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Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails | Venice




The Scene.

Tucked inside one of LA’s favorite Venice Beach locales, Barolo is where Angelenos, beach bums, visitors, and guests of Hotel Erwin can come grab a bite after a day across the street at the beach or after a day drinking at High Lounge – the hotel’s gem of a rooftop bar. You hardly need to look further than the exterior of the hotel to determine that the whole joint looks like it’d be a pretty cool place to hang around, and in my experience after being a regular on the rooftop, being an actual guest during a short staycation, and as of lately becoming a diner at Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails, Hotel Erwin’s feature restaurant, it’s safe to say you’d be correct.





Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails, just like the hotel itself is boutique-y, cozy, unpretentiously upscale but knows the importance of creating a hip and inviting space. While dining at Barlo you have the option of sitting inside the restaurant itself at one of 5-8 tables or so (when I said cozy I meant it), grabbing a stool at the bar counter, or sitting outside in their patio alcove to people watch and survey the hustle and bustle on Pacific Avenue. Venice beach eclectic and California rustic chic is the name of the game at Barlo and it works quite well with the menu they’ve recently updated and released.





The Skinny.

Chef Adam Steudie has gone all carnivorous on our asses and truth be told I’m thrilled to see that he and the Barlo team just went for it. In a short and simple explanation, let’s just say that if you’re in Venice looking for rabbit food, all you’re going to find at Barlo is rabbit. Now of course there are salads and greens on the menu but these items are not what make this menu worth trying; what makes this menu interesting is the unique varietal of meat centric dishes. Typically I shy away from ordering less typical meats outside of beef and chicken, the word “gamey” does nothing for me, but with a menu so special I almost felt obligated to step the “f%*!” out of Americana box and try something new. And so I did.





The Food.


I had decided I would be quite happy gorging on their “F%*! the Gimmicks Double Burger” that came out dripping in cheddar cheese, but that I wouldn’t feel like I’d really given Barlo the proper chance it deserved without ordering something like the Crispy Pig Ears, the Pig Wings, the Rabbit and Marrow Pie, or the Venison Wellington. I went half and half between the safe and kind-of-safe route and settled on the Cheese and Charcuterie board, the Scotch Egg, the burger, and the Rabbit and Marrow Pie. Oh, and all of the desserts, of which thankfully there were only two. The overall verdict? A very long and delectable story short, that Rabbit and Marrow Pie is making my mouth water just thinking about it (that puff pastry on top was a carb lovers dream), the Cheese & Charcuterie board with the house made accouterments is worth coming in to have by itself, and lastly, what doesn’t sound awesome about ice cream prepared table side that’s made with liquid nitrogen?





The Takeaway. 

It’s one of the more hearty and meat centric meals you can find in Los Angeles but I appreciate that they’re serving their purpose, they’re sticking to their niche, and they’re doing it well. And just because Barlo may focus heavier on the protein end of the food pyramid does not mean they do not take into serious consideration how and from where they source their goods from. Ah-ha, their inner Venice hippy comes to light.  Barlo takes pride in the fact that all of their ingredients are locally produced, artisan quality, organic, sustainable, humane animal treatment and minimal processing. Good food and quality food are of the utmost importance to us Angelenos, and during these “chilly” Winter nights, you know where to find it in the form of a warm and comforting meal.




Barlo Kitchen + Bar 

Serves: Breakfast (M – F: 7 – 11:30 am, Sat-Sun: 7 am – 1 pm) | Dinner (M-Th: 5 – 11 pm, F-Sat: 5pm – midnight, Sun: 5 – 10:30 pm) Cocktails (bar opens at 3 pm Saturday & Sunday)

Location: 1697 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Call: (424) 214-1063

Winter Dinner Menu

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