It’s ALMOST that time. That three to five day weekend time, where summer officially ends and the elicit fall wonders finally begin to take hold. I, like Leandra, love summer and hate everything else, although I will say Fall should be a sweet reprieve from the insane heat we’ve been experiencing. One can hope!

But in the meantime, if you’re like me, you’re getting out of town this weekend – or for a full week in my case.(HEY ALASKA!)  So I wanted to make sure you had time to grab/do the last minute essentials so you have the best weekend possible.

Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Get your lashes done at Irish and West Lash Co.

They seriously deliver the BEST service at the most fair price, and you don’t need to worry about ruining your pre-existing lashes. I’ve been coming here once every two weeks for the past two of years and they always deliver. In honor of the upcoming holiday weekend me and my girl Amanda, founder of Iris & West, opted to try “volume lashes” and I absolutely LOVE the result. They’re full, fluffy, and soft – just the way we like em.

2. Get your nails done at Base Coat Nail Salon in the Arts District or West Hollywood.

Non-toxic is the way to go for sure, and Base Coat promises that, but also, quality is important too. You want your manicure/pedicure to last AT LEAST 10 days, if not two (even three) weeks. And their’s do. With a slew of different manicure options to choose from, I always end up at Base Coat. Your appointment starts at your appointment time and ends an hour later, I always feel like I am getting the full spa treatment, it’s relaxing as hell, and you’re going at least “8 FREE”, if not “10 free”. If you speak fluent nail garb you know how crucial this is these days.

3. Make sure you have your ENTIRE beauty battle station available to you.

If you’re checking a bag, remember that 3.4oz rule. There’s nothing that leaves me with more regret than having to hand over my deliciously luscious night cream to the dis-heartened TSA agent. I listed a few of my essentials – see if they line up with yours:

  • Makeup Remover Wipes – whatever fits your fancy
  • Sunscreen – Coola is my go-to
  • Dry Shampoo – I love Bumble & Bumbles mini dry shamoo
  • Lip and Cheek stain – Glossier all day

4. Packing!

Do you have that super cute bathing suit perfect for laying poolside? The quintessential travel dress? The perfect, complimentary bag? These outfits aren’t going to build themselves, ladies! As for me, sometimes the best part about going on a little getaway is getting to plan all of my outfits. And these are just some of my must-haves.

5. I know this last one may sound lame… but get that last minute healthy lunch/dinner in before you leave.

I love me a good salad from Sweetgreen, or this other super cute plant-based deliciousness near my little abode called Green Table. It’s nice feeling like your best self the second before a trip – especially when you know you’ll probably be eating differently than you normally would.

I’d love to hear what YOUR plans are this weekend!! Please share in the comments! If you’re curious what I am up to… be sure to tune in on the ‘gram. I am currently on a cruise working my way around Alaska. We hopped on the boat yesterday and words can hardly express how beautiful this place is, you’ll have to see it to understand it.

Either way have a GREAT weekend babes!

See ya next week!

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