The older I get and the busier my schedule becomes, the more I find myself saying things like, “this year flew by, didn’t it?” Remember being in middle school, high school even, and rolling our eyes over listening to the adults in our family mull over such statements? To us kids the year never seemed to be over fast enough; we had growing up to do dammit. It’s slightly disconcerting to think about just how quickly time flies, especially while living in a fast paced city like Los Angeles. Despite inescapable change and all the while hopes for the future it’s actually quite comforting during the holidays to look back and reflect on all of the positive things that happened and moments that occurred within the past 365 days.

This year as I pack up another one of my Passion Planner‘s and start a new one fresh, I’m taking a look back at all of the best moments I’ve experienced thanks to Love & Loathing Los Angeles. This year wouldn’t have been 1/2 as fun, adventurous, and exciting if it weren’t for using this silly little blog as an excuse to get my arse up and out of my apartment. I have experienced more of LA this year than I ever have and fortunately yet I suppose somewhat unfortunately I feel as though I’ve just grazed the surface – 2016 look out! From food, fashion, and all things fun related here are a few of Love & Loathing LA’s most favorite things from 2015!


Favorite New Restaurant:



Food, cocktails, decor, ambiance – the girl’s just got it all.

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Favorite #FashionFriday Moment:

Salute Your Leather Shorts


2015 was the year of epic painted/colored/street art walls to shoot with in LA, but in terms of fashion choices, every year is the year of black, white, and red lipstick. I love simple looks, quality material, a great pair of shoes, and this particular ensemble just happened to be my favorite look from my blog this year!

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Favorite “BRB LA” Destination:

Austin, Texas


I was actually born in the beautiful city of Austin Texas, but sadly it’d been years (like… years…) since I’d been back. This summer I finally made it out to the new hipster capital  and had more fun than I could have even imagined. Austin is a foodie and fun seekers dream come true – with some fun country culture to boot!

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Favorite Item Checked Off the Ol’ “LA Bucket List”:

A Movie Screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Love & Loathing LA: Cinespia Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screening

This was probably the item I was most determined to check off this year, besides the Apple Pan, and from start to finish it was a complete and total blast. This is definitely the one item I look forward to doing again. And again. And again.

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So Glad I Finally Tried…:



And it was completely up to snub. I get it now guys, I GET IT. The Hickoryburger, the fries, the pies… heaven.

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Favorite Food Related Discovery:

The Secret Menu at McConnell’s Ice Cream

Because… ice cream? Guaranteed you’re not going to find this menu anywhere else so I’ma go ahead and let you in on the secret:

The Danger Cone (5 layered sundae in a house-made waffle cone – $7.50)

The Chococone (single scoop in a cone, sugar or the waffle variety, rolled in Valrhona cocoa powder. – $5 sugar cone/ $6 waffle cone)

Chocolate Egg Cream (McC’s throw down on a Brooklyn classic. Sweet Cream ice cream, chocolate ganache, seltzer water. Milkshaken n’ stirred – $7.50)

The Saturday (One. Damned. Big. Sundae. Nuff’ for four – or five. – $24)

The Endless Sammer (An ice cream sandwich. Atop an ice cream sandwich. Atop an ice cream sandwich. Atop an… you get it. Limited only by your wallet and gravity. – $6.50 + 5 + 5 + 5…)


Most Memorable Meal:

Dining at the Chefs Counter at Scarpetta


Scarpetta never ceases to amaze. n e v e r. This year I had the fortunate opportunity to dine belly up at the chefs counter, which is basically located in the kitchen, and enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. From the cheesy/meaty bread, to the best spaghetti I’ve ever had, to the simply incredible desserts, Scarpetta is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles to dine. Can’t go wrong with classic!

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Most Memorable Event:

Dinner at the Absolut Elyx House

If you don’t follow me on Instagram there’s a chance you weren’t even aware I’d gone to such an event, but this was one of those events this year that had me questioning the realness that was my own reality. Absolut Elyx vodka is the brands higher end sipping vodka, and in honor of introducing the LA community to the beverage the company threw a magnificent 4 course dinner at their LA home in the hills. All I can say is copper mugs, the best party cocktails, views for days, enviable decor, a perfect al fresco style dinner, and the most incredible hosts you could ever imagine. Let’s just say my job really sucked that night.


Favorite Bit of New LA Culture:

The Broad Museum

Love & Loathing LA: The Broad Museum

Angelenos have watched the DTLA structure fully come to life this year and having one of the first hand experiences inside the museum was completely unforgettable.

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Favorite Hour of Happy Discovery:



I am the Queen of Happy Hour in Los Angeles. Unofficially. But still, that being said I engage in art quite regularly, and in my humble opinion Pistola off 3rd offered (and still offers) my favorite Happy Hour in town. So many affordable and fair sized dishes, such great cocktails and wines by the glass, and more recently a “pasta and vino” or “pizza and vino” deal for just $25. And the setting ain’t too shabby neither.

Read more about the full Pistola ‘L’Apertivo Italiano’ (that’s Italian for Happy Hour) run down in a past article of mine HERE >> 10 of LA’s Hautest Happy Hours


Favorite Photo of the Year:

Epic ‘Kodak Moment’ Disneyland Shot 

This photo was originally a fail as far as I was concerned. I’d brought my camera with me to Disneyland to shoot some stuff for an article I was writing, but midway through the day my camera battery died. I was so pouty being forced to shoot with my phone, but low and behold I capture the most Kodak moment I’ve ever been witness to and even though it was dark and taken with my iPhone camera, it was too good not to post. Then, low and behold, a few weeks go by and Disneyland re-grams my photo to their 1.3 million followers. And now of course it’s my favorite photo I took this year.

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