Fall is hands down my favorite season to dress for – even though LA doesn’t experience those more obvious signs of seasons changing, I’d like to think that we have a unique advantage of making Fall fashion whatever we want it to be. Thanks to our typical temperate weather, hunny you can have whatever you like – wear that sweater with those sandals! Wear faux leather with a tank top, or those knee-high boots with a slip dress – make of it what you will.


Being an LA girl in love with local fashion and trends, I, of course, love to keep up with the girls and brands helping guide the season’s styles. From Instagram to fashion shows, these are the things I’m seeing all my favorite LA It Girls wearing this Fall:




White Knee High Boots

2019 has been the year of the white shoe. I swear I have accumulated more pairs of white shoes this year than I have throughout my entire life. First it was white mules, then white block heels, then every pair of white sandals I could get my hands on, and now finally as we enter into Fall, it’s the white boot – specifically a white knee-high boot. I bought a pair from Zara this time last year and am so glad to see this trend is making a strong comeback. I love the way these boots look with a satin midi skirt or patterned dress – so many fun ways to style these bad boys.


BOOT LINKS: (top) ZARA – $199 | (bottom left) & OTHER STORIES – $279 | (bottom right) ZARA – $219




Satin Midi Skirts

Satin midi skirts have been trending all year and the style doesn’t seem to be slowing down! I’m loving these skirts in warmer tones and animal prints for Fall, and it feels like a lot more brands are catching on to the trend this season. I am here for these monochrome moments brought to you by brands like & Other Stories and one of my new favorites, Billie The Label (both featured above). Satin can be a tricky fabric so be sure to go with brands you trust with quality, and when in doubt throw on a pair of Spanx. (Fact: I can’t wear a satin skirt without a pair of Thinstincts Spanx, these “undergarments” are literally the best thing that ever happened to me.)


SKIRT LINKS: (top left) BILLIE THE LABEL (3 colors) – $148 | (top right) Lovers + Friends – $158 | (bottom left) FREE PEOPLE (9 colors) – $78 | (bottom right) & OTHER STORIES (3 colors) – $89




Leather / Faux Leather Trousers

My favorite pair of trousers I own are a faux leather pair I got from Zara about 6 years ago, on sale, for $9.99. I couldn’t believe such a perfect pair of pants would be available let alone ON SALE! I still wear them – all the time – and have been waiting for similar styles to pop up ever since. Fortunately, as of this Fall, high waisted faux leather trousers seem to be back! I’ve also been seeing a lot of faux leather shorts and skirts too – which I am totally here for as well for Fall! Pair either style bottoms with your favorite blazer and boom – solid gold styling.


LEATHER PANTS LINKS: (top left) ZARA (Zara has a ton of faux leather options) – $39.90 | (top right) & OTHER STORIES (my favorite pants I own) – $209 on sale | (bottom left) ZARA – $39.90 | (bottom right) L’Academie – $198




’90s Inspired Denim

From “dad jeans” to cut off shorts, I seriously can’t get enough of the ’90s inspired denim trends happening right now. Agolde is specifically responsible for most of my purchases and current obsessions, but they’re definitely not the only brand hip to the trend. Pair this trend with a graphic t or a little plaid – 90’s perfection. (WATCH my styling video HERE for 5 ways to style the cut off shorts seen above!)


DENIM LINKS: (top left) AGOLDE – $148 | (top right) BDG Urban Outfitters – $99 | (bottom left) LEVIS – $98 | (bottom right) AGOLDE – $188




Neutral Toned Blazers

Something about Fall specifically always means it’s blazer time. My collection of blazers knows no bounds, they simply never go out of style so why ever give any of them up! This Fall in particular though I love seeing lots of neutral and warm-toned blazers like pink, red, maroon, etc. My go-to spot for blazer shopping will always be Zara, but again, lots of brands are hip to the trend. Don’t be afraid to try a new texture this season too – you never know, a corduroy or satin blazer might just be your best idea yet.


BLAZER LINKS: (top left) Billie The Label (2 colors) – $228 | (top right) Cupcakes & Cashmere – $168 | (bottom left) & OTHER STORIES – $149 | (bottom right) ZARA – $119.90




Strappy Square Toe Sandals

Sure we love boots, but realistically us LA girls will be wearing sandals till December, so for those more-often-than-not warm days, a strappy sandal it is! We have been living in strappy sandals all summer, but this Fall there’s been a slight shift in style. I have been seeing tons of girls rocking a square toe vs a typical round toe, and while this is one of those trends I’m still personally a bit on the fence about, the style gods have already spoken. They’re in.


SANDAL LINKS: (top) Tony Bianco – $135 | (middle) ZARA (2 colors) – $79.90 | (bottom) Tony Bianco – $135




Utility Chic

This season I have been seeing a lot of utility-style jumpsuits, boiler suits, jackets, and even dresses. Think khaki, patch pockets, and cargo – all chic, all comfortable. Praise be. There’s lots of neutral love happening this Fall, and the “utility chic” trend falls right in line with that. (Side note: a number of my favorite “utility” style pieces have come from Free People this season.)


UTILITY LINKS: (top left) Free People (camel and green) – $99.95 on sale | (top right) ZARA – $49.90 | (bottom left) & Other Stories (3 colors) – $129 | (bottom right) | Wrangler (3 colors) – $118




Dr. Martens

The Dr. Marten trend hasn’t slowed down over the past year, and somehow (despite the amount of heat these things trap) Dr. Marten’s have become a year-round style. At first this trend still felt a bit more hip to the “edgier” girls, but these days they’re for everyone. More cute styles and colors seem to be coming out but you can’t go wrong with the classic black! I personally love the patent leather look, but style is personal! Choose your boot and kick some ass.


DR MARTENS LINKS: (top left) Dr. Martens (pink) – $170 | (top right) Dr. Martens (Red) – $180 | (bottom left) Dr. Martens (white) – $150 | (bottom right) Dr. Martens (black) – $150




Animal Print Everything

2019 has been just as much the year of the white shoe for me as it’s been the year of “animal print everything”. I have never been an animal print person until this year, and now I can’t stop myself. Animal print skirts, dresses, shoes, bags – e v e r y t h i n g – I want it all. We started things off with mostly leopard prints, which eased into snakeskin prints, and then tiger, giraffe, literally everything and as of this Fall, it’s all fair game! Heck, you can even wear them all together, we won’t judge!


ANIMAL PRINT LINKS: (top left) MANGO – $59.99 | (top center) Anine Bing – $299 | (top right) Reformation – $128 | (bottom left) AMO Denim – $275 | (bottom right) Reformation – $248





Going off of the animal print trend, the latest trend with bags is definitely textured and “animal” inspired. Think faux croc, snakeskin, “horsehair”, so on and so forth. On top of the texture trend, there’s also a growing interest in bags that feature a top handle. Put the lime in the coconut and drink ’em both together.


BAG LINKS: (top left) ZARA – $49.90 | (top right) Staud – $195 | (middle left) Parisa Wang – $295 | (middle right) MANGO – $59.99 | (bottom left) & Other Stories – $69 | (bottom right) Brahmin – $265


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