Love and Loathing LA Instyle TommyGigi

[Photos: Robin Harper]


ATTENTION! I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you THIS!!! AKA… a complete and total dream come true. I officially have a feature article on and a partnership with Tommy Hilfiger. This is one of those moments for me that I have genuinely been waiting for for over three years now, and words can hardly describe how happy and humbled I feel. A part of me feels strange to share all of this on my blog post like maybe I’m supposed to act cooler about the whole thing, but the real me that all of you are familiar with is just a regular girl who wants to share her little lucky break with her friends.


Love and Loathing LA Instyle TommyGigi


I have been working on this blog/entrepreneurial endeavor for a little over three years now and partnerships like this one were always something I’d dreamed of being able to achieve. We all have a desire for validation in our career, and it can be extra tough to find when you’re out there on your own. When you feel like your mom is the only one telling you to keep going, you can find yourself questioning your worth and aspiration to continue. Of course these days after minutes, hours, days, and years of refusing to give up, I feel constantly validated thanks to all of you. But I have to say that in my line of work, to have a publication and/or a brand admire you and say “I see you”, is something truly special.


Love and Loathing LA Instyle TommyGigi


I am so insanely grateful for everything that has come my way via Love & Loathing LA and this partnership has truly inspired me to tap back into the right mindset: the why I do what I do, the what I want out of this, the reason I started, and the reason I haven’t given up. This feature/partnership, as significant or insignificant as it may be, means the world to me, and I owe a lot of this success to all of you. The ones who believe in me.


Love and Loathing LA Instyle TommyGigi


I hope you take a moment today/this week/this month to check in with yourself and think about what keeps you going and why you haven’t given up. The fact of the matter is 10 out of 10 times it’s because you know your life has meaning and purpose but you are the only one in complete control. No matter who or what the universe throws at you… you don’t give up.


Love and Loathing LA Instyle TommyGigi


PHEW! Glad I got all that out, now read that feature, look at these cute photos, and buy some cute clothes!? (I bought so much stuff at the TOMMYXGIGI fashion show it was stupid, this collection really is so stinking cute!)



1. TommyXGigi Viscose Patchwork Top, $99.50:

2. TommyXGigi Viscose Patchwork Pencil Skirt, $149.50;  

3. Tommy Hilfiger leather square satchel, $199.50;


// PHOTOS //

Robin Harper


// HAIR //

Junie Kang


// MAKEUP // 

Rachelle Llanes


  1. lynn says:

    Inspiring girl! So proud of you!

  2. Loveeedddddd this. So glad you felt like this was such a moment. It felt like that watching you mama.

    SO GOOD.


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