


Many of these restaurants have expanded outdoor seating options which, again, is great. And it’s an aspect that certainly makes me feel a bit more comfortable. But I want you to know that if you do not feel comfortable dining out yet, that’s your business and COMPLETELY ok. All of these restaurants have some form of pickup and delivery options as well. So keep that all in mind.


Ok. Longwinded way to get to the real goods here, but alas… may I now present you with a few of my new favorite restaurants! NOW LET’S DOLE OUT THAT EXTRA-EVERYTHING!




food ordered moto ramen LA in one of the best restaurants in LA






“Flavors & traditions From Okinawa drive our menu, and our style & service is all LA.” Moto Ramen in Culver City is just plain fun, it’s cool, and good lord do they make some INCREDIBLE ramen (among other also incredible dishes). I was sold at simply “ramen”, but that one cup sake, their iced matcha latte (arguably one of the best I’ve ever had), the gyoza, the chicken karaage, and the pork buns were all worth ordering alone. BUT, of course, where Moto Ramen truly shines is with their Okinawa style ramen. I ordered the classic Tonkatsu, the ramen I am personally most familiar with, but decided to also venture out by trying the Tan Tan Men – ramen I’d sadly never had before. Both were as previously mentioned, INCREDIBLE, but guys that Tan Tan Men… I have been changed for the better. And Moto might officially be “my” ramen spot.






“Classic, unconventional, and unpretentious smashburgers, fried chicken sandwiches, breakfast comfort foods, hand pies, and milkshakes morning to night.” Sooo all the basic necessities pretty much and man do they do them all so. well. Despite their attempts to be coy, Uncool is actually in fact very cool – sans ‘tude. They opened up shop on Larchmont Ave in Larchmont just last week (late June) and already seem to be totally in the groove of things. Heck, they’d only been open a few days, word spread quickly and people were already lining up just for their vegan milkshakes! (Which are, turns out, worth lining up for.)

Smashburgers are becoming quite the burger trend. What I love about Uncool is that not only do they offer plenty more than just burgers, but they’re burgers are what I call “burgers fit for a condiment queen”, such like myself. They’ve got a lot going on. They’re messy, they’re delicious, and honestly, just a joy to eat. My ideal order for you would be the Classic Burger, the #4 Fried Chicken Sandwich. Onion rings, fries, and a milkshake (I’d go for the matcha rose or the cookies and cream). Plus – $1 from every Feel Good Combo goes towards the Stomp Out Bullying campaign. Uncool is open for dine-in, takeout, and of course delivery!






Lady Byrd has got to be the CUTEST little cafe to open in Echo Park. And they did it right in the middle of a damn pandemic. But fear not because nothing seems to be slowing them down. Not only are they cranking out incredible breakfast/brunch/lunch dishes and beverages, but they’ve turned their patio into the most adorable and ideal social distancing situation I’ve ever seen. They’ve set up what I can only describe as “mini-greenhouses” on their patio for crying out loud. So yes, Lady Byrd is great for venturing out – especially if you’re a bit nervous. But really, what you need Lady Byrd in your life for is that outstanding breakfast/brunch.

I absolutely loved the Soyrizo breakfast burrito (honestly one of the best I’ve had). I loved their juices/smoothies (I ordered the Mountain Gem which is a turmeric plantain smoothie). And they have fantastic coffee. Their menu has expanded a bit since I ordered from them and I can’t wait to try some of their sandwiches.






SOL – “Strings Of Life” – is a bright, happy, and sunny little Aussie cafe that just opened (late June) on Melrose Ave near La Cienega and specializes in casual coffee, breakfast, and lunch. It’s tucked away in a more private area on Melrose and they have some great outdoor seating options – it’s a very ideal spot to snap some photos for the ol’ Instagram if you’re into that sort of thing. But of course, most importantly, the lunch we ordered was excellent! I love that Aussie cafes like this one really strive for fresh, colorful, simple dishes and in hindsight, I wish I’d ordered a salad (they looked amazing) but instead, in my natural hangry state, we ordered the heaviest dishes on the menu: the burger and the sweet and sour chicken sandwich.

Both of which were fortunately really very good, as were the shoestring fries (excellent touch with the grated cheese on top). They seem to take quite a bit of pride in their coffee program so I am excited to have an excuse to come back because their breakfast menu looks pretty awesome as well – need to come back for that Green Dream Toast and the Fairy Bread!





One of the most exciting openings (just in time for summer!)  is Happy Ice. A local Black-owned business who have officially opened their first brick and mortar outside of their wildly popular mobile truck. If you’re not familiar with Happy Ice – “Happy Ice is an ultra-premium Water Ice product, made from a secret recipe from Philadelphia with an artistic LA twist. It has the smooth, rich, creamy texture of an ice cream and the light, fruity refreshment of a sorbet, without egg or dairy products of any kind.”

I’d been DYING to try Water Ice since I don’t think I’d never had it before (I gather it’s not as big on the West Coast as it is on the East Coast) and it was as “happy” of an all-around experience as you’d hope it would be. Everything from the bright and colorful shop itself, the adorable and fun staff, to the delicious treats themselves – EVERYTHING – put a smile on my face. I got the Bomb Pop (I believe) which is cherry, lemon, and blueberry – and cannot wait to come back and try more flavors!






Socalo in Santa Monica was actually one of the last restaurants I visited before the shutdown. But I wanted to make sure they’d opened back up before sharing my wonderful experience! So Socalo is now BACK and open for takeout, delivery, and dining in, with expanded outdoor seating options as well. This place had been high on my hit list at the beginning of the year (I love every single venture award-winning chef/owners Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken embark on), and it fulfilled every expectation I had and then some. Socalo serves conscientiously-sourced, seasonal SoCal Mexican fare and without a doubt, the “must order” dishes are the Vampiro Steak & Shrimp tacos (my favorite dish, that griddled cheese on the tortilla!), the ceviche, and the breakfast burrito if you’re ordering on a Saturday.






*if there were ever a time to actively try to support new and local restaurants in Los Angeles – now would definitely be it. Our restaurant community is hurting, but dammit if they aren’t rallying and putting their best efforts forward through an undoubtedly awful situation. Between new or special menu offerings, cocktails to-go, charity/community work, and some even doubling as grocery stores and bodegas – I am completely amazed and inspired by this community’s ability to rise up. (ICYMI: “LA Restaurants With New Or Special Delivery Options“)


I am still on a mission to eat everything delicious (and “new”)  in LA, regardless of the circumstances. If they’re willing to serve, I am willing to support (and enjoy every damn second of it!). So on that note, please allow me to share with you my favorite new restaurants in LA : Quarantimes Edition.



sandwich and fries in one of the best new restaurants in LA






Of all the meals we’ve had in the past few weeks, I’d say this was my favorite! Could have been influenced by the easy drive down PCH or the “calm through chaos” demeanor Broad St exudes. But if I had to guess it was probably the unbelievable lobster roll and burger that nearly brought tears to my eyes. (If the simple fact that they can perfect a lobster roll AND a burger isn’t the sole selling point, then I don’t know what is.) The menu, the team, the experience – all incredibly outstanding for all things considered.

For the time being, ordering is done via phone and when you’re ready for pick-up you simply drive through their “drive-thru”, and they’ll hand it to you from their window. And then, of course, you promptly enjoy your meal from the parking lot. But hey, at least you’re in Malibu – it’s quiet, and the scenery ain’t too shabby.  Order for delivery via Grubhub, or call ahead at 424-644-0131 for pickup. The drive-thru is open daily from 11:30 am – 8 pm!






The incredibly talented and wonderful team behind the brand new Interstellar coffee shop/restaurant in Santa Monica successfully managed the near-impossible – they opened during a pandemic. Interstellar is a Korean American concept that offers casual coffee/breakfast/brunch/lunch items. I’ve been ordering from my local favorites as much as I can during this time but finding a fun brunch option has been somewhat limited. And now that I’ve had brunch from Interstellar – panko chicken n’ waffles and a breakfast grilled cheese to be exact – I honestly won’t be having brunch from anywhere but Interstellar for the foreseeable future. That was one of my top 3 favorite meals I’ve had in the past 2 months and you can quote me! Pro tip: order their signature Orange & Maple iced espresso drink.






I’ve always wanted to have a night where all I ate was gyoza. And with the opening of the Go-Go-Gyoza pop-up, my dumpling fantasy was able to come to fruition. Go-Go-Gyoza is a concept lead by Brandon Kida – the talented chef behind one of my all-time favorites, Hinoki & the Bird – and offers fresh handmade gyoza at an affordable price – $8.50 for a box of 12 dumplings to be exact. The dumplings come frozen so you can cook at your leisure, and options include pork, chicken, veggie (and maybe beef – they had it the night I picked up!).

I ordered a box of each kind and loved them all equally – especially thanks in part to the delicious dipping sauces they each came with. You can pan-fry, steam, or boil your dumplings. Either way, these will be the freshest gyoza you ever did done had. You can pick up at Hinoki or opt for delivery ($10). Be sure to put yourself on their waitlist ASAP! These dumplings are in high demand!






I had the privilege of dining at Burgers99 just before shit went down. It was actually the last restaurant I was able to physically dine in. The thing was they had just opened the week before, they’d been receiving all of the well-deserved buzz. And I was absolutely heartbroken over the thought that such an incredible BRAND NEW spot would have to close their doors just weeks after opening. BUT – they figured it out and they’re back slinging absolutely delicious smash burgers every day 12 – 8 pm. Pickup directly or order for delivery through Caviar or Doordash and show ’em some love. Burgers are the quarantimes food of choice after all, amiright.






Olivetta is the one place on this list I can’t wait to revisit in person because if there were an experience I miss, it’s dining at a place like this. I miss getting dolled up, I miss people watching bellied up at a beautiful bar, I miss being fully emersed in a true dining experience. But at least, for the time being, I am THRILLED we still have access to some of my favorite dishes, made by one of my favorite chefs in LA – Chef Michael Fiorelli. Olivetta’s pasta dishes are some of the best in town. And right now they’re offering all of my menu favorites (the roasted chicken and the casarecce/radiatore pasta dishes are unreal) as well as market essentials, bottles of wine (30% off), and even cocktails to go! (hell, yes.) Call for pickup and delivery 310-307-3932, open Wednesday – Sunday.






I had never actually heard of Tripp Burgers before the shit hit the fan. And they have got to be one of my absolute favorite discoveries through this whole mess. Tripp Burgers specialize in “smash burgers”, they’re a small pop-up operation, they work on weekends. And through this mess, they’re still managing to garner quite the buzz. Check on their Instagram for where they’re popping up and when, and make sure you reserve your burgers in a timely manner (the double cheeseburgers go quick but you can usually find a time slot where they still have them available, don’t give up!). I love that this is such a small and mighty operation, the hype is real and well deserved.






Ok, Dear John’s has been around for ages. But the revamp/popup has only been a thing for about a year or less. I had the pleasure of dining at Dear John’s about 2-3 weeks before the shutdown. I could not believe how AMAZING the evening turned out to be. Before visiting I was actually skeptical of whether or not it would be worth the trouble of just trying to get in the front door period. But holy hell did they prove me wrong. What a meal, and what an experience. While we patiently wait to be able to enjoy that moody ambiance again, in the meantime Dear John’s has partnered with Rockenwagner bakery to offer “TV dinners”.

The level of genius happening here is insane. They’ve got Steak au Poivre, Vegetable Lasagne, Meatloaf, Chicken Parmesan (A MUST), sides, and wines! Follow Dear John’s and/or Rockenwagner on Instagram for updates because these seem to sell out quickly – and rightly so!






American Beauty and their smaller window service operation aptly named The Window have been open for about 6 months now, give or take, and while American Beauty has been extremely well received all in their own right, it’s their burger operation that has people freaking out. The double cheeseburger I had at the Win-Dow was the best burger I’ve had in LA in some time. I love just about every burger I meet, but this one… this one was something special, and I’m not sure I could even tell you why – you’ll just have to see for yourself.

The Win-Dow is open every day 11 am – 9 pm for pickup (you can select a time slot for a future time/date, which I found helpful) as well as delivery via Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, and UberEats. (I highly recommend picking it up and eating it as soon as you can though so the bun doesn’t get soggy, just a hot tip.)






If your body is finally telling you it’s time to eat something healthy, Skinnyfish should be your next order. This delivery-only company was forced to continue with their launch during these strange circumstances. But the point is they did it and they are kicking quarantimes ass! Skinnyfish is offering a fresh and healthy “cauliflower sushi bowls and rolls concept”. Helmed by renowned chef Ei, formerly of beloved Sasabune Beverly Hills. I am not typically a cauliflower fan, but this took me completely by surprise. It was a wonderful change of pace from burgers let’s just say. And I am so glad something so healthy tasted so damn good! Skinnyfish is now available for delivery via Postmates, UberEats, and Doordash.






N/NAKA – for their buzzed-about Bento Box (Michelin rated)

VESPERTINE – for their buzzed-about special weekend dinners that start at $59 per person (Michelin rated)

BESTIA & BAVEL – for their special weekend family-style dinners ($49 per person and the menu changes weekly)

ASANEBO – for their buzzed-about $40 sushi bento boxes (Michelin rated)

SECRET LASAGNA – for the name alone? they opened to help folks out during the pandemic but they offer market goods, prepared foods, and of course lasagna

SUNDAY GRAVY  – for their pasta! They have some of the best pasta in LA according to Eater LA. They’ve been open for a few months, and I still want to sample!






a burger with a knife stuck on it

[All Day Baby]





Fact: dinner at Pasjoli was one of the best meals I’ve had. Periodt. When someone asks me what my favorite new restaurant is, without hesitation I say Pasjoli – let me explain. Have you ever experienced a meal so good you become someone you don’t really know? Someone who suddenly has no idea what calories or money are because who cares, they’re busy experiencing euphoria. I left Pasjoli a new person. It isn’t exactly casual or affordable by most standards. But after every bite, I thought to myself ” yeah, but I get it”. Pasjoli is a French-inspired menu with traditional flavors with interesting takes. And every single aspect to every single dish is thought out, and quite literally in my opinion, perfect.

Dishes I died over include the caramelized onion tart, the chicken liver brioche, and the steak (which was a special). But I have it in good faith to know that no matter what you order, your soul will be set free. Reservations here can be tricky but if you go when they open and sit at the bar – as I did – you should be able to snag a spot.





The latest concept to open by the talented crew behind LA fav Here’s Looking At You is a darling Silver Lake diner adorably named All Day Baby. All Day Baby is a modern diner concept with casual seating, a delicious “All Day” menu, incredible baked goods, and a bar made for crafting incredible cocktails. Currently slinging breakfast and lunch Monday – Thursday until 3 pm, ADB is now open until 11 pm Friday and Saturday so you can eat their now practically famous breakfast sandwiches, well… all day… baby. I went twice in one week because there was so much on the menu that was mandatory I sample. Favorites include the biscuit breakfast sandwich with jam and sausage (Lord have mercy), the beef and cheese sandwich (again, lord have mercy), all of their dips, and the banana bread (silent killer, one of the best things you’ll ever eat).





I had no idea quite what would be in store for me at a restaurant that specializes in Nikkei (Peruvian-Japanese cuisine). But I to say it was an unforgettable treat would be an understatement. It’s increasingly more difficult these days for me to go out for a meal and think to myself, “I’ve never had anything like this”, but Yapa in DTLA was one of those experiences that was so interesting and so wonderful to the point that I very much so intend on going back for another round with enthusiasm.

There will be familiar flavors and dishes no doubt, but prepare for some fun and interesting preparations as well. “Yapa” translates to “a little something extra” and that’s definitely an aspect they incorporate into the experience with little samples here and there, but “not to miss dishes” include the Korokke, any of their ceviche options (might be on special), the Causa, and the pork belly.





Echo Park is quickly becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods for drinking and dining, and adorable newcomer Adamae is right there at the top of my list. They’re M.O. is described as a “California dinner party served daily” and with their bohemian vibe and eclectic menu, it makes perfect sense – and it’s all done very well. I had the pleasure of joining them for a weekend brunch and found every single dish to be a surprise and a delight. Every dish felt like there was a lot going on and somehow it all worked in perfect harmony.

I just remember being completely impressed by the balance in interesting and unusual flavors, as well as feeling like I wanted to take photos of every single inch of this place. I can’t yet speak on dinner (all though I have heard amazing things) but, brunch dishes I loved included the Medjool Date French Toast, the House Hash (with mushrooms), and the Za’atartine.





As advertised Bar Restaurant in Silver Lake on Sunset Blvd is both an incredible French-inspired bar, and restaurant. The bar is a bit more casual space but offers the same menu as the more sit-down restaurant side, so depending on your plan for the night you have the option of either! Bar Restaurant’s menu was a bit intimidating, funky, and fancy-French yet a bit haphazard sounding, but once again I was pleasantly surprised by how much it all made perfect sense and tantalized my taste buds (I couldn’t type that without laughing).

Bar Restaurant feels like LA’s own unique take on a French-style bistro, it feels like something fun and refreshingly “new”, and as “unfamiliar” as the menu might seem I guarantee you will be surprised by each dishes underlying familiarity. Dishes to order include the chicken liver mousse, moules frites, the radishes with cheese (what a dish), and the mushroom soup (like a french onion).






It’s been open for a while now and may not constitute as totally new but I have to say that Yours Truly is in my top 5 favorite brunch spots at the moment! With their crucial Abbot Kinney location, their gorgeous wine list (and wine cocktails!), their beautiful menu and that cinnamon roll (!!!!) I cannot recommend this spot any more.



Downtown Culver City is booming right now and Piccalilli is one of the hottest new openings! They have a prime location on Culver Blvd, fun and vibrant decor, Cali Asian dishes, and an overall great vibe.





MARCO POLO – Silver Lake / Italian

BROAD ST OYSTER – Malibu / Seafood

BURGERS 99 – La Brea / Well, I guess it’s burgers

SOCALO – Santa Monica / Mexican

OLIVETTA – Melrose / Italian, Greek, Spanish






food from sibling rival one of the best new restaurants in LA

[Sibling Rival]





LA finally has a beautiful Hoxton Hotel to call our very own, and within this recently opened stunning space there are two new and noteworthy restaurants: Pilot (which we’ll discuss later) and Sibling Rival. Aptly named Sibling Rival is the sister restaurant to its beloved Brooklyn counterpart, Sunday in Brooklyn. Sibling Rival offers a similar casual-cool menu and boasts plenty of natural light, a long cocktail bar, warm “Art Deco” tones and textures, and comfortable “all day” style seating. If there were an optimal time to visit Sibling Rival it’d be for breakfast/brunch/lunch.

If you get the famous (seriously famous) pancakes and their famous (also seriously famous) burger – at the same time – I won’t judge. I mean, I did it? Sibling Rival is easily in my top 5 favorite restaurants to open this year. From top to bottom it’s just a great “no brainer” and easy to please kind of place.





Onda was arguably might most highly anticipated restaurant opening of 2019. I fell in love with its home –  the Santa Monica Proper Hotel – the minute I stepped foot inside, and once I’d heard that the chef from my favorite restaurant in Mexico City, Gabriela Cámara of Contramar, and LA’s very own Jessica Koslow of Sqirl were joining forces for a new concept, I could hardly wait to see what they’d come up with. Onda officially opened in October and has been buzzed about by foodies ever since. I personally paid a visit a few weeks ago, and while I have nothing but good things to say, I think I set my expectations a little too high on this one.

The menu was a bit more “adventurous” than I’d expected, but it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things – which, of course, I loved in the end. I will say, this is definitely an experience geared more towards true foodies as many of the flavors will be unlike anything you’ve probably had before. If you’re up for the adventure though, take it! Make sure to order the inside out quesadilla and definitely do not sleep on the cocktail program! It’s fantastic!





The Cliffdiver might be one of the lesser buzzed-about “best new restaurants” of 2019 but I believe it’s incredibly deserving to be on my list! Located in a prime spot off PCH in Malibu, Cliffdiver is every Angeleno’s and visitors alike “California Dream”. The interior is vibrant with its wonderfully happy color palette, fun wallpaper, beachy and bohemian accents, and sun-drenched seating. Besides Cliffdiver’s undeniable beauty, they offer a great menu geared towards simple Mexican favorites including tacos, ceviche, quesadillas – you name it, they got it. And it was way better food than I’d anticipated for a more casual type spot.

The cocktails are not to go unappreciated either – they’d be worth dropping in for alone. Of all the spots on this list, I’d say Cliffdiver is the easiest to please – it’s casual but still a show stopper. Wear a cute outfit because you’re going to want photos! (It kind of reminds me a bit of Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco, if you’re familiar.)





Rooftop with sweeping DTLA view – check, fresh seafood / Mediterranean inspired menu – check, epic cocktails – check. The Hoxton Hotel once again nails it, but this time with Pilot! I can’t believe both of their signature restaurants ended up on my favorites list. But alas, here we are, and they’re both deserving in their own right. Pilot is open from 11am to 11pm and is a great place to have a rooftop cocktail at happy hour. Or a gorgeous seafood dinner of the patio or inside in their dining room. Pilot is still a bit under the radar (it just opened) so now is the time to enjoy that gorgeous rooftop in a bit of peace before summer rolls around. Everyone catches on to this place’s beauty and perfection!

Menu wise, everything is delicious, but I loved the tableside preparation of certain dishes like their “whole fish” selections that are great for sharing. Plus if you want the best *and prettiest* seafood tower in town, you now know where to find it!





Bianca Bakery took over the old Cannibal space at Platform in Culver City and is the absolute perfect concept for its location. I will always welcome a beautiful bakery to my neighborhood with open arms, but Bianca is truly exceptional. It feels family oriented, warm and welcoming, casual and quaint. And most importantly their French-inspired menu and baked goods – including fresh bread – are out of this world. It’s a wonderful neighborhood addition and a breakfast/lunch not to be missed. Order the ricotta pancakes, smoked salmon toast, the croque madame. And of course some of their bread with jam *or any one of their pastries*, and you’ve got it made. Lunch I can’t speak on yet but I have heard amazing things!






V DTLA – absolutely STUNNING space, hands down a must see but I’d recommend heading in for just cocktails and a snack.

ANGLER – this place is at the top of a lot of “best restaurants of 2019” lists, I went, I loved it, but I could barley afford it. My only complaint is that I wish I had more money.

FIVE LEAVES – opened in April but didn’t make it there until recently, but I have to say this East LA beauty is fantastic. Gorgeous space, incredible food, a total must.





TACOS 1986 – DTLA / tacos

AMERICAN BEAUTY – Venice / steakhouse

PASJOLI – Santa Monica / French

FUKU – Santa Monica / fried chicken sandwiches

COLAPASTA – Santa Monica / fresh pasta dishes

M. GEORGINA – DTLA  / Michelin-Star chef / California cuisine

YOURS TRULY – Venice / modern American bistro

ALL DAY BABY – Silverlake / modern diner

YAPA – Little Tokyo / Peruvian-Japanese

Bar Restaurant – Silverlake / contemporary bistro




(scroll through post for descriptions)













outdoor dining at Fia






I said it in my recent Instagram post and I’ll say it again, Fia is probably my favorite restaurant opening of the year – it’s right up there with Birdie G’s, Da Michele, and Alta Adams. Fia just kinda hits all the necessary points and then somehow still manages to exceed already high expectations. Fia has only been open a few short weeks and already they seem to have it all nailed down. From arguably LA’s most beautiful open-air dining patio (YES.), the overall design, a superstar chef (one of my personal favs, Brendan Collins), an extensive menu, celebrity clientele (had an epic sighting myself), to – most importantly – an unbelievable food and beverage program… job well done team!!!

Fia can perfectly be described as simply beautiful in all senses and is a great place to go with a date, the girls, the parents, and judging by how large the space is you could probably throw a pretty big dinner party here as well. Whatever your excuse is, just make sure you find one, because Fia is not to be missed. TRUST!





Bar Amá has been a DTLA institution for the past 7 years, and for very selfish reasons I could not be happier to see the team behind some of my favorite tacos in LA are expanding the brand westward. Chef Jose Centeno is beloved by just about every taco, tequila, and nacho loving LA resident, and it’s pretty clear that Chef Centeno and his team are having a bit of fun with Bar Amá’s new little sister, Amácita. You can expect a full Tex Mex inspired menu, casual seating, fantastic cocktails (hello Frosé), and an epic Happy Hour they’ve dubbed “Nacho Hour”. I highly recommend said nachos – add the picadillo – and watch out for those $6 frosés! They go down reaaallll easy. Also worth noting that this place gets packed, and it gets packed quickly so plan ahead or go early! (Like, really early!)





If you’re a part of the Elephante fan club (I know I am), then let’s just say there’s a real good chance you’re going to be a fan of Wish You Were Here Group’s latest venture, Kassi Club. Despite my lame knee-jerk reaction to roll my eyes a bit over anything that feels uber-trendy in LA, Kassi Club, much like Elephante, is trendy no doubt but puts their money where their mouth is. It’s “vibey” as hell but they nail the decor and ambiance, the menu is Mediterranean inspired, and in true Wish You Were Here Group fashion, the cocktail program is out of control. I have been three times in one month – if that’s not saying something I don’t know what is.

Stand out dishes are definitely the spanakopita, zucchini fries, grilled halloumi, and the crab fettuccine. I’ve only had one cocktail but it’s the only cocktail I think I’ll ever need in life, that one being the “Always Summer” that comes with mezcal, nonino, lemon, white peach, and tarragon. And now this is all I can think about, see you at Kassi Club!





I am not one to seek out a plant-based meal on any given day, but if I happen to find myself at a specifically plant-based eatery, I’m not exactly mad about it either! Nic’s on Beverly is the most recent restaurant iteration to open in their ideal Beverly Blvd space (previously The Ponte, and Terrine before that), and having visited them all at one point I have to say Nic’s is by far my favorite. Nic Adler is the man behind the concept, and being that he is a leader in the plant-based food community here in LA and beyond (he runs the F&B programming for Coachella and other epic festivals as well as local hot spot Monty’s Good Burger) it’s great to see this place already experiencing so much success.

Not to mention, he partnered with another one of my absolute favorite chefs in LA, Chef Steven Fretz (Church Key golden days), to work as culinary director alongside Chef Ryan Ososky. The bar program is, of course, no joke either; it’s helmed by Jason Eisner, a man very familiar with cocktail programs at vegan eateries (he worked on Gracias Madre’s menu for example) and from brunch to dinner it’s an all-around fun and playful menu. I could not recommend the Falafel Burger and the Chinois Salad any more – I was expecting good, not great, and what I got was better than great. Whether your plant-based or not, Nic’s will most certainly surprise and delight you, and at the very least they have a very beautiful patio and an absurdly stunning bar – very IG worthy as you can see.





Ok, full disclosure: Formosa Cafe is actually one of LA’s OLDEST restaurants, having originally opened back in 1939! The amount of old Hollywood legends that have frequented this establishment would blow your mind. Wlking inside this absolutely stunning work of art is like stepping back in time. Let me tell you, Formosa just feels “old Hollywood”. It’s unreal. BUT, a little back story because it’s important to note – as the story goes, a few years ago Formosa was in danger of being forced to close their doors for good.

Petitions went out, the community frantically came together to try to come up with a plan to save this legendary piece of LA’s history, and fortunately – for all of us – 1933 Group stepped up to the plate, bought the property, restored it to its original glistening glory, and officially brought new life back into this historic dining establishment. (I’m getting teary just talking about it!! Read the full history behind Formosa and its revamp HERE.)

So not only is it just an amazing place to experience as a whole but the new food and beverage programs are simply outstanding. The food (which is Chinese-American inspired) is overseen by David Kuo of Little Fatty. And building memorable cocktail programs is 1933 Group’s bread and butter (Oldfields, Bigfoot Lodge, Highland Park Bowl, Sassafrass, etc.). I walked into Formosa Cafe and felt like a little kid. I had no idea just how incredible and stunning this place was. What an amazing job this team did bringing it back to life. This place makes me proud to be an Angeleno. And if you ever need a friendly reminder of what makes LA so special, Formosa should do the trick.



Looking forward to also trying…







person getting a slice of pizza from pizza Da Michele LA

[Da Michele]





Raise your hand if you’re a Chef Jeremy Fox superfan too!!! (Rustic Canyon, Tallula’s, and member of the Rustic Canyon Family) I feel like Birdie G’s was the most excited I’ve been over a restaurant opening all year thus far. I have never met a Jeremy Fox dish I didn’t like, and Birdie G’s in particular just seemed like it was going to be downright fun. Birdie G’s, located in the historic Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, explains themselves as, “the kind of place where you eat too much, drink too much and leave with a really big smile on your face.

The menu is delightfully large and comforting, which means there’s truly something for everyone!” And frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Order as many Texas Toasts as you can manage (but definitely don’t skip the “Sloppy Jeremy”), and definitely consider the Gnocchi Sardi with Pesto Di Noce and one of the Steak Frites. (Out.freaking.standing.) I’m already plotting my next dinner here because I have a whole lotta that menu left to cover!





Just a thought… but with its particularly high concentration of cute French-inspired cafes, Los Feliz is starting to feel a bit like it’s becoming a “Little Paris”! Which, let’s be honest, who would be mad about that. The latest restaurant to open in the neighborhood might officially be the most adorable of them all. Loupiotte Kitchen, with its mismatched dishware, cozy seats, and warm pastry scent is the type of local spot where you could easily find yourself accidentally staying hours in just reading the paper or conversing with friends over coffee and pastries. Which is exactly what I did. I love that it was open for breakfast mid-week and should you find yourself visiting around breakfast time. The menu is relatively simple and straightforward. In other words, between the plentiful pastries, fresh bread, eggs, butter, and cheese, you can’t go wrong.





As advertised, the Firehouse Hotel – located in the Arts District Downtown – is an old fire station turned hotel/restaurant concept. As you might imagine in that case, the space is absolutely stunning with its exposed brick, high ceilings, big patio, and “historic meets urban” decor. The restaurant and bar at the Firehouse Hotel are everything you could possibly want from a new restaurant in the Arts District. Stunning food, an outstanding cocktail menu, excellent overall ambiance, and a total local hot spot. I’d highly recommend coming for dinner or their Happy Hour – which FYI is every day from 3-6pm! Favorite menu items include the Wildland cocktail (Mint, Jalapeño, Chartreuse, Tequila – I opted for Mezcal), the burger, and alllll the snacks – the burger is only $8 during happy hour! Just sayin’!






Located RIGHT next door to the Firehouse Hotel is another DTLA newcomer, Bon Temps. They both have a similar feel in that they have that chic yet industrial aesthetic, but of the two Bon Temps is the more upscale dining experience. Their menu is concise and pretty straightforward which is something to be appreciated, and I love that they offer “canapes” – aka super small bites. Everything we tried – from cocktails, wine, to the dishes – was incredible. I honestly cannot give higher regard for the quality and level of craftsmanship that went into every dish. They were all practically little works of art!

I personally just wasn’t quite prepared for the price point of the menu. Was it justifiably expensive? Yes, if you know going into it – yes. A casual Monday night dinner at the bar? Maybe not, but for something special, absolutely. I will say though, for my true foodies, this is the latest restaurant you need to visit. You will genuinely appreciate it.





HOLY CANNOLI PEOPLE! Some very serious and very historic Italian food has landed in Los Angeles and I could personally not be happier about it. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is the most iconic pizzeria to come out of Naples and fortunately for all of us they recently opened an offshoot located in the heart of Hollywood (although it certainly doesn’t feel like it!). The restaurant itself is a relatively large indoor-outdoor space tucked behind an ivy wall and offers a wide-open, clean, and naturally lit space with an absolutely dreamy back patio. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous just the space alone was, but then the food came and nearly brought me to tears.

The classic Neapolitan style pizza is definitely the reason for dining at Da Michele, but the pasta (particularly the pappardelle) was worth the visit as well. This is just one of those restaurants that guaranteed everyone will love – it’s a crowd-pleaser all the way around.



Looking forward to also trying…







chicken served with a dip at Pacifique restaurant






I’m just going to come right out and say it… Alta Adams is, so far, my favorite restaurant opening of the year. From design to cocktails and of course dishes, it checks off every single box and then some. The space itself is simple yet beautiful, and they’ve got a great patio out back for a little alfresco dining. The menu is focused on Southern cuisine. It truly is the epitome of comfort food, and it’s done so well to the point that I simply cannot shut up about this place. Menu standouts are the black-eyed pea fritters, the fried chicken, and the oxtails and rice. If you come for brunch, make sure to order the biscuits and gravy (LIFE CHANGING), and the cornmeal pancakes. It’s probably my favorite brunch in LA right now




From the chic “Hollywood glam” / art deco inspired decor to its polished Japanese influenced menu, Pacifique is an absolute stunner. When I first walked in and saw the space, especially that adorable window seating area in the front room, I thought “you fit right in”. When I heard “Japanese influenced” I didn’t totally know what to expect. However, after having tried several dishes I am so beyond impressed by how inventive and fun the menu was. It’s still approachable. Chef Danielle Sobel is a total freakin’ badass in the kitchen. It absolutely blew my mind with her marinated fried chicken, potato agnolotti, and local mushrooms dishes.

Order all the things at Pacifique, but whatever you do, do not skip out on their insane cocktail menu or their desserts! I highly recommend the Malay Malee (Mezcal, Nam Phrik, Chipotle, Hibiscus, Lime) and the Yuzu Tart (Lavender Meringue, Tarragon, Lemon Verbena).





For my foodies, this might be old news at this point, but it’s worth reiterating once again that the long-awaited Manufactory project at ROW DTLA is officially open! The Manufactory is helmed by the famed team behind Tartine and James Beard Award-winning chefs Chad Robertson, Elisabeth Prueitt, & Chris Bianco. The concept can be more or less described as a dining “complex” (if you will) where guests can enjoy takeaway items from the bakery/market/coffee shop, or dine at one of the two restaurants, Tartine Bianco or Alameda Supper Club. Tartine Bianco is known to be the slightly more casual of the two restaurants, and what you’re here for is the bread. Anything and everything bread – order it, eat it, never forget it.

Alameda Supper Club is the more elevated dining destination of the two. It is becoming known for their fresh pasta as well as their grilled dishes. What’s fun about The Manufactory, is that there is something delicious to devour at almost every hour of the day. You could spend pretty much all day there and be entertained! Start with coffee, maybe some baked goods, and have lunch at Tartine Bianco. Then, followed by cocktails at Alameda Cocktail Club and dinner at Alameda Supper Club. Next, finish the night off with an ice cream from the walk-up window… and you’ve got yourself a pretty excellent day if I do say so!




If you’re looking for arguably the most difficult restaurant in LA to get into right now… and for good reason… then allow me to introduce you to Nightshade. Chef Mei Lin is one of my personal favorite chefs. I cannot tell you how long I have been anxiously waiting for her to open a restaurant of her very own in Los Angeles! She is one of the most wonderful and talented chefs I have personally ever met. To say Nightshade is meeting everyone’s expectations would be an understatement. She and the entire Nightshade team are killing it.

The bill won’t be cheap. So, I’d consider this particular Arts District hot spot more of an upscale dining situation – as it should be I am telling you! From the restaurant design to the dishes themselves, every single inch of Nightshade is a beautiful work of art. We are lucky to have them call LA home.




If you’re looking for something a bit off the radar, something that could be considered a hidden gem, Simonette is just the ticket. It is located inside the brand new Palihotel in Culver City. Simonette occupies the first-floor space that is a gorgeous open-air space that is both indoor and outdoor. Their cozy patio is easily one of my favorites at the moment. Simonette is French-inspired from decor to dining. In true Parisian fashion, they offer an all-day menu as well as a late night menu. Simonette is a great place to visit for great drinks and girl talk at the bar or on the patio. However, the French fare is definitely not to be missed.

The menu is full of bistro classics like steak frites, moule frites, oysters, a burger, etc and all are superb. Nothing too fancy, but nothing overrated – it’s honestly just a stunning and solid local spot – and not to mention a great place to take a date or friend from out of town.



Looking forward to also trying…








Cheeseburger Dumplings at My Little Dumpling

[Cheeseburger Dumplings at My Little Dumpling]





Ma’am Sir kinda had me at “Ma’am Sir”. But this was one of those restaurants all of my foodie friends have been hyping since it first opened. So, let’s just say this place has been at the top of my priority list for quite some time. I finally made it in for dinner a few weeks ago. Also, it was totally blown away by how fun the whole experience was. From the colorful space (that wallpaper and those hanging plants tho…) to the cocktails. Including the actual food, it was all just fun. Ma’am Sir is located within a prime area in Silverlake. It really brings something totally new and different to the already bustling neighborhood.

You can expect to dine on “modern Filipino” style cuisine here at Ma’am Sir. So,have some fun ordering – as previously mentioned, it’s nearly impossible not to. I personally LOVED the Hangover Fried Rice, the Garlic Crab Noodles, and the mushrooms to start. I’ve heard the Chicken Adobo is also to die for – I’ll be coming back for that!




The first thing to note about Simone is… A “nouveau art deco” work of art in my opinion. Simone is your spot. Especially if your heart’s desire is to be surrounded by beauty and glamour as you sip one of the best cocktails in LA. Located in a semi-secret part of the Arts District in DTLA. Simone brings a little bit of sass and sophistication to the immediate area. Their neighbors include the ever popular Urth Cafe and in true DTLA fashion: warehouses and apartment buildings. I actually went into Simone for brunch a few weeks ago. I thought the menu seemed a bit small and limited, what we did order was absolutely fantastic. Sometimes less is more! And the Plantain-Polenta Pancake is not to be messed with! I’ve heard wonderful things about the dinner service, and can’t wait to see for myself soon enough.




Again with a name worth going in for alone?? “My Little Dumpling“?! I love it. And fortunately, the name is just as cute as the restaurant itself and the whole staff as well. Heck, even the food is cute, I’ll go there. My Little Dumpling opened just a few weeks ago on West Third Street. They had already created quite the buzz for themselves over their let’s just say “non-traditional” dim sum style dining experience. Have you ever wanted to marry a cheeseburger and a dumpling? Or a Reuben with an egg roll? At My Little Dumpling… many things are possible, and surprisingly delicious! If however, you’re a dumpling purist (trust me, I get it), fear not. My Little Dumpling offers plenty of familiar and beloved dim sum favorites. Did I mention the cozy decor is kind of an Instagram dream?




It’s rooftop season people, and if there’s a hot new roof in town (lol) it’s Margot’s in Culver City. I swear it felt like I’d been waiting years to see what would finally open up as a restaurant at the gorgeous and more often than not, empty space. It’s located a the top of PLATFORM’s highest point. The space was definitely meant to be a place to come and enjoy the views. Preferably, with a cocktail in hand. I recently went into Margot for drinks. I was genuinely impressed by how beautiful and functional they made the entire – and entirely huge – space.

Now, things to note: the drinks were good. I have heard mostly good things about the food, but I haven’t tried yet so I sadly cannot personally attest! However, the space is definitely Margot’s main selling point. I have a love/loathe relationships with rooftop bars/restaurants as I feel like they attract. Also, some of my not favorite people (sorry!!! I’m getting old!!!). BUT, if you go at a reasonable hour before the rush, I have no doubt you will be able to happily bask in all of its sun-drenched glory. Especially, without too many douchebags killing your vibe.




Sooo, Elephante isn’t exactly a “NEW new” opening in LA. But it’s new enough and I loved it too much not to share. Elephante is arguably Santa Monica’s most gorgeous and beloved new restaurant opening. This place is P O P U L A R. And for very obvious reasons as it turns out. Namely because – go figure – it’s a rooftop! Well, kind of sort of. Really it’s just a restaurant higher up with big windows that open so we’ll call it “rooftop-ish”. So as you can imagine (please read Margot recap), prior to visiting, I was a little nervous to see what I’d be walking into. But to my incredibly pleasant surprise, I walked into a completely tranquil, total oasis.

Seriously, when I stepped out of the elevator I nearly gasped while admiring its beauty. The whole experience felt like a vacation, and isn’t that what we all want some times? And I felt like no matter where you sat you’d be satisfied. I had one of the best cocktails I’ve had in LA that day (I actually had two.). And the food was flat out fantastic. Life changing? No, but in the space and in the moment – perfection. Could not recommend this place more. But get those reservations honey, because as mentioned – we’re entering rooftop and tourist season!




Another fun American Chinese and dumpling centric favorite of mine is Ms. Chi! Ms. Chi is located right in the heart of downtown Culver City. It is a casual restaurant helmed by the incredibly cool and insanely talented Top Chef veteran Shirley Chung. I love that Ms. Chi offers top-notch creative and quality eats. But maintains a more easy-going and casual atmosphere. And not to mention, they’re open basically all day long: breakfast to dinner and brunch on weekends. I came in for lunch. So, I would argue that it was my favorite meal out of all of my recent restaurant visits.

While I wish I’d had the chance to try Shirley’s famous Jumbo Cheeseburger Potstickers (they’re only offered at dinner just FYI!) once again, I have a perfectly good excuse to come back. If you do visit Ms. Chi for lunch, be sure to try one of their scallion pancake sandwiches. I’ve never had anything quite like it, and I absolutely loved it. Plus – it comes with tots. Done deal if you ask me.







sandwich, salad, and chicken from pikunico




Two words: sushi. and wine. If you’re anything like me, that’s really all ya had to say to peak any interest. But as luck would have it Sushi Note does both fantastically – yes, even together. The dream team behind some of my favorite wine bars in LA. They are masterminds are Covell, Augustine, etc behind the cozy Sherman Oaks sushi and wine bar. So it’s safe to say they were ahead of the game before they’d even begun. While the wine list may be a given, the sushi was impressively outstanding as well. Sometimes you really can just do it all. I highly recommend trying one of the sushi sampler options. And if you’re fine with dining on the early side, their incredible happy hour. It is every day between 5:30 and 6:30. Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time when I said “it’s cozy”, I meant it!



There is a whole lot of “fun in foodieland” to be had at ROW right now. Between Rappahannock, Paramount Coffee Project, Hayato, Smorgasburg LA on the weekends, Pikunico, and even more in the works… the sky’s the limit! Pikunico is one of the most recent openings and, dare I say. my personal favorite in the compound. The adorable and renowned chef Kuniko has crafted a totally delicious and fun menu. It’s dedicated to the fine art of fried chicken. But, Pikuniko is not your average fried chicken. Kuniko’s fried chicken is made with Japanese techniques and flavors. The ingredients are all locally sourced, the chicken is free-range, AND gluten-free. Prepare to have never had fried chicken quite like it.

Pikunico is a super fun and easy casual dining spot. When you go make sure you get the fried chicken (duh) and/or the Golden Chicken Sandwich. Plus, the sweet potato salad.



Ok. So Dama first opened their doors back in July, BUT it was only just a few weeks ago that I finally got to experience it myself for the first time so, it’s new-ish – but new-new to me. Moving right along. Dama, located in the DTLA fashion district, is an ambiance lover’s – and food lover’s – dream. When I first walked in I thought, “are we sure we’re in Downtown Los Angeles?” We could have easily been on some gorgeous tropical Caribbean island. It’s wicker fans in slow motion, free flowing rum cocktails, linen shirts, cigars, and all.

The bar, the lighting, the overall design – it’s a sight for sore eyes. And fortunately, so is the food. Dama offers a Latin-inspired menu. And my “must order” dishes would have to be the whipped beans (just trust me). The empanadas, the corn, the oxtail taco, and the seafood tostada. I didn’t have enough room for their bigger dishes but I have heard they’re outstanding. And be sure to save room for CHURRRRRRRROOOOSSS!



Talk about another looker, Atrium is Los Feliz’s latest “hidden” gem. From the street, it looks no more than a cute little hipster hideaway in a cozy alleyway lit with bistro lights. However, keep on going to the actual indoor entrance of Atrium. There you’ll find literally a massive and stunningly beautiful bow truss ATRIUM! A lot of people, myself included, were very excited over this opening. And thankfully it has held up to the hype in my opinion. It’s got it all going on: location, indoor/outdoor seating, a good crowd, a *daily* happy hour. Great chefs, and desserts worth coming for alone. Atrium would be my recommendation for the friends you have coming in from out of town. It’s new and it’s a bit of a show stopper. You’ll see what I mean!



Hippo is a total neighborhood gem I wish I could just let remain a neighborhood gem, but it’s just too good not to tell the whole damn world about. So world – meet Hippo. Even if Highland Park isn’t your ‘hood, you’ll kind of want it to be after a night at Hippo. Then, followed by a slice of Triple Beam Pizza, and then a cocktail down the street at Good Housekeeping… I mean if you’re following in my exact footsteps, that is.) Hippo in particular though is one of those all inclusive spaces; it’s great for a date or for the whole fam. The place is also great for a girls night or great for lunch. Hippo is also great to get a snack, a drink, a whole meal – YOU NAME IT.

Same idea kinda goes for their menu; it’s mostly Italian but there will be tons of crowd pleasers – done well of course. Get the gang together, make a reservation ahead of time, and take in all of that Highland Park chill.



CLASSICS WORTH RE-VISITING RIGHT NOW: Crustacean (garlic noodles).  // Gusto (I forgot how INSANE their pasta is).  // Fishing With Dynamite (basically everything on the menu and the key lime pie.)

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