My favorite kind of shopping is shopping for gifts. For me. Ok fine, I do love shopping for friends and family too – I promise! But regardless of why we’re shopping, going to a store, trying on clothes, terrible dressing room lighting and the hassle of parking – it’s all a lot. But when you’re In Los Angeles, walking those sunny semi clean streets through different neighborhoods, it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon some cute locally owned shop that is very serious about their collection and selection of curated goods. The best part — besides the treats — you’re supporting small businesses and thus the local community. KUDOS BABE. MAJOR. KUDOS.

The wonderful thing about these shops too, is that the selection of goods range in price, so you’ll be able to find a gift within any budget. See below a list and short description of a few of my faves and PLZ let me know if I missed any in the comments! Would love to hear what YOUR favorite local shops are!


1. Lundeens.

This gift shop is located right in the heart of Culver City. They put their sale selection outside of the shop, and upon walking in you’re greeted by a display of locally-made, hand-drawn cards on your left and a small book section on your right. Keep going and you’ll be taken through a children’s section, home, bath, bar and desk area that will have something, if not everything for that special someone.


2. Los Angeles County Store.

This shop in Silver lake boasts a curated selection of goods by local designers, authors and curators. They have a fabulous selection of spices and cookware, along with natural beauty products and gorgeous 14K gold jewelry.


3. Pygymy Hippo Shoppe.

Located in West Hollywood is a pastel dreamland of cute things. It’s a treasure trove of whimsy and chic. This little gem cannot be missed; it is a destination for travelers yet always has something new and enticing for locals.



4. Burro.

Located on Abbott Kinney in Venice, this shop is the dream. Liiiike, for real. The book selection above all else is so cute and curated. Their trinket game is on point and they have the cutest racks of clothes and accessories to supplement their items. At Christmas time… I go completely nuts in this place. Decor, gifts, clothes galore!


5. Dustmuffin LA.

Located on Sunset Blvd right as you enter Echo Park, this curated shop will surprise and delight. From offerings that include vintage marbles, to healing crystals, this shop also offers books from local authors, handmade jewelry from local designers and glassware that is to die for.


6. Virgil Normal.

A gift and clothing shop more distinctly for the masculine energy in your life, this shop is right behind Sqirl Cafe – so obvs down for a little pre or post visit meal. But it has a great selection of bespoke suits, t-shirts and vintage accessories any man will love.



7. Tumbleweed & Dandelion.

Your beach-chic meets shabby-chic shop of your dreams. The shop, located on Abbot Kinney, was once the owners home back in 1996 and is now a cozy and gorgeous store filled with housewares, design and decor pieces, and more. They only source goods that were made in the good ol’ U.S. of A and it’s just one of those places you instantly feel the love and care they put into everything.


8. Tripli-Kit.

Located in the more quiet-cool part of the westside – Playa Del Rey – Tripli-Kit is “a culinary focused store specializing in cookbooks, unique kitchen gadgets & other cooking essentials” – in other words… major kitchen goals. It also happens to be located inside one of the westside’s greatest casual hangs, Playa Provisions.


9. Poketo.

Bet ya didn’t see that one coming! But Poketo really is one of LA’s most beloved independently owned shops, they truly embody this city’s creative culture and support the community through their incredibly curated stores. I have discovered so many local crafters thanks to Poketo, and purchased many-a beautiful things.




For a longer list of my favorite shops in LA, be sure to read my 51 OF THE BEST BOUTIQUES IN LA post!

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