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Have you ever been to a class/encountered a workout that made you feel so good you couldn’t wait to go back but at the same time terrified you because you know what kind of ass-beating you were in for? This is my sentiment for Brick Speedx in Brentwood, the gym that serves up the best kind of hurt… the workout that hurts so good. I’ve been to a lot of workout classes/studios/gyms in Los Angeles, I’m talkin spin classes, Pilates classes, barre classes, yoga classes, ohh you name it. In other words there are very few workouts in this town I haven’t tried, but in all my workout days I have not yet been as challenged and interested in a workout as I have been with Brick. “Why?” you ask? Well let me tell you.


1. SpeedX is a whole new breed of Crossfit.

This Crossfit workout is all about endurance, the workout combines strength and conditioning training with a heavy dose of cardio training. To put it simply, where most Crossfit classes focus heavily on Olympic lift training, Speedx puts a whole lot more efforts in producing a well blanced full body workout based off of classic Crossfit methodology mixed with the theory in Tabata (what the fuck is Tabata? – find out here) that anyone in any kind of shape can participate in.

2. Chicks, normal ass chicks who want a good workout, are welcome at Brick. 

I don’t know about you but the thought of Crossfit always kind of freaked me out. I was definitely interesting in putting on muscle and “getting shredded”, sure, but the thought of being surrounded by a whole lot of competition and testosterone frankly scared the shit out of me. I finally talked myself into trying a Crossfit class at Brick and I was so pleasantly surprised to find I could keep up (well, kind of), and there was absolutely zero issue with feeling less than or inferior to the other class participants. Girls, this is the ultimate ass-kicking Crossfit inspired workout for us, where we CAN “get shredded” without injecting a heavy dose of fear and anger into our workout regimen.

3. Everyday the class consists of a new and different workout.

The trainers at Brick are fan-fucking-tastic, they’ve all been training for years and know a thing or two about getting in shape. They create a workout for the day that will incorporate completely different exercises than from the day before, or the day before that and so on. Each workout incorporates a warm up (usually a run around the block kinda thing), a main focus workout (usually 4-6 stations with different workouts that you rotate in and out of) and then some sort of tricky “ha-ha you thought you we’re done” end-of-the-class workout.

4. They have every kind of necessary piece of equipment to kick your ass.

Jump ropes, rowing machines, spinning bikes, medicine balls, TRX, weights, benches, kettle bells, bars, plates, floor ladders, ropes, obstacles, bands, you name it, you’re in trouble. As I’ve humbly discovered, you don’t need any weight to feel the SpeedX workout, it will hurt regardless.

5. “You can burn up to 1000 calories in one class.”

I roll my eyes every time I hear/read “you can burn up to 1000 calories in this ____ class”, most of the time I’m thinking “in your freakin dreams”, BUT. In the case of Brick, there’s a pretty good chance if you’re working hard, even being a female, that you can burn upwards of 800 calories in an hour. I can’t say enough how challenging this workout is, but as with anything you make the workout as challenging or as easy as you want, the choice is up to you!

6. You’ll feel/see results quickly. 

Well duh, you’re working out harder than you’ve ever worked out in your life. Whether you plan on only going to Brick or you’re just adding it into your routine you can’t go wrong. There’s no such thing as “hitting a plateau” if you’re working out at Brick.

7. There’s a huge support system that comes with being a member/class participant at Brick.

Whether you find yourself always attending the same class together or you just met, everyone in the class is your cheerleader. It’s kind of cute really. The sense of team and team bonding is a real thing, complete with an inspirational coach and all. Brick seems to be so proud of their patrons. So proud they Instagram/Tweet/Facebook pictures of their classes/class members on a daily basis as if they were posting pictures of their kids! Their very fit, sweaty, exhausted, and satisfied kids.

Brick SpeedX Class Brentwood (photo via Speed X on Facebook)
Brick SpeedX Class Brentwood (photo via Speed X on Facebook)
Brick Crossfit Class West Hollywood (photo via @brickcrossfit on Twitter)
Brick Crossfit Class West Hollywood (photo via @brickcrossfit on Twitter)


Apologies for so many “ass’s” and other colorful words in this post but Brick gets me pumped, I freakin love this gym. There’s a little something for everyone at Brick, as I said no matter what kind of shape you’re in or what kind of fitness goals you have Brick offers one of the best workouts in Los Angeles. Even if you do want that more classic Crossfit workout, Brick Brentwood now offers SpeedX Pro classes that incorporate a little more (1 rep) max weight lifting with their fast paced SpeedX workout. Brick West Hollywood is a great option for more classic Crossfit classes as well, check out their info, rates, and class schedules here

Set any and all reservations and hesitations aside because there is nothing to feel intimidated about with Brick, this is coming from the girl who never played a sport in her life and has the coordination of a drunk giraffe on an ice rink. Try it, it’s always interesting, it’s always tough, but it’s always fun. And if you’re new and are interested in taking a class at Brick Brentwood, you’re first class is free! Check out more info, rates, and class schedules here


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