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Week No. 13 | LA Times ‘The TASTE’


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For years The LA Times ‘The TASTE’ has been a favorite foodie festival of the several that are annually hosted here in Los Angeles. Every Labor Day weekend Angelenos who’ve decided to stick around town have several awesome locally based events and activities to partake in, but The TASTE held at Paramount Picture Studios is where you’ll likely find the food and wine lovers of the bunch. There may be a total of 5 different events within the one ‘weekend of fun’ to choose from (Opening Night, Field to Fork, Dinner With A Twist, Sunday Brunch & BBQ, Flavors of LA) but the clear common threads between any given event are tons of LA’s best and favorite foods, a bevy of beverages, plenty of entertainment, and a guaranteed great time.

I have been to many, and I mean many, foodie related events and festivals here in Los Angeles, and even several abroad for that matter (hey I like food ok?), but after getting my first official “taste” of The TASTE this weekend it’s safe to say mama’s got a new favorite. The tricky thing with large event productions involving food and adult beverages is that the whole thing can quickly go from cool to “cluster fuck” in a matter of seconds if not done correctly, and when you’re there as a paying guest the last thing you want is to experience being “hangry” – hungry + angry. I can recall many moments of snarky comments and sad faces as I anxiously waited in line after line to get the tiniest taste or sip of what ever it was we were all shuffling towards at previous festivals. As with anything though, some events are just done better than others and The TASTE has gotten this whole ‘epic foodie event’ thing down to a fine science. Between an INSANE collection of top LA restaurants, all of the best beer/wine/spirits brands, celebrity chefs, and an awesome location (New York St on the Paramount backlot) it really is one of the most well curated events hosted in LA.

If you were going to pick an event to save your money up for and throw down on, The TASTE should be at the top of your list, especially if you haven’t yet been and experienced for yourself. The $150 (give or take) you’ll spend will be the best $150 you ever spent on an event like this. There are plenty of cocktails, food, and entertainment to go around; yes, even at the sold out events. You may come hangry but you will without a doubt leave happy. I had a blast at all of the evening events and couldn’t have more positive and wonderful things to say about each and every night – no night/event was better than the other, they were all truly unique and incredible. The TASTE was top notch all the way around and I already cannot WAIT to see what might be in store for next year!


What: LA Times ‘The TASTE

Where: Paramount Picture Studios Backlot ‘New York St’ // 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038

When: Labor Day Weekend – Every year!

Tip(s): Buy your tickets EARLY! Especially for the evening events because they sell out every year!

Bonus Tip: If you end up deciding to go next year, be sure to get to the event EARLY – at least 20 minutes before the doors open. Everyone needs to get ID’d and writstbanded before entering and trust me you’ll want to make the most of every single minute you have inside the event because before you know it it’ll be over! Time flies when you’re having fun. Get. There. Early.

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