The Best Coffee Shops in LA

The Best Coffee Shops in LA

I’ll just say it…I freaking love coffee. From iced lattes to classic cappuccinos, I can’t get enough. However, I also love the ambiance and environment that local coffee shops provide. Whether you’re looking to buckle down and do some work or you simply want a quiet and quaint place to sip some great brew and read a book, Los Angeles is full of the cutest and coolest coffee shops. While it may seem overwhelming to find your perfect place (there are seriously sooooo many coffee shops in the city), there definitely is something for everyone. That being said, these are some of my personal favs that never fail to impress!






Go Get Em Tiger 

Looking for a quality coffee shop that is also steps from the beach? Go Get Em Tiger is located right in the heart of Ocean Park on Main Street. While it is a great place to go and get some work down while enjoying a nice sea breeze, they also have an awesome coffee club that you can join so you can enjoy their terrific brew from home. 



Cafe Tropical

Cafe Tropical is a fun and vibrant Cuban cafe in Silver Lake. It is seriously so adorable and can easily be recognized by its bright purple exterior. When it comes to coffee, you need to get the cafe helado which is basically a Cuban-style espresso. They also have an amazing selection of pastries that are both tasty and Instagram-worthy. 



Alfred Coffee & Kitchen 

If you think you haven’t heard of Alfred Coffee & Kitchen…you probably have. With locations all over Los Angeles, Alfred is an LA staple that you need to try at least once. Though the shops themselves tend to be on the smaller side, they are chic, stylish, and full of influencers. If you decide to make this your go-to coffee shop spot, don’t be surprised when you run into your favorite Youtuber or reality show star. 



Highly Likely Cafe

Highly Likely Cafe comes from the same restaurateurs who brought you Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre and Juice Served Here…so you know you’re going to get delicious food and drink. The space is indoor with an open, overflowing patio. They offer free wifi, of course, a delicious menu of coffee, tea, and best of all, wine! They have an even more delicious selection of food that is simply heaven on earth. The bread, first and foremost, from acclaimed bread-making legends (Bub and Grandmas), is a staple in a variety of dishes. 




Verve may or may not have defined what it means to even be a successful cafe in this city – yes you need great coffee, but you also need great ambiance. And that is something they’re definitely not missing (shout out their plant wall in DTLA or general patio oasis in West Hollywood).




I don’t think I’ve ever had a better latte than the one I got from Bru. They have all the milk options you’d need and to make it better, it’s on the best part of Vermont street – next to cute little shops – that makes walking with a cup of coffee in hand just that much more rewarding.



Great White

Great White is a versatile restaurant/cafe that is great for grabbing a simple cappuccino or sitting down for a full-on boozy brunch. It’s located just across the street from the iconic “VENICE” sign and boardwalk.



Paper & Plastik

No cafe or coffee shop in LA has as diverse a drink selection than this lovely place. Which also happens to be right up the street from me (praise!). Because we’re not always craving a cup of jo, this cafe is the perfect balance for a tea latte or juice that isn’t necessarily caffeinated. Trust me, it won’t disappoint.



La La Land 

Looking to start your day with a smile? Head to La La Land in Santa Monica to check out the sweetest coffee shop in the city. The massive patio is great if you’re looking to get some work done outside, and their butterfly pea flower lattes are super unique yet delicious (they kind of taste like fruity pebbles)!



Stone Street

Located right in the heart of Melrose Avenue, Stone Street brings New York vibes to the streets of LA. All of their coffee beans are ethically sourced and roasted to perfection. Resulting in strong, aromatic coffee that will definitely give you the caffeine kick that you need. This all-day cafe also doubles as a comedy club on Wednesday evenings, making Stone Street great for coffee or cocktails!



Coffee Commissary

From the retro interiors to the pink food truck, Coffee Commissary does cold brew in style. Thankfully, there are several Coffee Commissary shops in LA, so you can definitely find one nearby no matter where you live. Each location has its own charm and style, but their famous Cubano is a must-have no matter which spots you hit. 



10 Speed Coffee 

10 Speed Coffee is a hip Santa Monica spot that is pretty low-key and great to work from. Snag a spot at the bar top as you look out onto the bustling street or put your feet up at one of the wide wooden chairs for a productive start to the day. Their coffee is super aromatic and flavorful thanks to their micro-batch roasting technique.




With locations scattered all around LA, Goodboybob is the perfect coffee shop to visit if you’re looking to grab some top-notch toast with it. Their tartines are all served on Bub and Grandma’s sesame sourdough, and they are all AMAZING. Though you can’t go wrong with their innovative take on avocado toast, I love The American which has eggs, crème fraiche, and savory herbs. 




MadLab in Hollywood boasts quality coffee at a fair price. Since they work with seasonal blends, their menu is always changing and updating, showing just how complex coffee can be. Their window service makes it easy to grab your cup of Joe on the go as you prepare to take on the day ahead. 



Maru Coffee

The Korean word “Maru” literally translates to “mountaintop,” which makes total sense considering that all Maru coffee beans are grown and harvested in high altitudes. With two shops in Los Feliz and DTLA, Maru Coffee is a minimalist’s dream, and you’ll love the entire aesthetic and vibe of the brand. You can also find their coffee being served at the Cara Hotel (one of my personal favs). 




Both Culver City and Venice have been bestowed the blessing that is Menotti’s. The Venice location has an adorable patio that is perfect for coffee dates or casual business meetings. Their Spanish Latte is amazing but you can’t go wrong with a classic cappuccino. You can also catch Menotti’s on Wheels cruising through the city if you’re lucky!



Coffee Connection

Coffee Connection allows you to get your morning kick all while contributing to a good cause. This local business is big on charity, and makes a huge effort to give back to the community through a variety of partnerships. All of their coffee is also certified organic, carbon-free, and fair trade.




Dinosaur Coffee is a Silver Lake staple that has been brewing for locals since 2014. In addition to their Grade-A coffee, they also sell some of the most adorable and fun merchandise! Sit down with an Americano and your laptop but leave with a cute AF dinosaur bucket hat. 



Coffee for Sasquatch 

Coffee for Sasquatch is situated right off of Melrose Avenue, and it is totally modern yet quirky. The giant, plant-covered sasquatch cut-out on the wall really sets the scene, and their tiny round coffee tables are super European-esque. If you’re craving something a bit different, check our list of unique specials for a delightful surprise. 



Civil Coffee 

With locations in DTLA and Highland Park, Civil Coffee is a consistent coffee shop that has a killer menu. Their special “Figuero” coffee offers a sweet yet strong kick that is totally addicting. However, if you’re feeling like sipping on something less caffeinated, they have tons of teas along with some refreshing juices to choose from!  


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