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Overview | Lobster Rolls are taking over Los Angeles and if there’s one spot on your list of epic rolls to taste-test in Los Angeles, Knuckle & Claw should be somewhere at the very top. Only having been open a few months Knuckle & Claw has already made quite the positive impression on the LA foodie scene. They’re purists when it comes to their ‘roll’ craft and they don’t tend fuss around too much with anything besides what they’re good at; which is making some seriously fresh and seriously to die for lobster (and shrimp and crab) rolls.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Tasting Table’s Lobster Rumble event where I was awarded the opportunity to try not 1, not 5, but 15 different lobster rolls from all over the states, most of which came from California by nature of the event location I suppose. I saw familiar “faces” such as Cousins Main Lobster, The Hungry Cat, Playa Provisions and so many more, but the longest lines happened to form at two of LA’s most dedicated lobster roll specialists: Cousin’s Main Lobster and Knuckle & Claw. After diving in and getting a measly 7 rolls deep I was disappointed I never made it through the endless winding line that was created at the Knuckle & Claw booth. A few short days post Rumble I decided to let curiosity and FOMO get the best of me; it was time to go experience this popular Silverlake lobster roll slingin’ operation in their natural environment for myself.

Knuckle & Claw may now be infamous for their “purist” simple and straight to the point lobster roll recipe (there’s not too much going on besides a little butter and some “secret” spice) but their shrimp and crab rolls are not to be overlooked. It’s worth noting that if you, like me, usually can’t decide because you want it all, you can order mini versions of all of the rolls. And thank. God. Because I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the other two rolls as much as I enjoyed the classic lobster roll! There’s a few other menu items worth contemplating, but if this is your first Knuckle & Claw visit, stick to the basics. Once you’ve devoured all of your mini rolls (it’s easier than you think), it’s highly suggested you round off the meal with an ice cream sandwich from one of LA’s favorite artisan ice cream shops, Carmela.

May choosing between which delicious ice cream sandwich be your most difficult decision of the day, may your lobster be fresh, your buns buttery, your beer cold, and your mind and body completely content.


Favorite Drink | Knuckle & Claw has beer on tap! If you’re going in soon try the Allagash  Saison – it’s light, a little citrus-y, and so perfect to drink with what ever Knuckle & Claw is serving.

Must Order |  I’ll reiterate the obvious but you must order the lobster roll. If you’re feeling curious and adventurous try the mini version of all of the options which include shrimp and crab. And whatever you do don’t forget your Carmela ice cream sandwich.

Perfect Spot For | A casual meal // LA’s best lobster rolls // patio seating

Pro Tip | If you’re headed to a Dodger game, stop at Knuckle & Claw beforehand and pick up one of their adorable Dodger boxes to take with you to the stadium!

Fun Fact | The lobster is flown in fresh daily, and the buns in which the 1/2 buttered 1/2 mayo-d bits lie upon are baked fresh and sourced from LA’s very own Rockenwagner Bakery.


Knuckle & Claw |3112 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 | 323.407.6142 | Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm |  Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm

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