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So hey! High Tea is still a thing and it’s still a fucking blasty blast! (Gentlemen, feel free to skip this post, I totally understand if words like “hot tea” and “scones” don’t do much for you… but LADIES.) Ladies. If you haven’t had high tea, let alone High Tea at Chado Tea Room, you are MISSING OUT. I just discovered a whole new way to brunch? Without mimosas? And be okay with that?

I had no idea we even had such a thing in Los Angeles, I’d done high tea a billion years ago in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel, but I wasn’t sure this was a thing this city did? Not that LA isn’t into ‘fancy’, or tea, I just kind of figured we were more of a coffee community and left the tea thing up to New York, San Francisco, and England. But, sho-nuff, my foodie guide and adventure buddy schooled me otherwise; tea heaven in Los Angeles exists at Chado Tea Room Downtown, in Little Tokyo to be specific.

If you’re hungry and in need of an adventurous dining experience and happen to make it to Chado, the “celebration tea service” is definitely the way to go in regards to what to order. It’s incredibly filling and comes with a bit of everything you might expect at High Tea; soup/salad, four differnet sandwhich halves, two scones, two sweet treats, and a tea ice cream float at the end. Oh and of course a whole pot of tea (per person) of your choosing from the 70 page book of different teas they have to offer. If there’s a taste, type, smell, and origin in which you crave… trust me they have it. You want a berry vanilla black yet white tea from India? Decaf? With a hint of happy? They probably have it. All I kept thinking throughout the whole thing was, “how freakin’ adorable is this? How cute am I right now?” Tell you what. So cute. So fun. So delicious.

For $25 a person, a filling meal, unique teas, a garden, and a completely unforgettable experience, a trip to Chado is worth every penny. Take me with you!

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