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What Would Michelle Do:

This post is for all the men out there. I’m calling this one, “Killing Two Birds with One Stone”… This is my advice to you on how to meet and girl, and in addition be the perfect, most romantic boyfriend in a month. It goes a little something like this:

Head to your local mall/ shopping area, straight to the section or store where all the “hot girls” shop (if you don’t know where that is, ask a friend of yours whom you consider “hot”). LA men, try 3rd Street Promenade, the Beverly Center, Melrose, The Grove, Larchmont, etc. Once you’re there, look around until you find “the one” (don’t rush, your time isn’t limited, you can always look around or re-visit the store for a few days until you see Ms. Right), so have you spotted her? Good, it’s go time!

You’re a lost puppy who needs help, and she is your answer. Ask her for help, saying something like… “I’m terribly sorry to interrupt your shopping and I know how lame this may sound but if I can have a minute of your time… I need help finding something someone like you would buy, I’m a fish out of water here”. An alternative approach may be to have a garment in hand and check her opinion, say something along the lines of, “Would this make a good gift?”, or “Thoughts on this?”. Continuing by explaining that it is your sister’s (if you actually have a sister) or friend’s Birthday and you want to make sure you pick out something that screams good taste. **This is key since she needs to know it is not for a girlfriend!

Here is where I am leaving it up to you, come on Casanova you know what to do. Start engaging in conversation, being cute and playful until it turns into you both shopping together for quite a while. Absolutely do not let her pick something and leave!

IMPORTANT: Conclude by purchasing the item (I know, I know the b-day story was made up, but stay with me here I’m the professional). Once playtime is over tell her how much you appreciated her help and that you want to repay her by taking her out to dinner…Boom! One bird down, one to go!

Now, let’s fast forward to a month later (if you are the Casanova I hoped you were, you and princess charming will still be together), time to be the perfect most romantic boyfriend ever. For your one-month anniversary wrap up the gift you bought a month ago (you know the cute one she picked out), give this gift to her perhaps accompanied by flowers. When you give her the gift ask her if she remembers the item (of course she will)… now is when you explain to her that you made the entire b-day story up because she was so breathtakingly beautiful that you had to find a way into her life.

Voila! Second bird down and you my friend are a keeper!

Happy hunting! – Michelle

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