5 Hacks For Surviving The Rest Of This Week.

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5 Hacks For Surviving The Rest Of This Week.



The struggle is just so real isn’t it. For the past week or two our brain cells have been numbed to power at a level to only complete simple tasks like eating, drinking, online shopping, and watching youtube videos instead of performing at the high powered, articulate, legit problem solving level we need to make our livings. It ain’t easy getting back into work/real life mode after a week or more of contently spending money like we got it, sleeping like we’ve never slept before, and eating like it’s out job – oh what fun we’ve had. Fortunately but unfortunately friends, January 2015 is here and it’s time to climb aboard the reality train, but don’t fret my pets, in doing so there’s always ways to lessen the blow of normalcy, especially when one lives in such a fine and lively city such as Los Angeles. I’ve got 5 ways to help you ease back in to routine, and lead you on the path of post holiday continued excitement. Let’s discuss.



1. You must treat yo’self.

Sundae at Blue Plate Oysterette

Treating ones self may be interpreted as you like, so long as you are enjoying a treat you are doing it right. I myself post-holidays just indulged in a little dessert and cocktail action at Blue Plate Oysterette in WeHo (OR Santa Monica). If you are on the hunt for an excellent dessert or two, might I suggest the Key Lime Pie AND the Sundae at BP Oysterette. Worth every calorie.

Other options may be:

– Going out for a scoop: Scoops, Ice Cream Lab, Sweet Rose Creamery

– Eatin’ some pizza: 800 Degrees, The Doughroom, Desano 

– Grabbin’ a burger: The Larchmont (Larchmont Burger), Justice Urban Tavern (Barrister Burger), 26 Beach (good luck choosing one)




2. You must also attempt to feel healthy.

Love & Loathing LA: Kye's KyeRito

I know I know, but me personally, all those “fuck it” moments in dining are starting to come back to bite me in the ass so a little bit of health conscious eating and exercising won’t hurt, by Sunday we’ll be ready to embrace it. Some may choose a juice cleanse, or what have you, but as a person who really likes to chew food I’m getting back into the swing of things with Kye’s on Montana “Feel Good Challenge”: a 3-day meal plan for just $50 a day. The challenge is available until January 15 and each day includes:

  • 1 Breakfast KyeRito
  • 1 Lunch KyeRito
  • 1 Dinner KyeRito
  • 2 Salads
  • 1 Smoothie or Shake
  • 2 Desserts
  • 1 Ayurvedic one-a-day

Soooo in otherwords, feel full, feel satisfied, feel happy, feel healthy. I’m in.

Other ideas may include:

– Get outside and go for a hike: Griffith Park, Zuma Trail in Malibu, hike to the Hollywood sign

– Detox: Kreation’s juice cleanse (my favorite of most), get local organic produce (and more!) delivered to your door from Good Eggs, head to Cedarshouse, a “holistic detox day spa” for some (somewhat) relaxing infrared sauna treatments.

– Try some new fitness classes: Core Power Yoga (multiple locations: first week free), SpeedX (Brentwood: first class free), Pilates Platinum (multiple locations: first class free), Red Diamond Yoga (Culver City: $10 for 10 consecutive days), Cycle House (West Hollywood: first class free)



3. Make a plan to do something really fun.


Me? I’m going to see Louis CK this Sunday at the forum to laugh, drink wine, and laugh some more. A little bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow is what we all need and if you’d like to join me in fun and laughter, you can get tickets to see Louis’s show HERE.

Other fun things, however, include:

– Wednesday: How bout you attend the People’s Choice Awards? This may be the ONLY award show regular people like you and me can purchase tickets to and actually attend. (doors open at 4:30, tickets are $30 – $175, more info and tickets HERE)

– Saturday: Go on a guided tour of DTLA’s Graffiti and Murals hosted by LA Art Tours ($12 per person, starts at 11am, tickets and info HERE)

– Saturday: Dance dance dance at Create nightclub with Tiesto in celebration of the launch of his new Clublife brand headphones. (10 pm, $87+, tickets and info HERE)




4. Make a plan to spend some money.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A little retail therapy never hurt no body, (well, not physically at least) and now is prime time to get some shopping in: it’s the after holiday season sale thats going on pretty much everywhere.


– Montana Ave: Clare V, Shopaholic Sample Sales, Planet Blue

– Larchmont Ave: Hardwear Apparel, Malin + Goetz, Alternative Apparel

– 3rd Street: Beckley Boutique, Civilianaire, Kate Spade Saturday

– Downtown: The Well, Alchemy Works, Poketo 




5. Do that thing you didn’t get to do during your holiday vacation.

French Toast at Terrine

Didn’t make time to go see a movie, eat a plate of sushi, or make a batch of cookies? Now would be a great time to carve out a few hours to perfectly round off your holiday. You can find me and a glass of wine at The Landmark Theater at some point this week finally seeing Birdman for example.

Alternative considerations include:

– Brunch at Terrine. You didn’t get to do that because they weren’t serving it then. But, they are NOW and it’s one of the best I’ve had in a while. (more info and reservations HERE)

– Take a daycation to Manhattan Beach, for example. Have lunch at Fishing With Dynamite, grab a cocktail at Manhattan Beach Post thereafter, and finally walk it off along the beach path or on the pier.

– If all else fails and you’re feeling particularly broke, order in some pizza or thai food and binge watch Outlander, Peaky Blinders, or True Detective – you can easily get through any of those in a short amount of time.

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