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“Festival” and/or “food” should be sandwiched somewhere in between “Los” and “Angeles” because THAT is basically our middle name here. We love to eat, we love to drink, and we love to do both in one place, preferably in a really cool location with other like-minded people with an inner fat kid and an appreciation for adult beverages. August is the month to marathon this festival going shiznit, so we’ve rounded up some pretty epic events to put on your list of “exciting things to try in Los Angeles” this month. Get to planning.



LUCKY RICE FOOD FEST  | 8/7 – uhhh yes, that’d be today.

Hosted by Chef Sang Yoon (Top Chef Masters, Father’s Office, Lukshon) at Create Nightclub for “an evening of innovative and traditional Asian-styled dishes paired with cocktails from LA’s brightest star chefs and mixologists.” Some of my favorites like Sunny Blue, Phorage, and HOPSCOTCH, HELLO, representing that Bay Area flare, will be in attendance creating dishes and some of LA’s most talented cocktail creators from No Vacancy and Big Bar will be taking care of any and all of your crafty needs.

GO! HURRY! More info HERE



FIG AT 7TH DOWNTOWN FESTIVAL | 8/8, 8/15, 8/22

This FREE festival will be happening every friday at, you guessed it, Figueroa and 7th Downtown and will offer live musical performances by a few seriously awesome bands. Seriously. And did I mention it’s free? And there will be booze and food?

More info HERE


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 4.53.14 PM


This year will be the FIFTH year running of the LA Craft Beer Crawl, so good news is it looks like they’re doing something right, I know I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to try 100 different beers and that is EXACTLY what you will be doing should you join in on the beer crawl festivities. Enjoy said beers at 8 different and distinct DTLA bars, all within walking distance for your stumbling convince and hang out with two of the coolest chicks I’m still dying to meet, Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi also known as “The Beer Chicks”.

More info and tickets HERE



Well this is a new one, a BIKE fest, not to mention a scavenger hunt! There’s not enough booze in that title for me to go out let alone get on a bike but if this fits your fancy, then I think you should go. And win. And be free.

More info and tickets HERE 




The possibilities are endless in LA are they not? A fried chicken festival is an actual thing that can happen here, and really what doesn’t sound awesome about that? Just look at who’s gonna be fryin chicken!! We have to go, lets make the rest of the world jealous they’re not Los Angeles with this shit.

More info and tickets HERE


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 4.57.05 PM


There’s so much happening with this I don’t even know where to begin. But as you may guess, it involves food and wine. Crazy. Any and every chef you can pretty much think of has had or currently has some sort of hand in the success of these events and this year looks like it will be no different. There is a variety of different foodie events going on in a variety of different locations so it’s up to you to decide which parts interest you! It’s gonna cost ya but I’m guessing it will be worth it.

More info and tickets HERE




I go to pretty much all of LA Weekly’s foodie events because they just get me? This event will be no different as they’ve gone ahead and booked some of LA’s top breakfast makin’ mavens in one space for an epic day of pancake (and other brunch items) worship. I love brunch more than most things, I know a lot of you Angelenos share my sentiment so get ready because some of our favs like A-Frame, eggslut, Fifty Seven, and Farmshop will be in attendance!!! I’m practically dancing out of this chair thinking about how AWESOME this is gonna be.

More info and tickets HERE 


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LA TIMES TASTE | 8/29 – 8/31

I got to go to one of the Taste events two years ago and trust me when I say… I will never forget how awesome that was. So fun, so “authentically LA”. Just watch THIS video and trust me, you’ll get it.

More info and tickets HERE


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