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There’s something so beautiful, and yet so dangerous about walking in to Beer Belly knowing there’s zero chance in hell you will be ordering food (and beverages) rabbits and models usually get down on. The Beer Belly menu is full of every kind of plate you know you shouldn’t order… but there’s this inner fat kid and hunger inside each of us, preparing us for the what I like to call “fuck it.” phase of the Beer Belly dining experience. “Fuck it.” phase Exhibit A: you walk in to Beer Belly thinking, “oh we’ll just share, we’ll totally share.” or “I’ll just have a beer.” Then you sit down, maybe order something small to split then realize, “um ok I ordered the duck fat fries… slow your roll friend, it’s called sharing”. Sure enough, that inner fat kid grabs ahold of your self control and your sudden unwillingness to share and you end up ordering practically one of everything on the menu, because fuck it. It all smells, tastes, and looks too good not to.

Between duck fat fries, fries fries, grilled cheese, chicken wings, short rib, more duck fat fries, and whatever “New Order Monday” special my main squeeze Chef Wes decides to create, you’re screwed and you’re drooling. Every Sunday/Monday I’m teased with mouth watering Instagram shots and Twitter reminders of what will be that weeks “New Order Monday” special. Last Monday’s, which I was fortunate enough to make it in time to try, was “The Gobbler Mac n’ Cheese”… stuffing/mashed potatoes/mac n’ cheese Heaven on Earth.  Going out on a Monday never seemed so necessary until all the wonderful possibilities and joy “New Order Monday” brought into my life. True story.

There is nothing ironic about the name “Beer Belly” and it’s completely acceptable because even though you know you’re walkin out with one, it’s impossible to have any regret about it. The nostalgia, the indulgance, and the collectiveness of all the tables sharing the same excitement for each delectable dish sends each patron out into the night in a complete state of ‘happily stuffed’ nirvana. I can 100% attest. I have never felt so good about ordering wings, french fries, a french dip, mac n’ cheese, beer, and a dessert, in my life. In other words… being bad really had never tasted so good.

There’s a real neighborhood feel to Beer Belly; it’s hip without being too overt, it’s in K-town which makes it unique in this up and coming part of town, and it’s small/niche-y/charming. Importantly the owners/chefs, and servers truly seem to care quite a bit about their small business, and it shows in the quality of the food and quality of the experience they provide to their fans, foodies, and beer lovers. I also appreciate the sense of atmosphere they create between the decor, dim lighting, “graffiti” painted front of house, and of course leaving the music choices completely up to the patrons in what they call their “music democracy”; if you have an iPhone, you can access the “Beer Belly Jukebox” and play some shit! So cool!

“Craft Beer & Crafty Food” is the name of the game at Beer Belly and, well, I must say they have stayed true to that statement and then some. Always featuring and supporting local LA breweries and always filling the needs, cravings, and “fuck it.” moments for the good people of Los Angeles, the trip to Beer Belly in K-town for incredible bites and beers is an absolute must. Listen, if the Discovery / Travel Channel and Food Network deems them as worthy… then do as they say and get your ass to K-town!

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