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Trends by nature of the meaning come and go; some stick around forever and turn into classics, and some you will eventually look back at, laugh in slight disappointment, and wonder “wtf was I thinking”.  Oh, I’ve been there. I practically go there every year. I was once hot on the heels of the choker trend, in 6th grade I begged my mom to buy me the tallest Cathy Jean “tennis shoes”, and I once wore leather and beads across my forehead when I joined in on the hippy headband thing… you name it I’ve probably tried to work it. Like any season, year, or generation there are trends that even in the midst of partaking in we’ve pondered the level of its attractiveness. I find in most cases we still end up thinking, “oh what the heck”, and go with what ever new look we’re trying because in the fashion world changes are “fun”. Questionable looks are always “fun”, which brings us to our Fashion Friday topic of non-discussion: 5 trends that should maybe just go ahead and un-trend.

1. Lets just get the most painful one over with. Sneaker wedges.


I get this may feel “too soon” and may ignite similar responses to say, if I told a joke about Syria, but there’s a part in all us fashionable girls who KNOW sneakers and wedges were never supposed to mix. We’re not foolin’ anyone with that “hidden” heel! It’s either a sneaker or a wedge, can’t have your cake and eat it too.

2. Leather sweatpants.


Yes. This a thing, not to mention a “runway look” that people positively blog about… and WEAR. This is one I’m puttin’ my foot down on. A lazy, comfy badass look is not a badass look. It’s an oxymoron. (… Emphasis on the “moron”.)

3. Shaved side head.

I get it, sure it’s edgy, Rihanna did a pretty good job pulling it off but the rest of us need to back away from the clippers. Unfortunately no one is Rihanna but Rihanna so if you wanna make a statement maybe try braiding the side of your head, don’t just go shaving it off?! I can only imagine how fun it is trying to grow that little patch back out when you’re over it. I’d imagine it looking like my hair did when I cut most of it off with cheap green kiddie sicssors when I was 5. In other words, not exactly what I’d call “sexy”.


4. Cheeky Shorts.


Ugh. There was a time at Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville, among others, where these were the only kind of shorts you could buy. Sure initially we like fringe, we like studs, and we like when fashion goes borderline hoochie, but sadly the seemingly adorable “Levis cheeky shorts” are not meant for those of us larger than a size 2. Try as we all may, they. don’t. look. good. Butt cheeks hangin’ out is material for giggles, not attraction of the opposite sex or especially compliments from our counterparts. Keep ya cheeks in ya shorts.

5. Overalls.


It’s like we’re still trying to make “fetch” a thing. Just no.



Trends become trends for a reason, and if you really do like what you’ve got goin’ on then work it till you can’t work it no more, more power to ya girl. Just remember to think twice before purchasing those “fun” clothes. Happy Fashion Friday!

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