Feathers = extra. It’s kind of just a fact. A jacket like this can’t help itself but scream “HEY HI HELLO HEY HI LOOK AT ME.” I think we all enjoy a certain level of elevated fashion, as well a certain level of attention… but it can be tricky to find the happy medium with those loud pieces you just can’t help but love. You’ve probably got a few of those in your closet don’t you. It’s those ridiculous embellished boots or sandals, it’s that weird printed top you got on sale and thought “I can make this work”, or it’s that feather jacket you saw at a sample sale and bought on principle alone. – guilty.



Give me some credit though, feather jackets are totally a thing. They’re everywhere. And if Kendall Jenner can make a lavender feather jacket look cool with a pair of dirty jeans… dammit so can we. Well maybe. But I’m leaning more on the side of “yes we can.” The key to wearing big statement pieces like a fabulous feather jacket, is to tone down the whole rest of the outfit. Go all out chill mode. Channel your inner Kardashian. Break out the beat up sneakers with a pair of Levis or some sweat pants. (maybe not sweatpants but you get the point.) I don’t know what got into me putting on my Fishermans cap to really round out this “lewk”, but I’m glad taking a risk paid off.

The great thing about loud fashion is that you can make it whatever you want, but the key to every outfit is balance. You got something loud? The rest better be mute. You wearing a whole lotta bleh? Throw in something loud like a pair of tassel earrings or a bright colored bag! It’s the recipe I live by, and whether or not everyone loves it or doesn’t, it works for me and that’s all that matters.



In other Love & Loathing LA news, I’m finally back from my two weeks abroad in Europe with my family! If you followed along on social media, you caught all the fun and juicy drama – including me and my family members all having our laptops stolen from inside our hotel rooms at Florence. Hence – no blog posts last week. My biggest apologies for that, I know you were seriously concerned and borderline distraught over where you should eat or what you should wear last week… but no fear. I’m here now. And next week I’ll be recapping all the highlights from the trip so when YOU make it across the pond, you’ll have some ideas on what to do! Till then, happy weekend – get to the beach!




Elaine Torres Photography



FEATHER JACKET: Rebecca Minkoff  – Pacha Feather Jacket – $398 (wearing an XS for the record, it’s a bit smaller than I’d typically go but it fits.)

JEANS: Levis – vintage, cut with scissors, boom

BOOTS: All Saints – Cacey Boot – got them on sale in December, can’t find them anywhere now I’m so sorry! But Marc Fisher has a similar pair that I LOVE.

T-SHIRT: Everlane – Crop Crew Tee – $15

HAT: Janessa Leone – Mattie – $209 (such a great hat to travel with, it doesn’t get messed up)

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