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It’s mid October and we’re in the midst of busiest season of the year for musicians on the road, also known as “Fall Touring”. There are countless numbers of shows going on every night around town, and for those of us living around the Los angeles area we are fortunate to have plenty of opportunities to catch our favorite bands and artists perform live. Historic and legendary venues such as the Palladium, the Hollywood Bowl, the House of Blues on Sunset Strip, the Troubadour, and the El Rey Theatre, just to name a few, call Los Angeles home. We’re surrounded by the music culture and those that are musically inclined, so we are some seriously lucky people, us Angelenos, to have some of the greatest live music venues in the world located right in our backyard. In honor of #FashionFriday, going broke from too many concert tickets, and having the pleasure of seeing the badass rocker chicks themselves HAIM tonight, here are some Fall rocker chic inspired items for us live music lovin’ girls.



Dark Wash/ Black Skinny Jeans


Black In General and The Grey Scale




Biker/Vintage/Cut Off T’s


Flat/Low Heel Boots (tall or short)


Geometric/Gold Jewelry


Leather (moto jacket, skirt, peplum shirt)


Burgundy or Red Nail/Lip



Heels (as in pumps/stilettos). – DON’T YOU DARE. For obvious reasons, you will stick out like a sore thumb, and you will be uncomfortable. There’s always exception to the rule depending on the type of show and the shoe, but in general I’d save ’em for something else.

Open Toed Shoes/Flip Flops.  – Again there are always exceptions to the rule, but refrain. I’ll never forget the time I was in a crowd and literally got pushed out of my sandals. I was then forced to walk around Warped Tour barefoot. Ew. I’ve seen nails come off, I’ve seen bruised bones… wear good shoes.

Big Hats.  – They’re cute, they’re fashionable, but you don’t need a hat at night let alone indoors. Got that hat hair? Throw on a beanie instead.

Body Con Dresses. – I see what you’re tryin to do there…


I come from the live music industry and I’m still a concert junkie, therefore I’ve really seen it all when it comes to what people wear to shows. The good and the god awful. Through a little trial and error on my own part and taking mental notes on some other concert go-ers, I’d like to think I’ve earned at least one gold star for crafting some great concert outfits. Key things to note are keeping it relatively simple and comfortable (don’t take that too literally), and as with any ensemble come dressed in something YOU honestly would wear. Hey if band t-shirts, biker boots, and skulls aren’t your thing don’t wear it. Don’t over do it, don’t under do it, but have fun!? It’s not everyday we get to go to a show, so get in touch with your inner badass and work it gurl. Happy Fashion Friday!!!

** Please refer to for some AWESOME looks

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