Bucket List Item #78… Check. An “Only In LA” Day

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Welp. I can now officially check “attending a lesbian wedding, held at an Indian restaurant, filled with Filipino and Estonian family members” off my bucket list as of today… I’m not sure I would have put any two parts of that together before today, but that’s kind of the beauty of being in a place like Los Angeles. Things like this happens on the regular  and I have to say, I am quite proud of how accepting, curious, and embracive Los Angelinos are of cultures other than our own. We’re incredibly welcoming and accepting of not only the gay/lesbian community, but anything that adds spice (yes even literally Indian spice) and uniqueness to our own “LA” community. Whether that be an Indian restaurant, a Thai festival, or Hari Krishna center, you name it we’ve got a little bit of everything, and personally there isn’t much here I’m not interested in at least trying or experiencing. Those of us who live here should feel fortunate to live in such a forward thinking smorgasbord of a community, and those that visit, as messed up and strange as some of it may seem, I hope find the positive and endearing parts of it all too. Some may be completely confused by certain things like karaoke in “K-Town”, turtle racing in Marina Del Rey, or anything that may require stepping out of your “hood”, but hopefully our confusion is soon replaced by enjoyment in experiencing the entertainment (good or bad) in other cultures.

Today was an incredible eye opening experience, and though I’m terribly devastated I was unable to check “eat a Fonut, after a lesbian wedding, at an Indian restaurant” off my bucket list as well… I’m grateful for this, as I would say, “only in LA” day. My next adventure (probably involving more food and wine) awaits me, so I look forward to more celebrations, more new experiences to share, and plenty of “bucket-list worthy” stories to tell.

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