After 7 years of living in Los Angeles, I FINALLY had the chance this year to attend the city’s beloved FYF Fest. FYF has been an annual Summertime music festival in LA since 2004 and with each new year they seem to continue to raise the bar on themselves. The fact that I got to see Iggy Pop, Bjork, Solange, Nine Inch Nails, Frank Ocean, and Missy Elliott all in one weekend is just downright insane – it doesn’t even seem possible! FYF may have been my fourth music festival this year, but it was easily one of the best weekends I’ve had in 2017. There are few things I’d rather do on a summer day than get dressed up in newly purchased clothes, hang with friends, listen to live music, snack on delicious things, and sip on refreshing Angry Orchard Hard Cider. If I had the chance to do it all over again this weekend, I would. But for now while we patiently wait for next year’s FYF Fest, here are a few things I picked up this weekend to help you prep for your next festival!



  • Always put your best fashion foot forward – just make sure that foot has a comfortable yet chic shoe on it.
  • Take the Metro – it’ll save you time, money, and stress. TRUST ME!
  • Hydrate. Nobody likes fainters.
  •  Treat yo’self – you’re kind of on vacation! Get down on that pizza slice!
  • Plan your live music accordingly – make sure you hang on to that set time schedule.
  • Take advantage of festival activations – “free” is always more fun. I absolutely loved the charging stations and the Angry Orchard “arcade”.
  • If you bring a jacket, remember at FYF you can rent lockers or coat check if you have access to VIP.
  • Be nice and make friends – hand out those compliments! They go a long way.
  • During the performances remember to take your quick photo, take your 15-second Insta Story/Snapchat video, then put the dang phone away. You’re never going to say, “Hey you know what I feel like doing today? Going through and watching those terrible quality videos I took at that one concert. Sounds fun. It’ll be like I’m there all over again.” Be present!
  • Lastly and most importantly (for 21+): cool down, cheers and chill with Angry Orchard Hard Cider. Their Easy Apple style is my absolute favorite festival beverage of choice because of its crisp, light, and delicious apple flavor. It’s super refreshing and easy to drink. My friends and I were so glad it was available all over the FYF festival grounds; it’s not a perfect summer day without a cold Angry Orchard Hard Cider in hand! Crisp Apple was also available at the festival and a regular part of my drink rotation- whether it be enjoyed in the backyard for a BBQ or at a music festival – it’s the perfect balance, not too sweet and not too dry, like taking a bite of a fresh apple. Thankfully Angry Orchard is one part of FYF I get to continue to enjoy all summer long and all summer long I shall.



Disclosure: this post was created in partnership with Angry Orchard Hard Cider, but as always these are genuine opinions and belong only to me. Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands/companies who support and allow me to bring you fresh and community driven content on the reg!

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