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The Past Week’s Mini Getaways + Their #OOTD’s













You ever have just one of those weeks? One of those weeks you can’t for the life of you remember what day it is, whether or not you’ve already shampooed your hair or not, the days feel like they’re 4 hours not 24, and you have nightmares about all the things you were supposed to do but forgot about? Yeah, this has been one of those weeks for this little cutie, and I’m admittedly disappointed that I had to put Love & Loathing LA in a corner this week as I tried to catch up on life.

Despite being pretty sure I shaved the same leg twice this morning, rest assured that all the stress from this crazy week has been good stress – I’ve been offered so many wonderful opportunities in a very short amount of time and being the “yes” person that I am, this week I’ve found myself working hard towards perfecting my latest trick I’ll fondly refer to as “the great balancing act”.  It could be more of a juggling act, but “practice certainly makes perfect” (so they say).

It wasn’t all sitting in a dark room staring at my computer screen this week like I’m dramatically making it sound, when I did come up for air, it was for some damn fresh, damn gorgeous, and damn adventurous air. If you follow on Instagram you may have noticed that this past weekend I took a trip up to San Luis Obispo with my boyfriend for a quick little R&R and a self guided wine tasting adventure. We go up to the Central Coast a few times a year and the area truly makes for the perfect weekend getaway for us Angelenos – read my “10 Things for Angelenos to Do in the Central Coast” article if you’re curious! This week I also had the rare and wonderful opportunity to tour an Almond Orchard (Mandelin to be specific) where we walked around the grounds and learned about what it takes to grow almonds – responsibly – followed by a gorgeous lunch in the orchard.

I can’t go anywhere without putting effort in ensembles, especially when a great backdrop is provided if-ya-know-what-I’m-sayin’, so this was my best attempt to share a few new trends I’m becoming partial to, how I wore ’em, and where I chose to do so. Happy #fashionfriday friends, may their be peace, travel, and wine in YOUR near future.


Details | Overalls: Topshop | White Crop Tank: Topshop | Both Sunglasses: Quay | Stripe Dress: Reformation | Sandals: Splendid | Slip-ons: Topshop

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