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Cheers To The New Year!




“New Year NEW ME!” – said me never, but there certainly is something to be said about checking in with ourselves, setting new goals, and being conscious and aware of things in life that might need a little bit of attention and tidying.

When I sat down to “seriously” think about what I wanted to change or what I wanted to make happen in 2015, I jotted down a few of the more obvious and relatable goals like “eat less In n Out”, and “do more cardio”, but other than that I can’t say I’m doing anything life changing like “drinking less wine”, or “entering a bikini competition” – get real. But, if there’s one more “serious goal” I’ve set it’s one we can probably all relate to. Over the past year I’ve made a conscious effort to buy with the intent of “quality over quantity”, a lesson that took far too long for me to get a real grasp on, but this year I finally understood just how much more I would value my closet and belongings if I chose to buy items of higher value instead of the latter.




So in lieu of my recent revelation, one of resolutions this year is to (god willing) buy less of what I don’t actually need and shop more, in my own closet. Ladies level with me on this one, my closet situation is out of f*cking control, I couldn’t get one more hanger in there if my life depended on it. And despite the fact that I am the proud owner of a grade A fashion lover’s closet, it’s time to purge, it’s time to work on my insatiable appetite for wearing new things, and it’s time to get creative with the great stuff I already own.


Happy New Year 2015


In honor of the New Year and my new #fashionfriday objective, I tested out my goal this week and started with the statement tulle skirt featured. It’s one of those pieces in my closet I stare at, wondering when I’ll wear it again, so in 2015 I’m making a conscious effort to wear everything, and I mean everything, in my closet again this year. It’s been a fun task purging what I don’t need, figuring out ways to update certain pieces, and of course my favorite part: finding things I forgot I had.

Ladies and gents, get in those closets and get creative! But most importantly… Happy New Year and cheers to an excellent 2015 for us all!!




Details | Skirt: Space 46 Boutique “Lacie” skirt | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Leather Tank: ASTR | Leather Jacket: Zara

Photos | Tommy Garcia Photographer

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