Animal Print Skirt

Season after season, this is the one trend that seems to just keep on giving. It took me quite a while to finally give in to the leopard print craze, but I’ll be the first person to admit that I am sooo glad I finally did. This skirt has done me proud. It still surprises me how easy it actually is to style it. The print miraculously works as a neutral so you can dress it up – or down – in so many ways. I’ve worn it with sneakers and a t-shirt, and alternatively a more polished top with strappy sandals – not to mention I’ve been wearing it year round. If you’re not up for the $180 investment on the Naomi Skirt by Realisation Par, there are plenty of options out there – like this super cute $98 option from Free People.


Skirt Link: Naomi Realisation Par Skirt




Puff Sleeves

PUFF SLEEVES YES PLEASE! Whether they’re on a dress or a top I still can’t get enough of this warm weather trend. My favorite puff sleeve finds have been from the usual suspects like Reformation, & Other Stories, and of course Zara. Investing in a classic white puff sleeve tops seems to be the way to go this season, but really, the sky is the limit here. GET GIRLIE.


Puff Sleeves Links: Green Reformation Dress | White & Other Stories Top | Black One Sleeve Zara Top




Lack of Color Ranchers Hat

I don’t know what it is about us fashion lovin’ girls, but damn do we love hats. Any time I share a photo wearing a hat it becomes the most talked about part in any post. And the best thing about Lack of Color specifically – besides their amazing designs – is their accessible pricing. But back to the designs… my favorite style, the Rancher, comes in a few colors so you have plenty of styling options available (and plenty excuses to get a collection going as I have done with zero regrets).  My Ivory Rancher will always be my personal favorite, but they’re all incredibly easy to wear, and they’re the best way to add a fun finishing touch to your warm-weather look.


Hat Link: Lack of Color Ivory Rancher




Agolde Denim Shorts

I have been THE BIGGEST Agolde fan for the past two years. I bought one pair and in the span of I think 6 months I accumulated 8 pairs. Their fit, their cuts, their quality, etc – unparalleled. And now that it’s warming up I have moved on to collecting as many of their Dee Ultra High Rise shorts as humanly possible. Agolde’s high rise denim is the only high rise denim that actually goes over my belly button (I have a long torso and I’m 5’8) so you can imagine how happy I was to finally find a brand who made jeans high enough for me! And the Dee Ultra High Rise are perfect – I repeat perfect – high waisted shorts. No need to look further, just buy them in every wash as I did and you’re set for life.


Denim Link: Dee Ultra High Rise




Hair Clips

If there’s one trend that seems to be going off on the ‘gram currently, it’s big hair clips. A bit random, sure, but they’re here, and if you can pull it off it is one fabulous way to add a fun element to your look. I personally have not yet tested the hair clip trend, I’m not sure if it’s my thing yet (still waiting to see one on Gwen Stefani to decide), but I have had so many girlfriends rock them so well that it’s definitely become a trend worth noting! Plus – it’s a super accessible and affordable trend to try, so why the heck not right? It’s as easy as Amazon Prime baby.


[Shout out to my girl Ashley Torres of everydaypursuits.com for being not only one of my style icons, but also for doing a damn good job at styling these hair clips!]




Anine Bing T Shirt

If you’re an LA girl, you have an Anine Bing T-shirt – and/or you’ve seriously considered buying one. They’ve got the perfect vintage, soft, “rock n roll” vibe that adds a great casual yet chic to a look. They’re perfect with jeans, but they also look great with say, a leopard print skirt, or tied up with a slip dress underneath. T-shirts never go out of style, and Anine Bing makes the best graphic tee’s in town girls!


Shirt links: Tiger T | White T | Eagle T




White Shoes

Now “white shoes” is a trend I am seriously behind this season. White mules, white boots, white flats, white sandals, white everything please and thank you! You can’t go wrong here, and in my opinion, the best place to shop for the cutest and most affordable white shoes is at Zara. It’s where I’ve gotten my own most recent purchases and you kind of can’t beat those prices!


Zara Shoe Links: Pointed Toe Mules | Heeled Sandals




Neon Green

Neon is back this season and if there’s one thing that looks damn good with a tan, it’s neon green. I am personally not big into the crazy loud neon colors but when it comes to clothing I will dabble a bit in the more muted/pastel neons – especially green. If it’s an accessory however such as a pair of sunglasses or a bag, maybe even a pair of shoes, I could be convinced to rock a bolder neon. Mostly in part thanks to all the girls on IG giving the trend such justice! Even neon makeup is having a moment! If you’re thinking your wardrobe could use a pop of color, try a neon green this season.


Neon Links: Zara Neon Jumpsuit | Schutz Neon Sandals (comes in pink too)




Slim Cat Eye Sunnies

We live in Los Angeles, we all need sunglasses, and if there’s a sunny we need this summer in 2019 it’s the slim cat eye frames. I bought my pair of black Le Spec sunnies about a year ago and they have only grown to be a more and more popular style. The Le Specs “Last Lolita” sunglasses (which come in tons of colors now)  are probably the most iconic, and the most seen on the ‘gram, but there have been plenty of affordable identical styles made since (like this TWO pack of black and white cat eye frames from Boohoo for $12 total).


Sunglasses Link: Le Specs Last Lolita (comes in tons of colors)




Clear Totes

Another trend I never thought I’d want any part of but now totally understand the appeal is the clear tote trend. I just spent a few minutes trying to come up with an explanation as to why I’ve actually become attracted to this trend… but the truth of the matter is it really makes no sense, I just simply like it? Even if the contents of said bag are on display, somehow it’s kinda cool? I have a clear tote from Vince Camuto (middle bag above) with some white paneling that I love. I jazzed it up with some colorful tassels I bought in Mexico City on my last trip there and it’s become one of my favorite bags this season. This style is everywhere right now, and the best part is – clear goes with everything so what the heck, give it a go!


Bag Links: Square Handle Staud Bag | White Vince Camuto | Clear Striped Bag

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