I find myself in a perpetual state of shock over how quickly this year has blown by! Is that a thing you’ve noticed yourself saying as you’ve gotten older? But really where DOES time go?!


Alas, we have much to be grateful for as we enter into “the most wonderful time of the year”, and with that comes the annual L&L LA holiday gift guide. I have passionately crafted these guides (with an LA focus) since I started my blog many moons ago, 8+ to be exact, and every year I have to say they always end up being in my top 2 favorite blog posts of the year. It’s the best feeling in the entire world getting to highlight so many wonderful and deserving local people/businesses/brands with the goal always being to *hopefully* inspire our amazing community to continue to support one another.


I probably don’t need to tell you, but the supply chain is shite this year, so take this as just another reason to shop local, shop special, and support our insanely talented friends and neighbors. We are so damn lucky to have this community in common – whether you live in LA or beyond, we are together in our love for this city and the people who make it truly the city of angels.


*grabs tissue*







Clare V “Petit Moyen Bag” – $325

Clare V is on my Christmas list every single year, let’s be honest!!! If you’re looking to gift a gorgeous bag – something beautifully made, fun, and special – Clare V is your girl. Bags are a pretty personal purchase I realize, but I am obsessed with the new Petit Moyen bag that comes in 3 colors. Not a terrible price point either in my opinion! If the bag isn’t in the budget, I am also in love with this graphic  “LA original Tee” ($99).


Crap Eyewear Supa Phreak Sunglasses – $79 (might be $55)

Can you even call yourself an Angeleno if you don’t own a pair of Crap Sunglasses? They’ve got a pair to fit everyone’s taste, but lately, I’ve been into these Supa Phreak shades and I love that they come in fun colors like these blue ones but also more classic colors like black. Buy one for a friend, get you a pair too – that’s how it works right?


MASONgrey Robe – $130

Give the gift of COZY this year with one of MASONgray’s robes (long or short) or PJ sets. I love their prints, and the fabric is so soft!






Morrow Soft Goods “Entertainer Gift Bundle” – $149

A curated bundle of heirloom linen pieces and a hand-poured candle from the ever-chic, minimal, and quality LA brand – Morrow Soft Goods. This particular gift set comes with the perfect goods for the “entertainer” in your life and includes 1x Sage Apron, 1x Cream Gingham Napkin Set (4), 1x Iye Candle.


goodies LA Rectangle Cheese Board – $18

I feel like goodies LA is one of our best-kept secrets, and I am so glad that their wildly affordable home goods are available to shop online. They have great marble, ceramic, and wood home goods pieces that are all under $35. BUT THEY LOOK EXPENSIVE! I think a cheese board is always a great gift to a host, but there’s so much more to peruse. Have a ball, shop till you drop.


Flamingo Estates “Garden Tour” Gift Set – $155

Where do we even begin with Flamingo Estates. That is one brand that sure knows how to market their goods because I want E V E R Y T H I N G  – and i know I’m not alone in that. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything they have in their shop (which includes everything from farm boxes, candles, bath stuff, skin stuff, pantry stuff, and more) but I personally loved this “Garden Tour” gift set that includes 1 Adriatic Muscatel Sage Candle, 1 Fruit of the Gods Dark Chocolate, Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Hand Soap, 1 Body Wash, 1 Hand Sanitizer – all with a lot of very fun ingredients straight from the farm. It also seems the best bang for the buck, kinda want to buy one for myself!





Osea Bodycare Duo – $60

Not all body scrubs and body oils are created equal, and Osea Malibu crafts the top of the line. Their Salt of the Earth Body Scrub and Undaria Algae Body Oil are my two favorite products, and right now they are available as a gift set! There are tons of other gift set options to choose from as well.


NOTO Botanics “The Illuminator Holiday Kit” – $69

NOTO is an LA cult favorite and their Illuminator kit comes with best sellers Deep Serum and Resurface Scrub – perfect for anyone looking to get bright, glowy skin. And it comes in a cute gift box (which let’s be real, is always a bonus.)


KOSAS “The Clean Start Set: Lip Alert” – $22

I am fully obsessed with this whole gift situation. Starting with the fact that KOSAS is one of my favorite clean beauty brands and that I am a particularly huge fan of their lip products. BUT ALSO, fun note to make, this kit is customizable! You get to pick your favorite shade of a Lipfuel, a mini Weightless Lipstick, and a mini Wet Lip Oil Gloss – and it all comes in a super cute reusable makeup bag. There are other “Clean Start” customizable kits to choose from but personally, I think lipstick is always the most fun to gift.







Flores Lane Astrology Candles – $35

Hand-poured soy candles made in LA… Flores Lane makes some of my absolute favorite candles. Not only do they have such a wide array of scents/feels/vibes, but they are always having fun – case in point, their astrology collection! They last forever, and I haven’t had one that gives me a headache – a crucial candle component if you ask me.


ROAM Clouds Slippers – $130

I freaking LOVE my Clouds slippers. They’re soft, they’re cozy, but what I especially love about them is the fact that they’re actually a bit heavy duty – meaning I fully wear them out in public. They’re the chicest, coziest, multi-functioning slippers on the market.


Inner Piece “Studio Plants” 1000 Piece Puzzle – $35

LA-based Inner Piece is all about creating some peace and quiet in your life, I don’t know about you but I definitely have rekindled the flame with puzzles thanks to the last two years, and these have to be some of the best and totally frame-worthy on the market.







“This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars and Stories” – $20

@thiswashollywood is one of my favorite accounts to follow, and this book is actually on my own Christmas list this year! She has such an incredible wealth of knowledge, and these stories are the kinds that remind you why a town like LA is so special. Amazon’s description notes, “In this one-of-a-kind Hollywood History, the creator of Instagram’s celebrated @thiswashollywood reveals the forgotten past of the film world in this dazzling visual package modeled on the classic fan magazines of yesteryear.” Take me to Tinseltown. 


Old Hollywood Historic Prints – $20

@lahistory is another one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, and every now and then they’ll offer to send free prints – all you have to pay for is $5 in shipping. I have 5 prints myself, and I am obsessed with them. I have photos of the “Hollywoodland” sign in 1923, the Hollywood Bowl from 1922, Angels Flight from 1960, and more. There are so many and all cost $20 – but be on the lookout for those free ones they offer via Instagram!







Alltrue Box – $49.95

New favorite membership box alert!!!! Alltrue is all about curating boxes of “sustainable, beautiful, and useful products” that are filled with full-sized products upwards of $250+ in value, for just $49.95. Everything they source feels special, supportive of small brands, and high quality. I love everything I got in my last box and I can’t help but want to shout this one from the top of a mountain, and this would seriously make for the best – and easiest – gift!


Made By DWC Trailblazer Set – $52

The Downtown Women’s Center created Made By DWC to offer women the opportunity to earn income while gaining job skills and experience. And thanks to all of their support and success Made By DWC now includes three businesses – their Home & Gift Collection, the Resale Boutique, and their Cafe & Gift Boutique. I absolutely love their handmade candles and soaps and this Trailblazer Set – with 2 options for different sets of 3 candles – would make for a great gift.


Affirmation Darling “Destress Bundle” – $53

Affirmation Darling is a small business set on fostering positivity for individuals and communities, and the way they accomplish that is through their “Buy One Give One” program where with every purchase of their deck of AffirmActions, they give another to a young adult experiencing homelessness and mental health crisis. The Destress Bundle comes with the AffirmAction cards plus a super cute “self-care” mug.






Amass Mini Bar Set – $48

I became familiar with LA-made “Amass” within the past year and have to say how genuinely impressed I am with them. From their botanical distilled spirits, their array of other beautiful products, and even down to their branding – all A+. The Amass Mini Bar set comes with mini versions of their Dry Gin and Botanic Vodka – they’re delicious and sit quite pretty in any space to boot.


Vinovore “Brunch Box” – $48

I don’t think anyone does gift boxes quite like Vinovore. They are so fun, so clever, and I love that they’re also totally customizable now. For my fellow wine lovers, there truly is no other gift to give than one of Vinovore’s wine-centric gift boxes. There is always great wine (specifically women winemakers who produce natural wines) paired with fun/silly/sweet accouterments. This is personally my favorite gift to give on this list because they never get old. I love the idea of a “brunch box” (comes with pancake mix, maple syrup, coffee, and Vinovore Desert Nights half bottle), but again – you can’t go wrong with any of their gift boxes, OR just make your own! (Side note they ship but also offer local deliveries!)


Lost Cove Tiki Parrot Tiki Mug – $15

If you’re in LA proper, I’d actually HIGHLY suggest ordering one of their Holiday Tiki Gift Sets or Holiday Cocktail Kits – hot buttered rum… tiki nog.. mm. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more fun and easy – especially a gift you can ship – I am obsessed with their collection of tiki mugs! Also, love these copper-plated bamboo straws ($30)







Botanica Pantry Gift Box – $100

One of LA’s favorite restaurants, Botanica, is bringing their pantry to yours with their *epic* pantry boxes. The large one (which is obviously the one I have my eye on) comes with Chile oil (a drizzle-over-everything condiment), Dukkah (a sprinkle-over-everything condiment), Marinated olives (pro tip: serve warm with bread for dunking!), Seasonal sweet preserves (made from farmers market fruit), Savory preserves (pickles or preserved lemons), Granola, and Botanica’s spice staples (three in total – some combination of Aleppo pepper, Urfa pepper, sumac, pimentón dulce, and za’atar). They also have a mini pantry gift box for $50, and a few other boxes to choose from.


Say Cheese Gift Box – starting at $50

One of LA’s favorite local cheese shops is up for the task in helping you create the perfect, personal, and most importantly, *delicious*, gift boxes. The gift boxes start at $50 but they are happy to customize to however you see fit, just give them a ring!


Bad Manner’s “Brave New Meal” Cookbook – $23

I own every cookbook this team has ever put out and their latest book has hit the shelves just in time for the holidays!! “Enter Brave New Meal: a chance for food to be not just different but better. Because here’s the dirty little secret about eating vegan (or plant-based, meatless, flexitarian, whatever the hell they’re calling it this week): done right, it’s the cheapest, healthiest, most environmentally friendly, and tastiest (did we stutter?) food you could possibly put into that temple you call a body. Brave New Meal shows you the way.”







Dad Grass Christmas Wrap 5 Pack Pre Rolled CBD Joints – $37

I have been obsessed with Dad Grass products for over a year now, and I’ve found that in a sea full of questionable cannabis brands, this is the one I trust. Not only are their products the highest in quality, but they sure do have a little fun. And we love fun, case in point this adorable Christmas Wrapped 5 pack of pre-rolled CBD joints. Might I also suggest Dad Grass CBD Tincture – $65 if joints aren’t your thing, but don’t forget to peruse the cool merch too.


Sweet Flower “You’re Dope” Water Bottle – $27

Sweet Flower is my personal favorite Cannabis shop in LA, and while you can get just about anything they offer delivered locally in LA (if you don’t feel like shopping in their dreamy stores), unfortunately, you can’t get weed over the internet. BUT, in true Sweet Flower fashion, you can purchase some of their super cute merch online, like this “You’re Dope” water bottle.






andSons Chocolatiers Holiday Charm Box – $49

andSons are easily my favorite chocolatiers in Los Angeles. They create literal mini works of edible and delicious art, and their Holiday Charm Boxes are sure to impress any lucky recipient. Should I be that lucky recipient, I would be positively thrilled.


Valerie Confections Winter Gift Set – $100

Is it truly Christmas without Valerie’s peppermint bark!? I think they make the absolute best/cutest/most creative sweets gifts that are well worth every penny. They offer a number of holiday gifting options, but this Winter Gift Set comes with seasonal favorites like their tin of Hot Chocolate, Happy Hour Box, Evergreen Truffle Box, Peppermint Bark Bar, and Almond Toffee Bar.


Milk Jar Cookies Box of a Dozen Cookies – $18+

If there’s one thing on this list that I personally end up gifting the most, it would be a box of my favorite cookies on the planet from Milk Jar Cookies. I haven’t met a cookie from them that I didn’t like so I’d recommend getting an assorted box, but you can also create an assorted box of your choosing. Also worth noting they offer gluten-free options too!






“Secret Stairs Of LA” Book – $15

I can’t tell you how much I have personally used this fun little book over the past year. There are so many stairs in LA as it turns out which makes for a great excuse to get some exercise and go exploring!


“Secret Los Angeles: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure” Book – $17

Just when you thought you knew all about LA… “Secret Los Angeles guides you to the hidden gems that make the city and surrounding county truly sparkle. Local author Danny Jensen directs you to under-the-radar destinations that are often overlooked, even by locals, yet offer a fascinating insight into a place that captures so many people s imagination. Whether you’ve recently arrived or lived here all your life, this book will help you see and understand L.A. in a completely new way and inspire you to explore further.”


Sit In the City: LA Meditation Cards – $58

I have to say, of all the things on this list this year, these cards might be the coolest – if not at the very least the most unique. The kit comes with 18 “sit cards” that provide step-by-step instructions for a simple meditation, mindfulness, or breath-focused practice, as well as 30 beautifully illustrated “spot cards” feature a hidden-gem LA location curated to help you explore your surroundings. All these cards will give you 540 unique things to do in LA… and I am over here eating this whole idea up.






Juicy Leaf Concrete & Gold Set of Succulents with Zebra – $89

My favorite succulent shop in town, Juicy Leaf, always has the perfect range of plant gifts both in-store and online (which, bless.) I personally fell in love with this concrete and gold trio with zebra succulents (that seem pretty indestructible in my limited knowledge of plants). They also do virtual classes that look SO fun so be sure to check the schedule, that could be a fun “experiential” gift to give in the future!


Edible Gardens LA Poppy Flower Mix – $6

Edible Gardens actually has a ton of high-end gardening accouterments but I just love that they sell seeds like this poppy flower mix. But if you need pots, tools, kitchenware, actual garden vegetables (they have a CSA box) etc, they have a great curated shop to peruse. But don’t forget to check out their book too – A Garden Can Be Anywhere.






MiliMili “Sweet Dreams Gift Set” – $98

These LA mamas started MiliMilli wanting to create lightweight but cozy baby stuff without sacrificing quality, price point, or of course – style. “The most stylish and snuggly gift set, featuring a MiliMili Wearable Blanket in your choice of print, size, and weight paired with a matching Butter Soft Crib Sheet. All wrapped up together in one of our luxe magnetic gift boxes.” That banana print is just too cute!


Adventuretown Toys Bamboo Interlocking Bricks – $32

Look, I don’t know a ton about babies, but what I do know from my mom friends is that wooden blocks are all the rage. So voila – natural, heirloom-quality, non-toxic Lego-friendly bricks are made from environmentally-friendly, renewable bamboo that is also biodegradable. They come in a variety of sets with different amounts of blocks but the 45 seems to be the most popular!


Skye The Label “Skylar Baby Bucket Hat” – $40

I look at this website and want a baby to dress. My most stylish mama friend Ashley Torres is a big fan of theirs and I have to say I can understand why! Between their cute neutral prints, use of organic cotton, and adorable accessories, Skye is just the cutest darn baby brand. I love Ashley’s little Luna girl in this bucket hat and couldn’t recommend it enough for any stylish baby girl!






Our Place “Always Pan” – $145

I kid you not when I say that I donated all of my pans and only kept this Our Place “Always Pan” (well, that and my cast iron). It’s the best pan I’ve ever owned, absolutely nothing sticks to it, I love the steamer basket, and I love that you can choose from different colors depending on your space and personality! I’ll also have you know that the Always Pot is totally #1 on my Christmas List this year.


Brightland Olive Oil “Mini Essentials” – $70

Brightland is one very special olive oil brand. Not only is in the highest in quality, but every bottle looks like art and instantly levels up counter space. These days Brightland is making new products to pair with the oils/infused oils such as vinegar and honey, and while I’d be completely comfortable suggesting you buy them all, perhaps start with the Mini Essentials gift set if your gift recipient isn’t yet familiar. It’s a fun way to sample and the kit comes with mini versions of their 2 best-selling olive oils and their 2 best-selling kinds of vinegar.


Outside Table Backyard Grill Set – $45

Outside Table crafts organic small-batch sauces and spice blends and I am OBSESSED with their Sunday BBQ sauce and Weekend BBQ spice blend. Everything they make has flavor, complexity, and it just tastes like it was made with love. They have a perfect Grill Set gift box that comes with their Saturday Sweet BBQ sauce, their Simply SPG spice blend, Taco Tuesday spice blend, and the Weekend BBQ spice blend.







Lindsay Albanese’s “TOPTOTE” in The Fray – $59

If you know a hat lover and/or traveler I cannot recommend getting them a TOPTOTE enough. Seriously, the amount of people that stop me in airports and hotels asking what this incredible contraption is, is amazing. TOPTOTE is basically a magnet clip that allows you to fasten your hat to your bag or luggage, and I cannot imagine my life without it now. And did I mention they come in different super cute designs? And beyond the TOPTOTE hat clip, designer/inventor/friend Lindsay Albanese also offers different incredible travel essentials such as a laptop clutch, travel laundry bags, a jewelry pouch, and a portable hat hanger.


Cuyana Triple Zipper Weekender – $295

I didn’t know I needed a *nice* weekender bag until I got one. ESPECIALLY one that you can easily secure to your rolling luggage, and Cuyana’s is absolutely perfect. Cute, functional, perfect size, well made – what else could you ask for.






Art of Tea Holiday Tea Sampler – $41

I have been head over heels obsessed with Art of Tea for years – I trust them and I love their classic blends, but their seasonal blends are my absolute favorite!! I remember having Butterscotch for the first time and thinking “there’s no way this is going to be good” and here I am going on my like, 6th year drinking it. ANY of their seasonal blends would make for a great gift, so I would definitely suggest in that case getting the Holiday Tea Sampler – Apple Pie, Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, and Pumpkin Spice Chai – so the tea lover in your life can try them all.


Alfred Coffee Rechargeable Electric Whisk – $25

I don’t remember life before my electric whisk, and who doesn’t love a little Alfred merch? This is a quick and easy gift for sure, but if you want to take it up a notch I’d recommend getting this whole damn Matcha Kit for $75.


Bloom & Plume Insulated Mug – $34

I am all about a branded mug but it better be cute!! And this one from LA favorite, Bloom & Plume, is a no-brainer. If you’re not done shopping be sure to add their super cute crop long sleeve top they have with Spirit Jersey to your cart.







Misa Jewelry Sol Ring – $650

All my rings – that I never take off – are from Misa. I just adore her ocean/beach-inspired, high-end dainty pieces, and I love that you can choose your metal and that the rings are especially meant for stacking!


Simone the Label Waterfall Stud Earrings – $75

Simone makes really fun pieces at a fair price, I became familiar with the brand after hearing that they’ll be doing a pop-up at the Hotel Figueroa for the holidays, and just fell in love. I realize these Waterfall Stud Earrings are quite the statement, but that’s why they’d make a perfect gift!


Sydney Evan Eye Heart LA Necklace – $825+

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Sydney’s are my favorite. Love that she has somehow makes diamonds ultra-fun and personal (despite the price tag, but go with it). I’ve had my eye on this “Eye Heart LA” necklace for a very long time, but anything she makes would be… a very special gift.






Jon & Vinny Shirt – $30

Comes in different colors too – dang that’s a cute shirt.


Monty’s Good Burger Baseball T – $35

A little bit of Dodger love, a little bit of Monty love… perfection.


LACMA Sweatshirt – $79

I am very impressed with this design?! I totally want this?!




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