For as long as I could write and draw, I have had an obsession with beautiful stationery. It may have once started somewhere with Lisa Frank and Gelly Roll pens, but to this day if I’m in the presence of stunningly crafted paper goods, I’m likely to feel inspired to buy something. Or in many cases, a lot of somethings.

Dempsey & Carroll, one of my now favorite engraved paper crafters, could arguably be the “O.G.’s” of beautifully crafted and chic stationery – as they have been doing so since 1878. Their products are always known for quality, creativity, and craftsmanship and recently they’ve created a beautiful collection inspired by travel called the Jet Set Collection. The Jet Set Collection is comprised of their unique sets of stationery that represent four of the world’s most iconic cities: Paris, London, New York, and most importantly – Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from the collections playful yet vintage interpretation of Los Angeles, I would love to share with you – my fellow Angelenos and jetsetters – my personal guide to the 5 best things to experience in the City Of Angels:



Built in 1958, Dodger Stadium is one of LA’s oldest and most cherished of landmarks. Every time I walk into the good ol’ ballpark I’m overwhelmed with a sense of happiness and nostalgia. Regardless of if you’re a baseball fan or not, there is simply no better way to spend a Friday night than with a beverage and a Dodger dog with the boys in blue at Dodger Stadium.



I have lived in Southern California for 10 years now, and for the last 8 my favorite restaurant in the world has been Gjelina. Located in the heart of Abbot Kinney, AKA “The Coolest Street in America” (as dubbed by GQ), Gjelina has been an LA mainstay since their opening their doors back in 2009. Gjelina perfectly embodies the cool, casual, laid back Californian neighborhood in which it lives and the energy of the city of Los Angeles as a whole. Gjelina is known for their “rustic California”concept that is rooted in farmers market ingredients coupled with wood fired techniques. I would eat breakfast lunch and dinner at Gjelina every single day if I could – the lemon ricotta pancakes, mushroom toast, all of the pizzas, and the butterscotch pot de creme are worth whatever cost and whatever wait. Trust me.



I can’t visit Griffith Observatory anymore without feeling like I’m a scene from La La Land – and I kind of love that. Griffith Observatory was built in 1925 a top a hill in Griffith Park and has remained one of LA’s most beautiful and iconic of landmarks since. Between dazzling lessons in astronomy and sweeping views of the Los Angeles basin, Griffith Observatory is one of those LA spots that simply never gets dull.



Los Angeles is known for its beautiful palm tree lined beaches, and while Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice are all ideal beach locales, Manhattan Beach holds an extra special place in my heart. It may have something to do with the ease of parking and the plethora of dining options, but a beach day in Manhattan is so much more than loungers and dipping your toes in the Pacific Ocean. It’s about a meal at The Arthur J, Manhattan Beach Post, or Love & salt, it’s about treating yourself to ice cream at Manhattan Beach Creamery, and it’s about taking in all that Southern California sunshine and salty air while walking down the iconic Manhattan Beach Pier.



The Beverly Hills Hotel was build over 100 years ago in 1912 and to this day still remains LA’s – if not one of the world’s -most beloved and iconic of hotels. With its signature pink and green tones and banana leaf motifs, The Beverly Hills Hotel epitomizes that fabulous and classic Hollywood glam. Even if you’re not planing on staying on property, a burger and a slice of pie in the Fountain Room, a cocktail by the pool, or a Mccarthy Salad in the Polo Lounge are all absolute musts.



If you would like a set of beautiful stationery from Dempsey & Carroll of your very own, use my code ‘LOVEANDLOATHINGLA’ for $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more on the Dempsey & Carroll website!


Disclosure: this post was created in partnership with Dempsey & Carroll, but as always these are genuine opinions and belong only to me. Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands/companies who support and allow me to bring you fresh and community driven content on the reg!

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