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BRB LA | Portland Photo Diary

If it weren’t for the weather or the fact that I’d comfortably gain an extra 15 lbs, I might seriously consider re-establishing life in the “city by the river”: Portland, Oregon. This weekend was my very first visit to Portlandia, and LA, you know I luh ya baby but, my weekend with Portland was a whirlwind romance I shall never forget. I fell in love with confusingly delectable donuts (who knew a bourbon basil blueberry donut could taste so good?), I fell in love with every single person who said “hello” and acknowledged my existence, I fell in love with strippers (oh yes, it’s a Portland thing), I fell in love with “no sales tax”, and I fell in love with the smell of fresh Oregon air and the presence of Fall.  Portland is the perfect blend between big city fun and small town comfort, and for being such a clean and beautiful city, it’s surprisingly affordable. Coming from Los Angeles, and from California in general, I still can’t wrap my head around how far my dollar goes in comparison – I actually try not to think about it… it’s depressing.  (Just have brunch, it will give you some perspective.)  I’ve got so much to share from this trip and tons of things only us Angelenos can appreciate, but first… photos.

Spicy Chai at Heart Roasters

Downtown Portland Letterpress Shop

Tasty n Alder's Chocolate Donuts

Victory Boutique Portland

"crack" Portland

Typewriters at Letter Press Shop Portland

Simpatica Portland Wall

Typewriter Portland

J & M's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Appetite Boutique Portland

Jupiter Hotel Portland

Burnside Brewery Portland

Tasty n Alder's Sign

Vintage Mustang Portland

Flower Shop Portland

Tasty n Alder Potatas Bravas

Tasty n Alder Entry

City State Bacon Sign Portland

Blue Star Dounts

Rock & Rose Boutique Portland

Vintage Bug Portland

J & M's Cafe Portland

Vintage Truck Portland

Appetite Boutique Portland

Voodoo Captain Crunch Donut

Fall Leaves in Portland

Voodoo Donuts

Lauretta Jean's Pie Bakery Portland

Simpatica Chicken n Waffles

Heart Roasters Cappuccino

Enso Wines Portland

Bar at Pok Pok

Pok Pok Chicken Wings

Salumi Pizza at Nostrana

Rum Club Portland

Whiskey Cocktail at Clyde Common

"Put A Bird On It." Portland



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