5 of LA’s Best Coffee Shops & Their Respective Signature Drinks

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5 of LA’s Best Coffee Shops & Their Respective Signature Drinks

Coffee with Heart


Now that you’ve either posted or liked the obligatory Monday morning “but first, coffee” Instagram, you can finally get down to business on actually drinking said coffee. Whether or not you’ve got a coffee spot you frequent out of favoritism or convenience, we need to talk specifics about a few local LA shops in particular. After driving all over town, dropping a shameful amount of money on coffee and parking, and experiencing a glimmer of what it might feel like to be on crack (caffeine crack) for a week I’ve finally come up with a PERFECT list of my current 5 favorite shops and what exactly you should order upon your arrival. Yep, you’re welcome.

Where will you be making an appearance at next and which ones have you already tried?


Bar Nine | Culver City

Order: Coffee. 


Bar Nine Coffee


Tucked between a cozy Culver City neighborhood and urban, hip office buildings, Bar Nine is no doubt one of LA’s best hidden gems. Once you figure out the two massive glass doors attached to what looks like an industrial facility actually belong to Bar Nine the charm and appeal begins to take over. Bar Nine owns quite a large open space for a coffee shop but between the coffee bar, big table seating, and in house coffee roasting set up, you can see why. And because they roast their own coffee in house, ordering a cup of their precious blend of the day is the most obvious way to go (you also don’t really have any other option besides their tea of the day). For people who care about stupid perks like me – the coffee comes in really great carafes, ceramic cups, OR glass mugs if you’re taking yours to go. – And yes you can keep the glasses! For $3.50 – $5.75 per “cup”, that makes it totally worth it.


Culver City: 3515 Helms Ave Culver City, CA, 90232

Hours: 7 am – 6 pm M – F | 8 am – 6pm Sat – Sun



Alfred Coffee + Kitchen | Beverly Grove

Order: Latte.


Alfred Coffee Los Angeles


If there were ever a coffee shop with a scene, Alfred would be it. Alfred is it. Though it is quite possibly the most buzzed about coffee shop in Los Angeles it’s worth investigating exactly why that might be. Between the eclectic space, the unusual layout, Farmshop treats, Pressed Juices, the connection to Compartes chocolate, oh and the coffee, let’s just say I get it. Even though Alfred takes pride in their $10 latte, might I suggest not getting that and going with their regular-ass $4.50 – $5 equally as satisfying latte. With a place overrun with top knots and beards practically grazing the floor, I was tempted to be ever so slightly pre-judgmental and skeptical over whether or not the coffee would be decent. And then I discovered Alfred serves Stumptown and all worries immediately dissipated into thin air. Besides the long line (but quick coffee service) there was simply nothing not to love about this Melrose Place hangout.


Beverly Grove: 8428 Melrose Place A, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Hours: Everyday 7 am – 7pm



Café Demitasse | DTLA + Santa Monica

Order: Pistachio Rose Latte.




Not only does Demitasse work diligently to achieve coffee roasting perfection, they have also worked hard to create some of the most fun, interesting, and innovative coffee drinks Los Angeles has ever been given the opportunity to taste. When’s the last place you saw a Pistachio Rose Latte or Lavender Liquid Hot Chocolate on a menu and weren’t curious? I can personally attest that not only is Demitasse’s Pistachio Rose Latte insanely delicious, as of late it is quite possibly my favorite latte in LA. Whether you’re East side or West side, Demitasse and their interesting and unique takes on creating wonderful coffee masterpieces is something every coffee fanatic needs to experience. I mean, why the hell not right.


DTLA/Little Tokyo: 135 S. San Pedro Street Los Angeles, CA 90012-3819

Hours: 7 am – 10 pm M – F | 8 am – 10 pm Sat – Sun

Santa Monica: 1149 Third Street Santa Monica, CA 90403

Hours: 7 am – 8 pm M – W | 7 am – 10 pm Thurs – F | 8 am – 10 pm Sat | 8 am – 8 pm Sun



Dogtown Coffee | Santa Monica

Order: Sea Salt Caramel Iced Coffee.




Dogtown Coffee has always been one of my favorite West side spots to take in the salty morning air – coffee and breakfast burrito in hand. This awesome Main Street corner joint pays homage to its surf + skate town heritage from decor to food + beverage, and no matter how cold I am or how much I’d prefer a warm beverage, I cannot go into Dogtown and order any other beverage besides the Sea Salt Carmel Iced Coffee. It’s a bit of an indulgance as far as coffee is concerned but it’s just so, damn, good – and this is coming from a girl who does not put even a slight sprinkle of sugar in her coffee. I can’t stand sweet drinks, but in this particular case maybe it’s the “salt” that takes some of that edge off, but there are few things better than sipping on that Dogtown caffeinated dessert on a sunny morning/afternoon. Grab your coffee and an Acai Bowl or their “Munchies” breakfast burrito and you’re in for an excellent way to start to your day.


Santa Monica: 2003 Main St Santa Monica, CA 90405

Hours: 5:30 am – 5 pm M – F | 6:30 am – 5 pm Sat – Sun



Dinosaur Coffee | Silverlake

Order: Cappuccino.




First of all… maybe it’s my weird obsession with dinosaurs but why wouldn’t you wanna hang out a place named Dinosaur Coffee. In the coolest, non-nerdy way possible, there is something kind of dinosaur-y about Dino Coffee and they’ve done a great job creating a fun space with awesome branding and awesome coffee. They brew and serve Fourbarrel Coffee – an SF based company – and truth be told you can’t go wrong with anything they offer on their menu. I personally enjoy their cappuccino, which (useless information alert) comes in an adorable ceramic cup, but nothing they make will disappoint. The best part about Dinosaur Coffee, besides their name and their coffee, is that the shop is very, and I mean very Instagram worthy – stalk the shops Instagram feed if you need further proof @dinosaur_coffee


Silverlake: 4334 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90029

Hours: Everyday 8 am – 6 pm


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