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Picture this. It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining, it’s brunch time and you’re on the hunt for mimosas, a delicious meal, and with any luck you’ll stumble upon a donut. What do you do? Where do you go? You go to the one place, centrally located in LA, that not only offers $14 bottomless mimosas, but a huge menu of all of your favorite brunch items, AND freshly made warm sprinkled donuts – you go to The Wallace in downtown Culver City.

I’ve been a big fan of the Wallace since they opened their doors earlier last year, but prior to this past weekend I’d only ever come in for dinner and/or drinks. Needless to say after all this time I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on. The Wallace is home to a great small patio option, perfect for hanging outside under some shade, but if the patio isn’t calling your name the interior is a cozy mix of industrial meets rustic – that Culver City design everyone seems to be on board with – and no matter the weather happens to a perfect setting for hours of mimosas and conversation with friends. As I said, if you’re on the hunt for a new place to get into that “bottomless mimosa” mood, the Wallace doesn’t serve the cheap stuff, and for just $14 (which is the price of one at most places) you can have seconds, thirds, fourths…. fifths…. of champagne with your choice of orange juice, pom juice, or a hibiscus juice – they really going the extra mile for your beverage consumption bliss.




While you’re mimosa-ing the key to continuing is to fill up on a few of their best dishes – their best dishes being basically everything they’ve got on the menu. The Wallace prides themselves on being a “true California restaurant”, and what is more California than a breakfast burger, a few Mexican inspired dishes, and donuts? If you’re a burger lover like myself, do yourself a favor and get the a.m. burger (bacon, fried potato, cheddar, garlic aioli, runny egg, house potato bun) – it’s euphoric. But the Wallace is much more than burgers, and donuts, almost all of our favorite brunch dishes like sticky buns, breakfast burritos, hash, biscuits, french toast, pancakes, and steak & eggs can be found at this Culver City hideaway. Don’t be fooled into thinking “classic” means “basic” though because there is nothing “diner” or “Ihop-like” about this California breakfast menu – this brunch is right up there with the likes of Tasting Table, Republique, and Gjelina. You’ll completely understand once you take your first bite of that warm homemade sprinkle donut that comes with the “coffee + donuts”… I have a pretty good feeling.

Never completely over crowded, no people hovering over your table waiting, no fuss – this place is the perfect spot to take a date, go out with your girlfriends, and it’s completely parent friendly – it’s an awesome place to showcase some of LA’s best brunch and you won’t have a hell of a time getting in!




The Wallace | 3833 Main Street Culver City, CA 90232 | 310.202.6400

Brunch Menu | Hours: 11am – 2pm Saturday + Sunday


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