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There’s more to Malibu than its stunning beaches, expensive restaurants, and rows of houses that make you want to cry. It’s actually a pretty great place to go for those of us on a budget for the sole purpose of being outdoors and not to mention engaging in some FREE activities. You may have to pay for parking and just about everything else under the sun in LA, but hiking is one of those things here you are at liberty to frolic for free. By frolic I mean swat bugs, turn your bright green running shoes brown, and look over your shoulder every 5 minutes to make sure that rustle in the bush wasn’t actually a mountain lion… but none the less it is fun and it is free.

Zuma Canyon Trailhead is a nice little area with several trail options (depending on your torture tolerance), and I decided to go with the “ocean view” trail because, well duh, it’d be nice to see the ocean. When I drove into the parking lot I almost cried in delight at the sight of 10 horses saddled up and ready to go; so yes you can also trail ride here should you choose to! For those of you like me who just want an address to plug in your phone, the parking is located at 5875 Bonsall Drive, Malibu 90265 which is one of the main entrances. Sadly trail rides are not free, but visit or call 818-510-2245 to set up a ride and ta-da you’ll be ponied up in no time.

Besides the obvious activity of just going to the beach, which don’t get me wrong, is fun, but when you don’t exactly feel like getting in a bikini after two Dodger dogs and two beers from the night before… what better activity than to walk it off at the Malibu Country Mart? Despite it being a tad depressing looking at all the wonderful things you cant afford surrounded by those who can, it’s still fun to walk around and look in at the freshly designed store fronts. There’s also quite a few great places to eat, most within a reasonable budget. Howdy’s, a taqueria, served us up some delicious lettuce tacos con ceviche, and for dessert?? Because its Sunday I hiked and I needed it? Grom gelato. Now. If you know Grom, as in Grom the best Gelateria in Florence, you’re hopefully as excited as I was to find it had immigrated to America. So I splurged  a little on money and calories and got myself some pistachio and mint chip gelato; best decision I had all day, but thank god for stretchy shorts.

Sundays in LA are for working off the damage done on Saturday night then re-consuming those calories all over again. At least in my opinion. Whether its a bar method class and a brunch, a crossfit workout and “Sunday Funday” at a bar, or a hike in Malibu and some gelato… this is what I call a successful Sunday.

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