New Site, New Video, New Beginnings. Happy 1 Year Anniversary To US!

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It’s been a WHOLE YEAR since the birth of Love & Loathing LA, and these have been the most rewarding, happy, and exciting 365+ in my 25 years of existence – 4 of which have been spent having the time of my life living in my favorite city on earth (95% of the time that is).

I reread my very first post recently for nostalgia, which I have to admit I was a little scared to read, but I was actually surprised to find that my simple manifesto of sorts, why I set off on this blogging journey, still rang true. (read the whole post here)

So what sets THIS “story” and “guide” of sorts apart from the masses you say? …well, it’s mine god dammit. This here is my ode to the city I call home. This is where I share some inside jokes with my fellow Angelenos. This is my welcome, inside look, and real world guide to LA’s visitors (and hesitaters!).

The girl, the content, the city, the blog will stay true to what we want to accomplish through and through, I’ve just taken it upon myself to make the site easier to look at (thanks to my girl Blair at LEAP marketing & design!) and share with you our very first VIDEO: A day in the life with Love & Loathing LA, filmed by the man, the myth, the legend: Justin of Kaiser Bear Productions .

Thank YOU for the love and support this past year, I’m beyond grateful. So, cheers to us and a whole lot more of LA together!


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