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Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge | Beverly Hills



26 years ago in a little beachside city named Seal Beach, a restaurant/lounge concept named Spaghettini opened their doors to offer locals a place to enjoy an California meets Italian cuisine with the option of enjoying a little live music. Today Spaghettini is (still) considered one of the best restaurants the Orange Country greater area has to offer; with over 170,000 patrons coming through their doors each year, it’s clear they’ve perfected their craft.

With such spectacular success in keeping a 26 year old venture maintain its relevancy and respect, it always seemed inevitable that Spaghettini “2.o” would someday come into creation. As of this past December, Spaghettini owners Cary Hardwick and Laurie Sisneros along with famed saxaphonist and friend Dave Koz put their heads together, worked their magic, and finally the dream of Spaghettini and the Dave Koz Lounge became reality. After the news broke on all of LA’s integral media outlets, I believe I was quite possibly the most excited person in LA under 30 to hear the good news.




I spent four wonderful years of my adult life going to college in Orange County and when my parents would come to visit me every so often, Spaghettini was always our choice in OC dining. Pre college I grew up in an area where chain restaurants weren’t exactly as prevalent as they are in Orange County so if my parents were buyin’, I was flyin’. Straight to Spaghettini. But after moving to LA and being back in an area where dining out regularly is the cultural norm, I can’t say I ever made it back down to Seal Beach as often as I’d hoped to. With Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge opening in Beverly Hills though, I could have all the things I enjoyed about Spaghettini in Orange County, just with a new updated “jazz-ified” flavor. The Beverly Hills location is, as expected, more “Beverly Hills” than its Orange County counterparts. In Seal Beach you get a very classy, “white table cloth”, traditional Italian feel, while in Beverly Hills the decor and ambiance is a bit more playful and modern.Where absolutely nothing differs between the two however is the outstanding quality of the food and dishes. The menus may differ (with the exception of a few signature dishes) but I can’t say I haven’t had a plate at either I didn’t want to lick clean. (Sorry yet very serious.)




At Spaghettini Beverly Hills I had the pleasure of trying a number of dishes such as the pommery shrimp (signature), the tuna tartare (my favorite dish), the burrata, the Spaghettini (another signature dish), the pappardelle, the seabass, the short ribs, and just about every dessert on the menu. Thankfully I had help, but if there’s one thing I can say about the meal, the service, and the experience in it’s entirety it’s that it was quite simply the best dinner I’ve had in some time. It’s not every Wednesday night I get to enjoy all of my favorite things about a perfectly cooked meal paired with incredible wine – all accompanied by the smooth yet energetic tunes of a live Jazz ensemble.




Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge isn’t exactly the place to head for a casual evening out, well perhaps for some it is, but for most of us Spaghettini is reserved for the more special occasion/ big-night-out situations. Even if it’s just to celebrate life though, the experience you’ll have during an evening at Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge is unlike any other dining experience you can get in LA – in other words, it’s a necessary splurge. If dinner seems at all out of your budget it’s worth noting that their Social Hour is what the kids would consider “epic”; it’s a great way to check the place out, try a few dishes, and not break the bank. Social Hour is available Monday – Friday from 5 – 7 pm and the menu includes a variety of $8 wines by the glass, $8 – $15 bites (which are the size of meals), and $15/$18 craft cocktails. There is live music every night except for Mondays, you can check the schedule out here, but when you’re planning your evening do yourself a favor and make sure you plan to catch the jazz. You wouldn’t go to an amusement park to sit on a bench would you? Same idea applies here – don’t let me and the Koz down.


 Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge | 184 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | 310.424.4600 | Lunch: Tuesday – Friday 11:30 am – 2 pm | Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00 – 10 pm, Sunday 5:30 – 10 pm | Brunch: Sunday 11 am – 2p m


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