Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


“It’s the mooost, won-der-ful tiiime, of the year!” SING IT WITH ME NOW! It’s especially wonderful if you’re in to receiving gifts with no strings attached! This will be the 2nd annual “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway campaign I embark on with you guys, and I am so excited about having the privilege yet again to parter up with some of my all time favorite brands – both local and national. All you need to know at this point is that every day December 1 – 12 I will be posting a new giveaway around 9am on my Instagram account (@loveandloathingla if you’re not already following along, get on that). I’ve got prizes that will pamper you, entertain you, feed you, and all around enrich your life and bring joy to you and your loved ones. The holiday cheer starts here. So without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to the brands I will be partnering with for the next two weeks to bring you special treats – all roughly worth between $100 – $250 each!


NOTE: this list is in no particular order. You’ll have to check in every morning on Instagram or Facebook to see what I’m giving away and with whom I’ve partnered with. So get aggressive and put a reminder in your phone for the next 12 days around 10 am so you’ll be good and ready to enter!


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway

(photo by @connortd with @jenngarrett via @jenisicecreams on Instagram)



If you haven’t had Jeni’s yet, it’s time to hop on the artisanal ice cream bandwagon already! Jeni’s is one of THE best ice cream shops in town (located in Los Feliz right now with a second location opening in Venice soon!) and their holiday flavors will give you a whole new perspective on the meaning of life. Yes. They’re THAT good.


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


If I have a go-to (medical) spa in Los Angeles, it’s hands down Parfaire. I love the space, I love the staff, and I absolutely LOVE their treatments. Their treatments range from Botox, laser hair removal, to facials, and let’s just say Dr Winnie and the staff know their shit! My award for “Favorite facial in LA” undoubtedly goes to Parfaire.


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


DOES IT GET ANYMORE FABULOUS THAN THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL. Me thinks not. The Polo Lounge happens to be one of my favorite places in town to have breakfast or lunch; going out for a pretend mini vacation will never get old.


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


The cutest coffee shop in Hollywood also happens to in-house roast some of the most incredible coffee beans available to Angelenos. Rubies & Diamonds is more than just #notajewelrystore, it’s a forward thinking and insanely inventive coffee crafting machine of a company making quite the positive impression on the local community.


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


THE, hair care guy. THE hair care products. These days I pretty much only use PM tools and products; between my Pro Tools Ion Smooth iron and my favorite Marulaoil products, my hair is in damn good shape. I’d like for everyone to feel like they’ve got a great ‘do!


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


Ok. Real talk. I am O B S S E S S E D with Tuck Room Tavern and Chef Sherry Yard. There is not one thing I’d change about the joint, and it has easily become one of my top 3 favorite new restaurant discoveries this year. Their brunch and dinner are equally incredible, but their cocktails, ambiance, and close proximity to the iPic theater won’t disappoint either!


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway

(photo via @nespressousa / Instagram)


I don’t even want to think about life before my Nespresso machine and Nespresso capsules. I never knew I needed something so much in my life until I made my first cup of coffee with my Vertuoline. Mornings just got so much more fun, so much more convenient, and so much more delicious thanks to Nespresso!


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


If I have one “beauty thing” (besides my hair, duh) that I can’t live without, it’s my Iris + West lash extensions. I have been going to Amanda at Iris + West for months now and to this day I cannot get over how beautiful, comfortable, and natural they always turn out. LONG LIVE LONG LASHES!


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


Do you like cheese and charcuterie? Do you like delivery? Do you enjoy beautiful edible things? Of course you do. And luckily Lady + Larder makes hands down the most BEAUTIFUL cheese/charcuterie boards, maybe in the world, but the real kicker is – THEY DELIVER! MMHM! You can order a cheese/charcutere board for your next party or dinner situation and the L&L team will deliver it straight to your door. I am so in love with this brand and these people it hurts my feelings.


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


I have been to Estrella for dinner and brunch more this year than I can count on two hands. Chef Dakota Weiss ALWAYS keeps it real in the kitchen, the cocktails are always on point, and that magical glowy patio is consistently a show stopper. Brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails, coffee, dessert – you just can’t go wrong. It’s one of LA’s best restaurants period.


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway

(photo via @beatsbydre / Instagram)


Must I explain?


Love and Loathing LA 2016 Giveaway


Is this place a landmark yet? Is Joan the honorary face of Los Angeles yet? Everything about Joan’s screams “home” and “delicious” – you know you’re in for a treat no matter what you end up with!




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